Ohayo everybody! Well, if you haven't guessed it by now, this story, Shinigami Chronicles, is an adapted version, and therfore, branches off of my other story, Shinigami, just minus the Soul eater crossover, so i could implement a host of new ideas. Enjoy!

He was late.

Very late.

"Alright everyone, that enough explanation, now line up for kido practice! We'll do this one by one, so do well!"

"Wait, what?" Ichigo scratched the back of his head as he snuck into the line, utterly and hopelessly lost, as thanks to the previous scuffle with that strange man, he'd been late to his very first class, and now, everyone was lining up for something, something he didn't even understand in the least. "What the heck is kido?"

"Well, Kido is one of the four basic Shinigami combat forms." Someone to the right of him spoke.

"Hmm?" Curious, he twisted his neck to see a petite looking girl, he could tell right away thanks to the red student robes she wore, who only came up to his chest, and had her hair back in pigtails. "You understand this stuff?"

"Mmhmm." The girl nodded."I...could explain it to you if you'd like."

"Please!" He whispered quietly. "This doesn't make any sense!"

"Okay." She took a deep breath to begin. "Kidō is the technique that Shinigami use to focus their Spiritual Energy into magic spells of various powers. These spells serve a wide variety of uses such as healing, defense, or combat."

"Spells?" Ichigo stared as the first line each raised a hand towards what looked like targets in the distance. Moments later, they declared Shakkaho, and several of the targets exploded in a small ball of crimson fire. "Wait, you mean like magic?"

"Yeah." She giggled at his perplexed look. "Its not that hard really. Each spell is graded on a scale from 1 to 99, the latter being the most powerful and the most difficult to perform. The scale is a measure of difficulty, and there can be multiple spells which share the same level. To use Kidō, you have to recite the specific incantation for the spell, which is often long and requires a few seconds to speak."

She now turned her inquisitive gaze upon him. "Understand so far?"

"O-kaaaaay." He didn't get the whole chanting part, but at least this made sense.


"This weakness can be negated by Shinigami capable of using Eishohaki-

"Ei-wha?" Ichigo shook his head again. "How do you even say that?"

"Ei-sho-kai." The girl said it slowly, and waited until he had it. "It's using Kidō without a spirit chant. While it decreases the time needed to release the Kidō, it drastically weakens the spell."

"So wait, why would you wanna weaken the spell?"

"Well, if an enemy was after you, you'd need to use it quickly, right?"

"Nah," Ichigo grinned and shook his head. "I got Zangetsu. I don't need to worry about so pansy magic."

Her eyes widened slightly, as he patted the giant sword strapped to his back. A zanpaktou. It was large, nearly moreso than its wielder, a blade through and through, without even a hilt.

'How does he already have one? And its so large...

"Well," Composing her thoughts, she realized now was not the time to stare at his sword, but to help him, because he'd fail if he didn't get this right the first time. "What would happen if you didn't have the time to use it, or if it was stolen?"

"..." Realizing he couldn't admit that aloud, Ichigo glowered quietly, but nodded for her to continue, which she did in earnest.

"While anyone well versed in Kidō can use it without the chant, if you're not a skilled practitioner, the spell could actually prove fatal. The most skilled experts, captains', are capable of using this technique to amazing effect."

"Alright, alright." He waved her on, growing steadily impatient as it was nearly his turn. "Just hurry up!"

"The power of a spell relies on the power of the user, as even a low-level spell can be utterly devastating when utilized by someone like a captain.

"So....they're types then?"

"Mmm." She nodded once more, and, recognizing that he was next in line, hastily rattled them off:

"Bakudō (Binding spells): defensive spells which block or repel attacks or freezes enemies in place. Hadō (Destructive spells): refer to offensive spells which harm an enemy or cause damage.Healing spells: Well, they don't have names, numbers, or incantations to cast, they just heal the target."

"Okay, so what else is there-

"Ichigo Kurosaki!" He stiffened, turning towards the instructor, who beckoned him to the line. "You're up!"

Gulping, Ichigo walked up the steps that led to the line, and vaguely recalled something about having to push his spirit energy into his fist. There, the target lay directly before him, and now the instructor gave him the green.

"Shakkaho!" He barked, pushing as much force into the word as he could, scrunching his eyes tightly shut, whilst desperately trying to push as much energy into his hand as humanly possible.


The recoil of the blast threw him off the stand, and into the lap of the girl who'd just helped him, which in effect, bowled them both over, end over end, until they'd finally come to a stop, tangled up in each other. "Eep!" She squeaked, and his eyes shot open, a crimson blush lighting his entire face.


Mumbling a bashful apology, Ichigo quickly scrambled back up to see his handiwork. Which wasn't easy at first for black smoke stung at his retina's, blinding him, until a gust of wind blew all that smoke away. Everyone gasped, unable to believe their eyes. Now, all that remained of the target, and the block of wood that it had been standing upon.

Was a small crater, blackened to the point where no grass would ever grow again. He couldn't see a single ashen trace of his bullseye, and he really, really, hoped that was a good thing.

Sheepishly, Ichigo rubbed his burning hands, and turned to the proctor, who, along with all the other students, were staring at him in dumbfounded, slackjawed amazement.

"Well?" He finally managed.

"P-Pass." The man muttered, "Now take your seat." Ichigo sat back down, his face still burning, whether from the strain of using that much reaitsu, or from accidentally tackling the girl, he didn't know, though it was probably the latter.

"Hinamori Momo!" Ichigo only briefly glanced to his side, as the girl who'd helped him before, now took her place upon the soot covered stand, coughing from the still fading smoke.

"Shakkaho!" She declared, and her bullseye shattered neatly down the middle. There was no massive fiery explosion, just a neat, simple pop as her spell fizzled out once it was done.

Everyone clapped for her, he noted sadly.


Next up was combat class. Finally, something he knew how to do!

"Yatta!" Ichigo grinned, standing over his latest competitior. "I win again!"

The hour long combat class was absurdly easy. He'd picked up on the basics, and now...

"Eh?" The teacher was clearly both surprised, and left in shambles, when Ichigo beat the tar out their best four year student, relentlessly pounding the senior until he couldn't hold his sword, and was practically left begging for mercy.

Granted, the freshman had already gained a zanpaktou before coming here, so he was above average to begin with, but even so, he'd absorbed the techniques of zanjutsu and basic swordplay at a ridiculously high rate, voraciously consuming every bit of knowledge that was sent his way.

The boy was a natural.

"Oi! Oi, Hisagi-sensei." The proctor now found himself staring down the edge of Ichigo's wooden sword, where eager, determined amber eyes met his own startled slate grey. "I wanna fight you now."

"Well...Tugging at his collar, the Shuuhei gulped nervously, beginning to regret being the substitute teacher for this class, and now scrambling to make an excuse for his negligence. "I'd love too, but I forgot to...I forgot to bring an extra sword." The other proctor had the tar beaten outta him, and was currently recovering in the barracks, so obviously, they needed a sub, a position he gladly took for the sake of extra credit.

"Nah, there's an extra!" Ichig declared with a cheery grin, tossing him one of the many wooden training swords that lay scattered around the room. "So c'mon senpai! Let's go already!"

'Oh dear kami!'

Hisagi paled, cursing his luck.

If only he'd known that the rookie prodigy was in this class, he might've given the roster a more thorough look, rather than just glancing it over on his way to class this morning. And now, the same little devil who'd put his senpai in the hospital, wanted to go a round with him?

"Alright," Forcing his arms to stop trembling, Hisagi steeled himself for the worst, and tried to assess the situation to his advantages, which, aside from him being several inches taller than Kurosaki, didn't amount to much.



(One hour later)

"Hehe," Ichigo grinned, crossing both arms behind his head as they made their way down the halls, carefully navigating through the flow of traffic that often came with lunch. "You shoulda seen it Rukia! He was all like "Ya!" but then I was like "Hiya!" and BAM!" With a sharp popping sound, he clapped his hands together, as if this simple motion, compared to all the exagerated hand gestures he'd made before, summed up his sparring session with Hisagi-sensei.

"Down he went!" With a laugh, Ichigo turned to Abarai, just to see what his rival thought of that. He was met with a low growl, something that only made Ichigo grin again and rib the redhead in the side, eliciting a pained hiss from his fellow student.

Noting the ragged state of his hakama, Ichigo could not help but take the verbal opening Renji had left him. "Aw, whatsamatter Renji? Did your kido blow up in your face again?"

"Punk." Renji glowered, looking away to wipe another smudge of dirt off his sleeve, a small testament to the failed lesson at using soul reaper magic today. "You know I suck at this magic crap just as much as you do!"

There was no way Ichigo was going to take that insult lying down. "Oh yeah?!" He snarled, balling one hand into a fist around the pommel of Zangetsu's clothed hilt, "Well, at least my spells work nine times outta ten! You fail half the time, idiot!"

"Shut up!" Renji snapped back. "Just because you got your zanpaktou first, doesn't mean you're better than me!"

"Oh, Ichigo countered with excess sarcasm, "That's right! I forgot how awesome you were with a katana! Really, it takes loads of skill to get your ass beat fifteen times in a row!"

"Strawberry!" Renji snarled.

"Pineapple head!" Ichigo shot back.

"Both of you, quit it!" Rukia shrieked suddenly, startling them as they came to the archway leading outside. "It's only our first week here, and you're already starting trouble! Now stop fighting and be quiet!"

At this, the duo fell silent, sulking.

'Well...he started it.'

"I-chi-go!" The group looked about as someone called for him. "Over here!" Recognizing the voice immediately, Kurosaki saw Hinamori sitting off to the left, with several other students. "Come sit with us!"

"Made some friends, eh?" Now it was Renji's turn to rib Ichigo, who blushed at it "Hey, and she's pretty cute to-oof!" Abarai Renji found himself silenced as Ichigo buried his elbow within the face of his tattooed friend. "Forget this." Ichigo muttered, shoving past Renji, and his newly aqcuired nosebleed. "I'm gonna go sit with Kira and Momo. You wanna come, Rukia?"

"Sure." She shot Renji a fuming glare, then follow after Ichigo.

"So," She asked, as they weaved through the crowd of students. "When did you get that?"

"Oh, you mean this?" Once more, he patted Zangetsu appreciatively, grinning happily as he did so, but the grin fell away to confusion when he noticed Rukia's muddled expression. "Wha, you mean you don't have one, Rukia?"

"No." She shook her head. "Ichigo, look around."

He did so, and found nothing out of the ordinary, just regular kids enjoying lunch before heading back to class.


"Baka." She leaned forward and up on her heels, tapped him lightly on the forehead with her pointer finger, frowning at the fact that she had to get on her tip-toes to do so now. When did he get so tall? "You're not even a soul reaper yet, and you already have a soul reaper's zanpaktou."

"So?" He shrugged, as they stepped around a table, with Hinamori and Izuru now well within sight, having made room for the two of them to sit alongside them. "There's nothing wrong with that, is there?"

"You really don't get it, do you?" Rukia shook her head,

"So we have kido practice after lunch, huh?" Kira mumbled, chewing thoughtfully on his mouthfull sushi. "Are you going to blow up the building this time, Kurosaki-san?"

"Tch." Ichigo grit his teeth and bit back an offensive comment. He knew Izuru was only kidding, but that did nothing to soften the blow, for he was still seething from the lack of admiration given to him at practice.

Imagine his surprise when Rukia suddenly decided to speak up in his defense.

"Well, we'll just see then, won't we, Kira?"

Oh, and they saw it alright.

'His spiritual pressure...it's...

"Ta-da!" After digging through the rubble, what the instructor found, was Ichigo standing atop the debris, grinning, enjoying the gobsmacked looks everyone wore at the sight of the huge crater he'd probably made with a simple shakkaho spell, just by electing to use the full chant, instead of barking out the spell's name and number first. "So whaddya think?"

The instructor shook his head knowingly, sadly. "Ichigo, you can't blow up the building and expect to get a good grade like this." When the classroom had exploded, everyone had feared the worse. And now, it turned out to be just another one of Ichigo's reckless stunts. However, his words held no truth to them. To make matters worse, Ichigo executed the spell perfectly, meaning he couldn't be given detention or a failing grade.

What a letdown....


"Head captain Yamamoto!"

The aged captain commanded looked up from his desk, squinted eyes widening slightly in surprise as he read over the report. An entire laboratory, destroyed by one student, using kido alone?

He knew this boy was a prodigy, just like Gin Ichimaru, just like Hisagi Shuheii, however, they did not go about demolishing costly classrooms on an almost daily to regular basis.

"This boy....such recklesness...


And so the days passed. The classes, zanjutsu with Hisagi-sensei, kido with Rukia, not to mention basic math, english and history, were all meticulously boring, and weren't even remotely interesting, though he did enjoy his hoho and hakudo practice at times, when Renj and Izuru joined in. Hell, sometimes Hinamori and Rukia came to watch, which only served to brighten Ichigo's day.

Some said he was even getting outside help, a fact which Ichigo fervently denied, and for good reason. Yesterday's incident with Hisaggi remained all too fresh in his mind....



"Eh?" Ichigo glanced around, confused as to why he had been brought here, to an abandoned classroom, one of the few that had fallen into disrepair over the years, and thusly, been used for storage.

A sense of dread coiled in his stomach as the door locked itself behind them.

"Kurosaki, draw your sword." Hisagi commanded, his back still to the first year, his sword escaping its freshly made scabbard, creating a metallic hiss as it was set free. "We're going to have a duel."

"Reap." Hisagi declared quietly, his sword glowing a bright teal as its tip escaped the sheathe. "Kazeshini."

As the green aura faded from his body, Ichigo saw that the sword had taken the form of two Kusarigama-like weapons, each with two sickle blades, with one inverted, giving it the resemblance of a fan. The blades were connected to a spiked rod tethered together by a long chain.

"Is that...?"

"Yeah, this is my zanpaktou, Kazeshini."

With a deft twist of his wrist, Hisagi proved he was just as adept in the use of his shikai as he was with his sword, wrapping the first half of the chain around Ichigo's hands, tying them together.

Yanking hard upon the chain, he drew Ichigo forward, where the chain uncoiled just long enough for Ichigo to desperately reach for Zangetsu's hilt, still strapped to his back.

Too late, the chant was finished.

"Sajo Sabaku!" Hisagi declared, and the binding spell wrapped its many chains around the boy, binding his arms in place, throwing him down to the ground, before he could even hope to draw Zangetsu.

"Teme!" He snarled, struggling against the chains that bound him. "Lemme go-

"Do you see now?" Hisagi intoned ominously, hanging one of the scythe's near Ichigo's face, its slick edge opening a ruby gash upon his right cheek. "I've been holding back on you this entire time. If I'd wanted to, I could've killed you just now, just like that. You've got power, but that's all you have. Your speed is sorely lacking."

"Nrgh...what's your point?" He growled.

"My point is, get off your ass and train, Kurosaki."


Remembering well Hisagi-san's warning, however, Ichigo applied himself to his studies, even when his heart really wasn't in it half the time and just wanted to read or sleep. Zangetsu would occasionally lend him hints or help him during a test, something that proved to be a godsend, for his grades had begun to slip as his attention waxed and waned in the evening hours.

And then, as if taking dual classes weren't trouble enough, the dreams returned. Those of him and that woman, whom he was beginning to suspect was his mother, on the riverbank, and that dark, looming shape, its gaping maw open wide, that flash of silver...

"Oi, Ichigo. Get some sleep already."

Ichigo, with a book in his lap, shook his head clear of the waking dream, instead watching the sun set in the west from the window of the dormitory he shared with Renji. Despite his efforts to take his mind off of the situation, his thoughts wouldn't leave the dreams and his state of sanity alone.

Renji leered up at him from the lower bunk.

"We've got that test tomorrow, remember?"

The orange haired reaper sighed, shrugged, and closed his book.

"Yeah, I guess I should rest....

Well, I hope all of you enjoyed it! R&R please, and enjoy the story! Next time: Tests, adoption, and death.


Ichigo, still reeling from the events of what had just occurred, blankly stared at captain Ukitake. He'd just been rudely dragged out of his bed, summons from a captain, his proctor had said as he dragged the first year through the halls. Ichigo understood the reasoning behind it, but why were the summons now, and why did it have to be at five AM?!

"Sir?" He stifled a yawn, "Why did you call me here?"

"..." For a moment, the captain didn't answer.

Ichigo didn't understand why he'd been called here. And to make matters worse, Rukia, whom he'd bumped into on his way here, was terribly upset about something, having now withdrawn into herself, the look of utter misery upon her face forever etched into his mind.

Was it because she'd been adopted into the Kuchiki clan, and graduated early? No, that didn't make sense. Renji was down about it, true, but Rukia had only just been transferred to squad thirteen, and she'd been nothing short of elated. So why would she-

"Kurosaki-san, I have a favor to ask of you."

"Eh?" His eyes tripled as Ukitakte turned slightly, exposing a certain item. Ichigo both saw and recognized the badge resting upon the cushion. It was the mark, the crested armband of the squad thirteen. And it was splattered with blood as if....

"When you graduate, I'd like you to take over Kaien's position...as my lieutenant."

Ichigo froze, unable to believe his eyes and ears. He couldn't believe what he was being offered here, then again, most people wouldn't understand it either. He wasn't even in his second year, and already, he was offered a guarranteed position in a squad?

"Wait...what happened to Kaien-dono?"

The look Ukitake wore spoke volumes in the silence.

"Kaien has...passed on."