A/N: This just popped into my head, and I know me…It wouldn't leave my head unless I wrote it down. Like I said, no plot…just smut ;) 10 days until Nov 5th!!! Go Phillies!!!

~ B hearts B~

Who in the hell can play a game for 4 years? No one can. They can't. Not anymore. What was the point of denying this inexplicable pleasure? Fuck that line. That line is gone. They tore through that line like the end of the 100 yard dash.

It had started off innocent enough. Another case closed, another evening celebrating with a drink or two. They opted for shots again, but this time she chose his good whiskey.

Booth should have known better than to agree to the whiskey. The case had them all frustrated and wound so damn tight. Should have known better, but when could he ever deny her anything? If she wanted whiskey then they were drinking whiskey!

It only took 30 minutes for him to see the first signs of her buzz. She was smiling more than usual, her eyes brighter than usual, her cheeks flushed, and my God was she touchy. Not like sensitive touchy, touchy with her hands. They were on his thigh, his knee, his arm, his shoulder, and once even in his hair. All the while though, she looked like she didn't have a clue as to what she was doing. Maybe if she looked down at the cramped space in his pants, maybe she would have a clue. Was that too much for him to ask? All she had to do was look, then they would share that look and go from there. No such luck.

He doesn't even know what she's talking about anymore. The only thing he knows is that the pressure he's feeling is surely going to kill him if he doesn't take care of it soon. And by soon, he means now.

The last straw. She actually placed her hand so high up his thigh that her finger tips were right next to where he throbbed the most. The last straw. Remember that game? Well, he was done.

He grabbed her wrist, maybe a bit harder than was intended but who cares. He removed her hand from his leg and brought it up to his mouth. Without asking or waiting for permission, he began kissing each finger. The whole time keeping his eyes locked on hers. She sure as hell wasn't protesting so he went a step further. He took a finger tip and swept it back and forth along his lips. Her sharp intake of breath was all the encouragement he needed. He then took that finger and lightly sucked on it, while at the same time, taking her other hand and placing it on his swollen cock. He had never seen her eyes get that big before, and she had never felt something that big before.

What was he doing and why was she letting him? Oh wait, she knew why. She was letting him because it felt so damn good. She could feel her body tingling, from her toes to the tip of the finger he was licking. Half way between those two was where she tingled most.

Screw it, they had already gone too far to back down now. She snatched her hand back and gave him a look so passionate and so fierce. Next thing he knew, she had him up on his feet and slammed against the wall. She didn't even bother kissing him, they'd have plenty of time for that. What she needed was to get on her knees before him and finally know what Seeley Booth tasted like!

He had never had his pants taken off of him so fast before. Then, just like in so many of his previous fantasies, she was there, ready to take him in. He had never seen anything as sexy as when she looked up at him, put his hand on the back of her head, and leaned in to begin her torture. Sweet, sweet torture! The things she was doing with her mouth, her tongue, how she would deep throat and then hum. Oh God, how did he manage to keep standing?

Almost as soon as it began, he knew it would soon be over. It wasn't his fault though. I mean shit, can you blame a guy?

He felt his balls getting tighter and his cock swelling even more. He could tell she knew what was coming. Yep, coming.

All he had to do was say her name. Well, in all honesty, it didn't sound much like her name. Close enough though. She put her hands behind him and grabbed his ass, pushing him into her mouth as far as he could go. That action proved to be his undoing, he fisted her hair and all hell broke loose, right down the back of her throat.

He stood there, watching her consume every last drop. She got up off her knees and without a word, started walking towards his bedroom. He started to say something, anything, but she stopped him in his tracks…

"Your turn Booth. Show me what you've got."

~ B hearts B~