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~B hearts B~

What's next? How the hell was he supposed to know? He still couldn't believe that so far tonight, she had sucked him dry and he in turn had caused an explosion in her like never before. The sky's the limit on that question. He could think of so many different things he wanted to do next, but there were so many that he was finding it hard to pick something specific.

Obviously he wanted to be inside her and have her feel him stretching her sweet tightness. But did he want to make love to her or fuck her? Why couldn't he do both?

He flashed her his grin, the one that got him almost anything he wanted. He picked her up, only to turn her around and push her back down, so she was lying face down in the middle of the bed. He hovered over her, with both knees along side her perfectly shaped ass. As he bent down to kiss the back of her neck, he showed her how hard she made him by pushing his cock against her. The way she was panting and squirming let him know that she was all too ready to have him.

He got close to her ear and told her. Told her that she was about to get fucked. She would never admit it to anyone else, but knowing Booth, her Booth, was going to ravish her excited her like nothing else.

He pushed her legs together and then ran his fingers across her backside. She shivered violently, but not from being cold. The sensation he was sending throughout her body went directly to her already swollen clit. She instinctively placed her hand to counter the pressure that was already building.

He leaned down and made his body parallel with hers. Instead of being truly parallel thought, their bodies did intersect, their bodies did meet.

He met her body in one swift motion, making her gasp and then moan from pure ecstasy. There was no turning back and no holding back. The friction caused by her closed legs was undeniably heaven, which caused him to pump even faster and harder. He wanted all of him inside of her, and she wanted the same. Proof of that fact was when she turned to look at him and practically begged him to fuck her as hard as he could.

He could feel his balls tightening and knew he would soon be done. The look she previously gave him told him she was almost there as well.

He pulled out of her and flipped her over, inserting himself once again before she even had time to protest his absence.

He grabbed her legs and threw them over his shoulder. The current position allowed him deeper access, and he went as deep as humanly possible.

Her hand was still working and her eyes turned almost completely black. He never knew her beautiful light eyes could be so dark from her desire for him, but there it was. There was the proof, proof he felt he has been waiting his whole life to see.

It was almost time and he wanted to know, he had to ask her.

"Where do you want me to cum baby?"

Where indeed. The options spun through her head. Inside of her, on her face, in her mouth, on her tits, on her stomach. No one had ever asked her what she wanted before. She found she liked being able to chose, and chose she did.

"I want you to fuck your cum inside of me."

He had no idea something so naughty would ever pass through those beautiful lips, but it did and he wasn't complaining. He pumped her two more times before he fucked all he had inside of her, while at the same time she pulsed with her own orgasm.

By the time their breathing was back to normal, they were a sweaty mess on top of the sheets. Brennan rolled back on top of him, kissed his chest, and stood up next to the bed. As she walked away towards the bathroom, she turned and said

"Now I want to know what it feels like to shower with you."

He was correct when he thought earlier that this woman was going to be the death of him…and he didn't mind one bit.

~B hearts B~