Chapter 1

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I never thought I would miss the dry air, the heat and the desert.

I never thought I would miss Phoenix.

How can you miss something that you don't even love?

But what is love anyway? Nothing but a chemical reaction in your brain, so you can have sex without guilt, keep the species alive. Period.

That was what I always thought. Until I met him.

Now I really wished I had never left Phoenix.

CHAPTER 1 – Fucking Disneyland


"You've got to be fucking kidding me," I said, looking at my mother and my step father sitting in our living room.

"Watch the language, Young Lady," my mother said, touching her pearl necklace.

"Isabella, I thought we had already discussed this," John, my step father said, folding his journal.

"This is bullshit. You guys can't do this to me!" I screamed at them.

"Honey, I don't see what the problem is, it is such a lovely place," my mother said.

"The fucking problem is that I am going to leave my home, my friends, my entire life!" I shouted at them.

"If I remember, we had an agreement, which involves a certain BMW Mini Cooper," John said, looking from his glasses.

"You can't be serious, you want to bargain this with my car?" I said.

"But I am. After all, I gave you a 21,000 dollar car, in trade you won't put up a fit when the time to move comes," he said.

"It's fucking Disneyland!" I screamed, jumping from the arm chair I where I'd been sitting.

"It's Jacksonville, not Orlando, dear," my mother said.

"It's the same," I said with sarcasm.

"Isabella," he said.

"John," I replied.

"Fine. You won't move, that is fine then," he said, getting up from the couch.

"Thank you," I said, relieved, but suspicious.

"The keys," he said, holding his hand out to me.

"What?" I asked, confused.

"Your car keys," he said, with a hard tone.

"Why in hell would you want my car keys?" I said, holding them tightly in my hand.

"If the deal is off, I want my share," he said, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

"No!" I screamed.

"Isabella, give me the keys. The car is mine, after all, I paid for it, and since you won't fulfill your part, neither am I," he said, opening his hand.

"Please don't do this to me," I pleaded.

"You are leaving me no choice here, Young Lady," he said.

"Anything but my car. Take my iphone, my credit card, but not her," I said, begging.

"The keys," he said, in a final tone.

"Fuck, fine, I will go to fucking Disneyland," I said, storming out of the room.

"We leave in two days honey, you better start packing," my mother said.

So that's how I found myself here, fucking Florida, the hottest and most humid place in the US.

"Can't you just pretend you are happy for him?" my mother asked me, while driving my car.

"Why should I? He is ruining my life," I said, putting my hair into a messy bun, trying to free myself from the heat.

"He is doing what is best for our family," she said, looking from her sunglasses.

"No, he is doing what he thinks is best for him," I said, looking out the car window.

"Claire didn't complain about moving here," she said.

"She is six years old, what does she know?" I said, thinking about my traitor little sister, who was in the car with John.

"Bella, sweet, I promise this will be great for all of us. Trust me," she said, touching my knee.

"Yeah, right," I said, turning the music on my Iphone louder, so I wouldn't have to listen to her.

Soon we parked in front of a cute little house. It was a three story Victorian antique brick house. It had a small front yard and even a front porch with a small garden. ( picture on my profile )

My mother parked my car next to John's red GM truck, and soon Claire was out of the car, jumping with excitement.

"Do you like it baby?" my mom asked my baby sister.

"Yes, it's so pretty," Claire said, running through the grass.

"What about you, Bella?" John asked me.

"It's all right, I guess," I said, looking at the house.

"Come on, I have a surprise for you," John said, telling me to follow him.

As soon as he opened the front door, I could see the empty rooms, the light coming from the big bay window of the living room, and the stairs that led to the upper floor.

"You know I don't like surprises, John," I said, following him up the stairs.

"I think you will like this one," he said, leading me to the third floor.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Why don't you see for yourself?" he said.

"Oh My God," I said, shocked at what I was seeing.

"I thought this would help make the transition easier for you," he said, pointing to the mirrored room.

"You got me a dance room?" I asked him.

"Yeah, so you can practice. And besides, Claire will like the space too," he said, a little embarrassed.

"Thank you," I said, hugging him.

"No problem, kiddo," he smiled at me.

"I can't believe I have my own floor," I said, looking at my empty bedroom, with lavender walls and big windows.

"I am glad that you like it, and in trade, you will stay out of trouble," he said, crossing his arms.

"I don't look for trouble," I said.

"Yeah, I know, trouble finds you," he said with sarcasm.

"I will be a good girl, I promise," I said, looking at my mirror room.

"Bella, this is your senior year. Please, try to behave," he said.

"I swear, Scout's honor," I said, smiling.

"You were never a scout," he said.

"So? It's the thought that matters right?" I said, smiling.

"Fine, now let's go unpack," he said, pointing at the moving truck that had just parked in front of the house.

Soon the day turned into night, and we hadn't unpacked half of our stuff. We were sitting on an inflatable mattress, an empty pizza box on the floor, and Claire fast asleep on my mom's lap.

"She is so worn out," my mom said, running her hand through my sister's soft brown locks.

"Oh yeah, after all, we just crossed 6 states in six days" I said with sarcasm.

"Do you always need to be such an annoying teenager?" John asked.

"Yes," I said, smiling.

"Stop you two, let's grab some sleep too. After all, tomorrow is Bella's first day," my mom said.

"My first day of what?" I asked.

"Your first day in your new school," my mom said.

"What the hell?" I said.

"You are going to wake up your sister," John said, telling me to talk lower.

"Mother, tomorrow is Wednesday," I said.

"So what?" she said.

"It's the middle of the god damn week," I said, pissed.

"You already lost too many days," she said.

"Can't I start on Monday, like a normal person?" I asked.

"No,you need to retrieve your lost time" she said

"But Claire won´t go to school tomorrow" I said,annoyed

"Your sister is in the first grade,not in High School"

"But ... " I tried to argue,but it was useless.

"Isabella, you will go tomorrow, end of discussion," John said, and I knew that nothing would change their minds.

I went up to my room, which was stuffed with boxes, took off all my clothes and got inside my sleeping bag. Tomorrow was going to be a fucking long day.

I woke up to the sound of my excited sister, and the moving of furniture. Only my family would be doing that at 6 am.

"Morning sunshine," my mother said from my doorstep.

"Go away," I said, covering my head with my sleeping bag.

"Bella, Bella, wake up," Claire said, pushing me away from the bag.

"How can you be this happy, this early?" I said to her.

"It's your first day, Bella, aren't you excited?" my little sister asked me.

"Deadly," I answered.

"Bella," my mother said.

"Fine," I said, getting out from the bag, only in a pair of boy shorts and a tank.

"Don't be late," my mother said, taking Claire downstairs with her.

I took a hot shower, washing my hair and shaving my legs, using all the free time I had.

I choose to go with a plaid red skirt, a black tank, and a gray vest. I put on my pair of brown military boots, silver necklace and bracelet, and a black ring. I grabbed my handbag, my Ray-Bans, my Iphone, my notebook, and my keys. I was ready to go. ( picture on my profile )

"Aren't you going to eat with us?" my mother asked me from the kitchen.

"Can't I am late," I said, grabbing an apple and a cereal bar and blowing a kiss to Claire.

"Good luck," Claire said, eating her breakfast.

I got in my car and stormed out of there, following the instructions that John had given to me last night. It wasn't hard to find the school. The Robert E Lee High School was the biggest in Jacksonville. ( picture on my profile )

I parked my car next to a yellow gold converse New Beetle and a black Ford truck. The people here seemed to be the same as in Phoenix, which could mean only one thing: I had a new kingdom to conquer.

I was walking to the main office when a small girl with dark hair and fashionable clothes blocked my way.

"Isabella Swan?" she asked me.

"Excuse me?" I asked her.

"Alice Cullen, head of the welcome committee," she said, stretching her hand to me.

"You always jump in front of the people in the hallways?" I asked her.

"Generally no, but I couldn't let the slut's and jock's committee get you before I did," she said with a devilish smile.

"I feel so special," I said with sarcasm. "Come on, I am saving you from a lot of trouble, here," she said, taking my arm with her.

"Ouch, look where you are walking," I heard a blond jock shouting.

"Mike, cut it out!" Alice screamed.

"So Weirdward, let's see how you will be now that your big brother isn't here to protect you anymore," the jock pushed a tall guy against the lockers. Books and music sheets fell. I could hear the screams of the crowd, but the only thing I could think about were those deep green eyes.

"Newton, let him go," a blond boy with a southern accent, cowboy boots, and a guitar on his back, said.

"Are you sure you wanna pick on that, Whitlock?" the jock said.

"Hell yeah," the blond cowboy said.

"Jasper, let's go," a velvet voice said, disappearing in the middle of people.

"Who was that?" I asked Alice.

"That was Jasper Whitlock," Alice said, walking down the hall, trying not to sound affected by the boy.

"And the other one?" I asked, wondering who the mysterious boy was.

"That was Edward Cullen," she said.

"Cullen?" I asked her.

"He is my cousin," she said.

"That's why you tried to stop the jock?" I asked her.

"Mike Newton always hated Edward, but he was too scared of Edward's older brother to do anything. Now that Emmett's graduated, Mike is trying to make Edward's life hell," she said.

"What the fuck is his problem?" I asked, annoyed with the jock.

"Mental illness is my best guess. Hey, you have Bio now and I have Math. Meet at lunch?" she asked.

"Ok, see ya later," I said to her, walking to my class.

"Ms. Swan, I am glad you could join us, take your seat please," the teacher said, pointing at the only empty seat in the class.

It was next to him, the tall boy that the jock hated, Edward Cullen.

I walked to the table, making a few heads turn as I went, but the only pair of eyes that I wanted to look at me were fixed on a piece of paper.

I sat on the stool next to him, but he didn't turn to me, so I didn't turn to him.

The boring class went, and all I could do was watch him. He was deep in concentration, writing notes on a sheet, his fingers dirty with paint, his shaggy brown reddish hair falling in front of his thick glasses.

He keep biting his lip and running his hand over his worn out jeans, his gray plaid shirt was open, and I could see a white one inside of it. ( picture on my profile )

His dirty chucks kept bouncing on the floor, like he was anxious, and before I could do anything, a voice interrupted us.

"Mr. Cullen, what is the answer to the question I just asked?" the teacher asked.

"The Krebs Cycle," he answered, making me, the teacher, and the entire room open our mouths in shock.

"Well done," the teacher said, continuing the class.

He gave me a quick look from his thick lashes and glasses. It probably lasted only a few seconds. But for me that was enough. It was all I needed.

The bell rang a few seconds later, and before I had time to introduce myself, he was out of the room.

I grabbed my stuff and walked down the hall, too lost in thought to do anything, to see anyone.

His deep green eyes.


To them, he was Weirdward, for me he was so much more.

Where everyone saw just another weird geek, I saw potential.

I knew why I'd ended up here. I knew my purpose.

Every kingdom needed a ruler.

Every queen needed a king.

Edward Cullen was going to be my king.

He was going to rule this school.

And nothing would ever taste so sweet.

"What's up with the smile?" Alice asked me, walking beside me to the lunchroom.

"Let's just say that a new era is about to arise," I said to her.

"Sounds promising," she said.

"You have no idea," I said, winking at her.

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