Okay, so I'm a total Edward/Bella fan but I couldn't help but fall in love with Jasper/Bella. So, I'm writing a J/B fanfic. I hope you all love it and are supportive in telling me what you think.

Here we go!

* * *

A/N I don't believe in rushing into the romance like some writers do. So, things will progress at their own rate.

No, Jasper hasn't been in love with Bella since the day he met her. He comes back to Forks to renew his relationship with Bella and try and to help her. There are other reasons but Jasper refuses to tell Bella. But, that will come later.

Jasper comes back and is at the Cullen's house for a few days contemplating how to approach Bella. But, she misses Edward and after four and a half months of him being gone she decides to visit his house to try and find some closure.

But, to her surprise Jasper is there. Immediatly he apologizes for all the pain he's caused her and our selfless Bella tells him she forgave him a long time ago.

They agree to get to know each other and let him try to help her. She is desperate for anything that will keep her connected with Edward. For the next few weeks she visits him at the Cullen's house. They talk and do their best to get to know each other.

She falls into a reutine of seeing him and is quite happier which everyone notices. Though neither of them plan for things to go anywhere past friends, things take a turn in the other direction.

Now, the story will commence!

* * *

I pulled in front of the Cullen's house and Jasper was waiting for me by the door, as usual. A smile crept across my face at seeing my new found friend.

When I was with Edward I hardly ever looked at anyone else, but since finding friendship with Jasper I have taken in his appearance more.

His hair falls in beautiful blonde curls that accent his intense, golden eyes. His face has curved angels, but not as pronounced as Edward's. His frame is more muscular than Edward's yet still smaller than Emmet. And I adored his southern accent. It was twisted into his words in a way that most people don't notice. Everything about him screamed dangerous. But, I saw it as beautiful.

I pulled myself out of these reflections and hopped out of my truck. I grabbed my bag and then ran to the porch. As I approached him his smile grew, slightly dazzeling me.

We went inside and he took his usual seat in an arm chair and I grabbed one of the snacks he had stocked up on for me.

I then took my seat on the sofa and turned towards him.

Then I remembered the CD I had brought him. Yesterday I was appaled to learn that he had never listend to Linkin Park. So, I took it upon myself to bring a mix of my favorite songs by them.

I retrieved it from my bag and handed it to him. He popped it into the massive stereo system and let it play the first song. One of my favorites, breaking the habit, came on.

He sat back down and listened for a moment. "Not bad."

I laughed. "Admit it, you like them."

He smiled. And spoke in his deep southern voice. "All right, you caught me darlin'." We laughed and kept talking. We returned to a much explored subject of books. When I reluctantly mentioned my love of Wuthering Heights he laughed and disapeared. Less than a second later he stood in front of me and held out a book. I smiled at the all to familiar title.

"Edward hates this book." I said. We both grew a bit uncomfortable at the mention of him.

"You know darlin', at first I made excuses for him. Trying to make things alright." His tone turned cold. "But, after seeing what he's done, I would likely hurt him if he ever tries to come back to you." His eyes were fierce with anguish.

I laughed a bitter laugh. "I don't think that'll ever be necesary." In a second he was up and kneeling in front of me. He took both my hands in his and surprised me with his closeness. Ever since he'd come back we'd kept a safe distance from each other.

"Bella, you're worth more than he'll ever realize. Nothing would be able to keep me away from you if you were mine." His gaze was smoldering slightly. "He's a fool, darlin'. And if he's smart I know he'll come running back to you. But, I'll be here to protect you. . . if you want me to."

I understood everything he'd said. I loved how talked about me belonging to him. And in that moment I let myself feel the want to turn my broken heart over to him for safe keeping.

His thumb stroked my jaw line and his eyes held a deep smoldering fire. "Bella, don't hide your feelings, your driving me insane."

And I did, for a moment, let him feel what I was feeling. He smiled at me and I was surprised when I could feel him push his emotions to me. And I was even more surprised when I found them almost matching my own.

I could feel confusion, love, anger, lust, adoration, and so many other emotions laced through him. This man, who so many months ago took a swipe at my life, was now kneeling in front of me expressing feelings I had only ever felt from one man before.

At the thought of the one who still held a piece of my heart, I faltered and reined in my emotions. Jasper's face fell and went blank. His hand dropped from my face but he stayed where he was.

"Jasper, I-. . ." My voice broke and I couldn't believe I held these feelings for my ex's brother. I felt so horrible and couldn't stand it anymore. I pushed myself off the couch and grabbed my bag then made a quick escape to the door. If he wanted to, he could have caught me. But, he let me go.

I got to my truck and pulled out as quick as it would go pushing it hard down the Cullen's drive. When I hit the highway I let the truck slow. Before I knew what was happening, I pulled onto the shoulder and put my truck in park.

Suddenly, in one painful wave, all my emotions flooded through me at once. I screamed, slamming my hands onto my steering wheel, before my head feel onto it and broke down into sobs.

Edward had hurt me so badly, and now someone was here trying to take away that pain, and I wouldn't let him. I'd been trying desperatly to rebuke the feelings that were oh so innapropiate for my ex's brother, who was married! His mate was my bestfriend! Alice! Oh God what was I doing to Alice? She was my bestfriend and I was sharing intament moments with her soul mate!

How could I be so selfish? That's just it, I couldn't hurt my bestfriend for my own happiness. I couldn't let Jasper think he had feelings for me. He was in love with Alice. She was his other half and I refused to get in the way of that.

In my break down I hadn't noticed the figure standing next to my window. When I finally looked up I yelped. When I saw that it was Jasper I only broke down again.

I was in such a state that I didn't fight it when he unhooked my seatbelt and lifted me out of my truck. He then took me to the passenger side and set me on that seat and buckled the seat belt. A moment later he was driving my truck down the highway.

When my crying slowed I stared at him in a stupor. His hands gripped the steering wheel so that his knuckles stretched the skin whiter. The muscles on his forearm were flexed. His hair was wet and falling in his eyes. I glanced out the window and saw that it had been rainging steadily. I turned my attention back to him and gazed at his face. His brow was furrowed and he looked angry to the point that I was almost scared of him.

He glanced over at me and must have sensed how frightened I was, because his expression softened. "I'm sorry for frightening you, darlin'. . . I hate myself for causing you this pain. Instead of helping you I'm hurting you!" His voice sounded so broken and pained.

I couldn't help but reach over and place my hand over his. He sighed and I felt his grip on the wheel loosen slightly. "You'd better go inside, Charlie will be back soon." I glanced around and noticed that we were at my house.

Silently, I nodded and release his hand. Then, I grabbed my bag and slipped out of the truck. I went inside my house without looking back and started dinner. I burned myself twice because my vision was blurred with tears.

By the time I was done Charlie was in his chair in front of the T.V. and I was a total mess. I told him I didn't feel good and went to my room. The second my door was closed I collapsed on my bed and shed another onslaught of tears.

No matter what I did I was always hurting someone. I pushed Edward away and now I was going to lose my best friend completely because I was without question in love with her soul mate.

A/N Ok so I hope you all didn't mind that I just told you what was going on to speed things along instead of telling you through the story. I would really like to know what you think and get any suggestions . . .

How'd like my portraying of Jasper??