Saturday morning I woke up early. I changed quickly and ate a bowl of cereal with haste. Charlie was already gone with Harry so I wouldn't need to lie to him, too. By the time my bowl was washed a knock came from the door. I took a deep, deep breath and then slowly walked to answer it.

Jasper stood against the door frame with his hands in the pockets of a pair of dark jeans. His shirt was dark grey t-shirt. His pose and they beauty of it had me stunned. He broke into a cocky grin and said, "you okay, darlin'," My face changed to a dark shade of red and turned on my heel to grab my bag. I then followed him out to his car, I had no idea what kind it was but it was gorgeous. It was black and sleek with a very smooth appearance. It looked dangerous yet irresistible. Just like its owner.

He opened the door for me, an all too familiar gesture, and I slid inside. Immediately I was assaulted by his scent. It was musky and spicy and completely intoxicating. I refrained from inhaling deep breathes of it as he walked at a human pace to his side of the car.

I had always despised Edward's driving. It was fast and reckless. Even knowing that he had amazing reflexes could never calm me when he drove.

Jasper's driving was faster and even more reckless. But, not for a moment was I scared. I could hardly tear my eyes away from him as he drove. There was something fantastically beautiful about his driving. The way all of his movements seemed to flow into one. I was mesmerized and completely unafraid and felt a hundred percent safe.

He caught me looking at him and I dropped my eyes. After a moment he let out a low chuckle. "What," I asked, feeling suddenly self-conscious.

He laughed again before answering, "I always remember you being scared out of your wits whenever we drove."

I blushed deeply again and concentrated on my lap when I spoke, "I look at your driving differently now."

He looked at me with a hint of confusion on his face. "Please, explain."

I shook my head. "That's not a good idea." He continued to stare at me in a perplexed way before returning his gaze to the road.

He let the conversation drop and no longer questioned me. We finished the short drive in a comfortable silence. I was at ease and felt happier than I had in a while. Being with Jasper always made me feel like that. He lifted everything off my shoulders and let the old me show through. When I'm with him I'm no longer the scared Bella who hides away; I become the strong and confident Bella who doesn't need to depend on others. I was always depending on Edward and when he left I was lost. Now, I am learning to hold myself up.

In the midst of my reverie I hadn't noticed that we had pulled to the side of a dirt road and were utterly surrounded by dense, green forest. In a flash I was out of the car and standing next to him. His smile was full of secrets and hidden emotions.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me though the trees. Ahead, a dirt path led to a small, cascading waterfall that fell into a deep blue pool. Mosses and grasses surround the tiny pond with flowers and bushes framing it.

I smiled at the beauty of it all. Then my wandering eyes met his as they watched me intently.

"Jasper, it's gorgeous." I whispered not wanting to disturb the beauty.

He smiled and released the full force of his warm gaze. "Yes, it is." My face turned a deep crimson as I realized he wasn't talking about the water fall.

"Do you want to swim?" He asked me.

"I don't have a bathing suit."

He smiled and let go of my hand to pull his shirt over his head. "Neither do I." His perfectly chiseled, muscular chest captivated my gaze and I forced my eyes upward to his face as my turned crimson. He slipped off his shoes and jeans and tossed them to the side. Then with unbelievable grace he dove into the deep pool.

He resurfaced a moment later smiling. His eyes closed and he let his head fall back and his body float in the water. He looked so peaceful and beautiful. I couldn't tear my eyes away from him.

Before I knew what I was doing I pulled my shirt off. My sneakers and jeans slid off next. I was covered only by my bra and underwear when I glanced back to the water. Jasper's mouth was slightly ajar as his eyes roamed over my body. When his eyes met mine I turned an even deeper shade of red.

I walked next to the pool and stood on a rock to slide into the water. Unfortunately for me the rock was slippery. I lost my footing and my body angled backwards. Cold arms grabbed me around my waist and pulled me to the water.

I sunk under with him holding me tight as our bodies were entangled and the water rushed around us. We resurfaced and he was grinning. I should have been alarmed at our proximity with so little material between us, but all I felt was utter happiness and the intense heat that burned where our skin met.

Instead of letting me go, he pulled me closer. I was so lost in his eyes that I didn't notice as he pulled us closer to the edge where he was now standing on a rock and holding me up. His breath was cool on my face as we inched closer.

In that moment all of my insecurities flooded through me. I wanted more than anything to kiss him but was afraid he didn't want me to. I didn't want to push him too far. What if I kissed him and he pulled away?

His face changed as he was taking in my change of emotion. He pulled back slightly and then a new ferocity took over his features. His lips came crashing into mine. He pulled me even closer, eliminating any space between our bodies. Heat filled my lips as they moved against his.

My hand tangled into his wet hair and the other held his neck pulling me closer. His hands roamed down my back and he pulled me up as I wrapped my legs around him.

He pulled away and gave me a chance to breath as his lips moved down my neck. I sighed and pulled his lips back to mine when I had sufficient oxygen.

Our lips moved together and fought for control. Then, one word popped into my head.


I froze and he pulled back. "Bella, what's wrong." He searched my face looking for the answer.

It killed me to stop kissing him but the thought of my best friend sent pain through me. "Alice." Was all I could say and all that seemed necessary.

He sighed and pressed his forehead against mine. His cool breath flooded me with his sent and made it extremely difficult not to kiss him again. "We need to talk." He said. That was an understatement.

He took an unnecessary deep breath and then pulled away from me. If he hadn't been staring down he would have seen the hurt that passed across my face. But I know he felt it, because his head shot up. His face showed a conflict raging inside him.

Finally, after an eternity he spoke. "After your 18th birthday party we moved to Alaska. Everyone was hurting and sad. I felt horrible knowing I had caused them their pain. But, Alice was the worst of all. In the beginning she tried to hide what she was feeling but it broke through. She was hurting so much and I caused it.

"After a few months, things got better. No one was the same but it was better. Amazingly none of them resented me but the pity they had for me was even worse.

"One day Alice had a vision. She was out of it for a long time and I couldn't snap her back. Finally, she came back and there was a horrifying fear in her eyes. I asked her about the vision and she said it was nothing. I didn't believe her but wasn't going to press for information.

"She had more visions that left the same look in her eye and she refused to tell me about them. And I could tell that something was changing. It wasn't the same change that had been happening for years. No, this change was sudden and abrupt. I knew it was only a matter of time before things came into focus.

"And they did. I walked into our room and she was sitting on the bed sobbing. I reacted instantly and wrapped her in my arms, but she pushed me away. She spoke through her crying, 'I'm so sorry, Jazzy.' I didn't know what she was talking about until she handed me a book. It was her drawing book. I opened it and the first pages were of me and our family. Then there was a guy. I didn't know who he was. There was picture after picture of him and Alice. Of him holding her. Of them kissing."

He shook his head and his pain was seeping into me. I reached for his hand under the water and found it clenched into a ball. He relaxed it at my touch and let me twine our fingers.

"I asked her how she could cheat on me. She broke down again and said, 'this- none of this has happened yet.'"

Jasper's body shook slightly and I could feel him trying not to squeeze my hand too hard. "I knew we wouldn't be together forever. Our relationship had slipped over the years. But, I never thought it would be from her falling in love with someone she had never met. That's what hurts. But, you've made it better." He pulled me in front of him and grabbed my other hand. "I wasn't in love with Alice any more. I hadn't been for years. But, the pain of losing my best friend is what is hurting me. Our life was comfortable and I was used to it. I didn't want to let go.

"But, I did when we both agreed that we were out of love. And she went to find him and I came to close up my guilt. Or at least that's why I originally came here. But, then I found more than I was looking for and I can't see myself leaving." The weight of his words fell on me. But, the weight of thinking I was hurting my best friend flew off my shoulders.

I was stunned and couldn't break out of my daze. But, his beautiful, southern voice broke through me. "Bella, I'm sorry if I said too much."

That snapped me out of it. I looked up at him and laughed nervously. My words fell out in a whisper, "Not . . . even . . . close." He smiled and pulled our lips back together. This kiss was slower with a deeper passion behind it.

We stayed like that for a while until the sky was perceptibly darker. Only when we pulled apart did I notice just how cold I was, as a shiver broke though me. "You're cold." He said. Before I could protest he had us both out of the water. He handed me my clothes and I slipped them over my wet skin. By the time my shirt was over my head he was fully clothed. I reached for my shoes and was about to slip them on when he grabbed my hand. "I'll carry you."

I hesitated for a fraction of a second before nodding my head. He took my shoes and then swung me onto his back; I locked my legs around his hips and my arms around his neck loosely. I breathed in his scent and brushed my lips across the skin on his neck. As we moved at a human speed I continued to trail my lips over his neck and behind his ear.

When the car came into view he slowed down. He kept walking while he pulled me around and set me on the ground with my back pressed against his car. His hands were on either side of my head and his face was inches from mine. "You make it very hard to concentrate."

My breathing was shallow and my face turned red. "I'm sorry."

He growled and then his lips were practically touching mine. When he spoke they brushed across my lips. "Stop apologizing." He pressed our mouths together and pushed me against the car.

He passed boundaries Edward wouldn't even go near. But, I felt completely safe. He pulled away when I shivered involuntarily. He sighed, "We need to get you warm." He pulled me up and opened the door. Then, he pressed his lips to mine and pushed me down into the seat. He broke away with a grin and closed the door. Not even a second later he was next to me and his car was roaring to life. The heater was turned all of the way up and we were speeding along the road.

At his house he kissed me again before I climbed into my truck and drove home.

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