Christmas was always crazy, there were so many people in the house now. Before we start let's go over them and their ages, just so there is no confusion.

Molly 81 and Arthur 81, married, parents, in laws, grandparents and great grandparents.

Bill 60 and Fleur 54, married, parents, in laws, and grandparents.
Victorie 30 and Phillip, married, parents of two year old Jonathan.
Dominique 24 and Frank 25, engaged.
Louis 23 and Trisha 21, boyfriend and girlfriend.

Charlie 58 and Allison 57, married, parents, in laws, and grandparents.
Arthur 32 and Darcy 32, married, parents of two month old Annabelle.
Catherine 30 and Xavier 36, married and pregnant.
Rebecca 28 and Paul 30, engaged.
Max 25 and Lisa 23, engaged.
Anthony 24 and Cassidy 22, boyfriend and girlfriend.
Andrea 24 and Steven 27, just started dating.
Mariah 23, single.

Percy 54 and Audrey 54, married, parents, in laws.
Molly 27 and John 30, married and pregnant.
Lucy 26 and Trevor 28, engaged.

George 52 and Angelina 52, married, parents, in laws, grandparents.
Fred 25 and Alice 24, married, parents of newborn Danielle.
Roxanne 23 and Lysander 24, engaged.

Ron 50 and Hermione 50, married, parents, in laws, and soon to be grandparents.
Rose 24 and Lorcan 24, married, pregnant.
Hugo 22 and Alexis 22, engaged.

Harry 50 and Ginny 49, married, parents, soon to be in laws.
Theodore "Teddy" Lupin 32 and Abigail "Abby" 32, married, parents of three year old Cody, pregnant.
James 25 and you'll just have to wait and see hehe
Albus 24 and Taylor 24, engaged.
Lily 22 and Scorpius 24, boyfriend and girlfriend.

A/N: I am sitting here with a calculator in my lap! I have been figuring out ages forever! haha no really. The kids were easy. Took Teddy's age first and went from there. Not to hard. It was Molly and Arthurs ages that were the hardest to figure out.

The Weasley clan all sat at the Burrow thanking Molly for what turned out to be yet another wonderful meal. "It was nothing dears." she smiled.

"I wish Lily could have been here." Albus said thinking of his little sister shut up in some dorm.

"We all do." Ginny sighed "But with her practicals coming up, she needed all the extra studying she could get."

"That's her problem, to much work, not enough play." Scorpius said. "I've been telling her that for weeks."

"Yes, well you should help her." Albus smirked.

"Shut it Al." Scorpius said a blush creeping onto his cheeks.

James shook his head and then looked at his watch "Well I hate to eat and run, but I have a date."

"What?!?" Ginny and Molly rounded on him.

"James its Christmas!" Ginny said furiously.

"No it's Christmas Eve, not Christmas. Plus it's just once. I promise." he kissed her cheek. "I'll be here tomorrow for the big to do don't worry. Bye dad." He shook Harry's hand and then gave him a manly hug. "Bye Al." James said embracing his brother.

"See ya James. We'll be there for the big game too." Albus gestured to Taylor and himself.

"Good I expect you to be." James smiled "Bye everyone!" he waved to the family before apparating away.

"So anyone else leaving?" Molly asked her children, and grandchildren. All the married grandchildren raised their hands.

"I'm sorry Nana, we promised Alice's parents we'd be there tomorrow. Since it's Danielle's first christmas and all." Fred said.

"And we promised Phillips parents we'd be at their house tomorrow as well." Victorie said.

"Well can you all stay for pudding at least?" she asked.

"Of course!" They all replied.

"Good." smiled walking back into the kitchen.

"Daddy, where's Lily?" Cody asked his father.

"She's at school sport." Teddy said looking at him.

"Boo." Cody crinkled his nose.

"Boo is right little man." Scorpius said thinking of his girlfriend. He hated that she wasn't home for Christmas, they had even fought about it, but that didn't stop him from loving her.

"How about that pudding?" Molly asked getting up.

"Here mum let us help you." Ginny said getting up. "You shouldn't be doing everything."

"Makes me feel useful, dear. I'm getting on in my years."

"Mum you're only 81, Dumbledore lived well into his 100's." Bill pointed out.

"It's true. Now hand the pudding over." Ginny smiled.

"Oh alright." Molly laughed.

Over in Ireland Lily sat in her dorm tapping her pencil against her desk. Her roommate and newest best friend, Anisa, looked at her "Ey Lils you alright?" she asked.

"What?" Lily snapped her head up looking over at her "Oh yeah I'm fine. Just thinking about home you know?"

"You should go home early." Anisa said. "Exams are a month away. Plenty of time."

"I need to study."

"You need to have some fun and see your family."






"Study!" Anisa smirked.

"Family, damnit Anisa I need to see my family!" Lily slammed her head against the desk.

"Go home then. Your home back in England. Not your flat." she said. "Go or I'll make Mike drag you."

Lily laughed and hugged her "Thanks Nisa."

"No problem." she smiled turning back to her own essay.

"Come with me!" Lily said suddenly.

"What?" Anisa looked at her as if had lost her mind.

"Anisa come with me. Please?"

"Lily, I wouldn't want to impose."

"Please, my grandmother loves people. There are 50 people in my family. I make 51. So trust me, it will be no big deal."

"Holy moly! That's a lot of people."

"Well, I have 5 uncles all with wives and children. 16 cousins, 6 are married, 6 are engaged, 3 are dating and one is single, we are desperately trying to find her someone. Then I have three brothers, one married to his Hogwarts best friend, which is so cute, they have a three year old son. One who hides his relationship, and one who's engaged."

"Wait I thought there were only two Potter boys?" Anisa asked looking confused.

"Yes, well technically. You see Teddy isn't really my brother. His parents were killed in the big war, and my dad is his Godfather. So naturally dad raised him. He calls my parents mum and dad. I don't know him as anything but my brother."

"Oh that makes sense." Anisa smiled.

"Come on, get your coat on!"

"Alright, alright."

Back at the Burrow Jonathan was yawning. "Uh oh, someones tired." Victorie said looking at the slumbering child in her arms.

"Not tired." Jonathan said.

"Uh huh, come on love. it's time we headed home." she said standing up.

"But mumma."

"No but's Jon. The faster you sleep the faster Father Christmas will get here." Phillip said looking at him.

"Ok dada." Jonathan said.

"Jon give Nana's a kiss and Grandpa and Papa." Victorie said setting him on his feet.

"Night night Grammy." Jonathan kissed Fluer.

"Sweet dreams my little one."

"Night night Nana." he kissed Molly. "Night night Papa." he kissed Arthur's cheek too.

"Night Jon." they smiled.

"Night Grampy." Jonathan crawled into Bill's lap.

"Night Jon."

"Alright, say night night to everyone else." Phillip smiled.

"Night night." Jon waved snuggling into his mothers arms as they left.

"Happy Christmas." Victorie and Phillip waved.

"He's so sweet." Ginny smiled.

"Yes, eet is so wonderful being a grandma." Fleur smiled.

"Well I'm a surrogate grandma and I love Cody very much." Ginny smiled at the young boy who was playing with a miniature Quidditch pitch with Hugo.

"It's a wonderful feeling isn't it?" Molly smiled at her daughter.

"It really is." Ginny sighed contently snuggling into Harry's arms.

"What about you Uncle Harry?" Rose asked.

"What about me?"

"Do you like being a grandpa?"

"I do. I'm still young though. So no wise cracks." he looked at Fred.

"Well I guess we better get going as well." Fred laughed and then looked fondly at his daughter.

"Freddie, I've been saying that for the past hour." Alice said sighing. "He never listens to me."

"Al, when has he ever?" Alexis laughed looking at her sister.

"True." Alice giggled. "I won't be far behind her I'm so tired."

"Get some rest, dear." Molly smiled "We all know what it's like to have a newborn in the house."

"Night all." Alice said. "And Happy Christmas. Alexis, Frank, I will see you tomorrow at mum and dads."

"Alright." Alexis smiled watching as she left.

"I guess we better get going as well." Abby said lifting herself off the couch. "I'm not feeling so hot. I will be so glad when this morning sickness is over."

"Are you two coming back for tomorrow's dinner?" Ginny asked as she kissed Cody's cheek and gave him a big hug.

Abby looked at Teddy who nodded "I believe so mum. We're due at Dean and Susan's tomorrow morning and then we'll play it by ear." Teddy said kissing Ginny's cheek. "Did you say goodbye to grandpa and Uncle Al?"

Cody nodded "Uh huh, I just wish I could say it to Aunt Lily. I miss her." he said looking at everyone.

"We all do." Scorpius said with a small smile.

"Did you need something Ginny?" Abby asked.

"No, dear. I was just going to make sure to have a morning sickness potion on hand. The girls and I developed it when we were pregnant with the boys."

"It came in real handy." Allison said.

"Well then I think we might just have to come back." Abby smiled.

Over the next 20 minutes or so everyone left leaving Molly, Arthur, Bill, Fleur, Dominique, Frank, Louis, Charlie, Allison, Rebecca, Paul, Max, Mariah, Anthony, George, Angelina, Roxanne, Ron, Hermione, Hugo, Alexis, Albus, Taylor, and Scorpius.

"So where are we all sleeping?" Albus asked. "There are twenty seven of us still left."

"Let's see we can put Bill, Fleur, Charlie and Allison in their old room, George, Angelina, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Harry can take the big bedroom, then your grandfather and I will take our room, Dominique, Roxanne, Mariah, Rebecca, Alexis and Taylor can take Ginny's old room."

"Nana!" the girls exclaimed.

"What?" Molly looked at them.

"That's six people in one room." Roxanne said.

"It'll be fine. We can make the floor into a matress." Rebecca smiled. "Shrink the bed and get it out of the way."

"Good, all figured out then." Molly smiled. "On the fifth floor we'll have Paul, Max, Lydander, and Anthony." Molly looked at them.

"Is the attic taken?" Louis asked.

"The goul left a foul smell in there, mate. Thirty plus years later it still smells." Ron shuddered.

"I don't care. We can fit about four in there comfortably." Louis smiled.

"Alright so Louis, Frank, Hugo, Scor and I will take it." Albus said.

Frank looked around and blushed slightly "Um anyone mind me sleeping in the den?"

"Why?" Dominique looked at him her eyes narrowing figuring she knew the answer.

"My knee is acting up. Don't think I could make it up those stairs." Frank said rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

Dominique looked at him "How did you hurt your knee? I told you not to play in the snow today." she scolded.

"I know, I'm sorry love."

"Alright now that that's settled, let's get the gifts under and go to bed." Harry said.

"Tired?" Ginny smirked.

"Yes, someone kept me up all night." Harry said pulling her into his lap.

"Oh gross." the Weasley cousins, Albus and Scor said together.

"What?" Harry laughed.

"Dad you are 50, sexual activities should be non-existent." Albus said.

"I think it's sweet." Taylor said winking at Harry and Ginny "I hope we're still sexually active in twenty six years."

"Yes well." Albus cleared his throat and everyone laughed.

"Alright, presests and then off to bed." Molly announced.

Scorpius walked over to the window and stood there for awhile just looking out over the snow falling gently onto the ground. "Hey, you ok?" Albus asked walking over, his arms laden with presents.

Scorpius looked at him and nodded "Yeah, I'm fine. Just missing Lily."

"I know, but just think she finishes her training in a month and then you two can snog and do whatever it is you two do." Ablus said with a smile.

"Yeah, it'll be great." he said fingering the leather braided bracelett Lily had two him two years ago for his birthday. "Whenever you wear this you can think of me," she had said "know matter where I am or what I'm doing never forget that I love you." she had smiled after finishing and kissed him softly. It had led to other things, sure, but it was the thought that counted. "Happy Christmas Lils." he whispered out the window.