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Name of story: Nothing on the Side

Pen name: bmango

Song story is inspired by: "Roxanne"

Artist: The Police

Category: Newbie

Main Pairing: Jasper/Bella

POV: Bella and Jasper

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Walk the streets for money
You don't care if it's wrong or if it's right
~"Roxanne", The Police


I shudder slightly as his moans increase. "Ooh, baby, you feel so good in my mouth...," I try to purr, but I'm certain I sound a little pre-recorded.

I have to stifle my laughter at that thought as I suck his cock back in my mouth. Laughing would definitely not make him happy. I swirl my tongue around the head of his dick and use my hand to caress his balls. I can feel him start to twitch and hum lightly, happy at this sure sign that this will soon be over. He's becoming very vocal and in the tiny space of his car my ears are starting to ring. His hands suddenly tense in my hair and he yells his release. Damn, I hate when they pull my hair. I swallow quickly and smile up at him, tucking his softening cock back in his pants. My smile fades as I hear the drumming of the rain on the roof. Rose, told me to grab a fucking umbrella, but did I? Noooo. Sometimes, I wish I was a little more practical.

I settle back in the passenger seat and look over to the slightly overweight, middle-aged suit as he's still panting with his head back against the headrest. A small smile hints at my lips because I know I'm good at what I do. It's why I make the big bucks. I almost chuckle again.

Suddenly, his head whips in my direction and his face is almost angry. Shit. I know what this means. Time to get wet.

"What the fuck are you still doing in my car?!"

"Nothing," I try to smile sweetly at him. "Just catching my breath from sucking your amazing cock." Just a few more minutes in the car and maybe I won't be totally drenched.

"Get the fuck out, you whore," he spits at me. He reaches across and opens my door just to emphasize his point.

I scramble out of the car into the dark and rain, grabbing my bag on the way and slam the door behind me. He peels away from the curb and almost runs into oncoming traffic. Jackass. I would like to say this was an uncommon occurrence, but this is the way it is more often than not. My customers are happy in their release, but then remember that this is illegal, or think of their woman at home, and get pissed at me. Like I forced them to pull up to the curb and beckon me into their cars. Like I want to suck their cocks. This is why I always get paid up front, rule number one. This guy actually gave me more time than most after we were done. Usually, it's tuck 'em in and out the door I go. Life is what it is.

I stand on the curb and look around for a second, getting my bearings. The rain is pounding on the pavement and quickly soaking through my barely there clothes. Oh, the things I do to make a buck. Well, that's not completely honest. The 'things I do to keep James happy and off my back' is more realistic.

I notice an all night pizza joint at the corner. Perhaps they have a public restroom I can clean up in and step out of the rain for a minute. The place is packed for a late Thursday night, and I head to the women's room to dry off a bit and see how bad I look. Glancing in the mirror, I frown. My short blond hair is a mess and plastered to my head, my makeup is streaked on my face and my clothes are likely ruined. Fuck, I think I have to call it a night or at least, change my clothes. No one will pick me up looking like this. Should've grabbed that damn umbrella. I dry myself as much as possible with the paper towels, fix my makeup and straighten my tight low-cut red blouse and short black skirt. Now I just look like a drowned hooker. Great.

I head back to the counter and order a slice of white, a scrumptious pizza with garlic and ricotta. After eating, it seems the rain has lightened up and I head back outside for the long walk to my apartment. As I'm pausing for traffic on the corner, a total dad-mobile pulls up in front of me. I smirk. Maybe the night's not shot after all... I lean over to the window as it lowers and a gorgeous specimen of man leans my direction, his wavy blond hair falling slightly into his eyes. Fuck. Me. He smiles crookedly at me and flashes his dimples. I put on my best smile and lean a little further over pushing my breasts up towards him. He glances down briefly before staring back at my face. His cool grey eyes seem to see right through me. My brain is screaming at me to run, but I stay rooted to the ground, my hands on his car door, staring into his penetrating eyes.

"Hey there, darlin'," he almost whispers. His gravelly voice creeps into my bones and I feel its weight settling permanently within me. "You look like you could use a ride, especially in this weather. Can I give you a lift some place?" He looks at me hopefully and with such honesty. I hesitate. He's not a customer, so what harm could this be? I get in cars with strange men every night. Why does this seem so different? Walk away. Walk away now. My inner voice is becoming insistent. I typically trust my instincts without hesitation, and they've definitely saved my skin many times. I'm still wavering in indecision as his cool gaze stays focused on me.

I'm certain that I'm not in control of my body as I nod, unable to speak in this moment. I ignore my brain's reasoning, my instincts that have never steered me wrong, as he pushes open the door. I climb in, turn to him slightly, and take a deep steadying breath...and wow, does he smell good. Like fresh rain and good earth. I don't think I've ever noticed a man's scent, usually just their horrendous cologne or bad breath. I shake myself slightly to clear my head and realize he's looking at me expectantly.

"Uh... Where can I take you?" My mind goes immediately to all the places I'd like to take him...this car would work for starters.

"Just heading home," I reply, quietly. "At the next block make a right, then a left on 5th and my place is only a couple blocks." Actually, Rose's place, but really, who's counting?

I shiver slightly and he turns up the heat. I put my hands up to the vent, curling my fingers into the heat and sighing as the warmth seeps into my skin. As he drives, he keeps stealing glances in my direction. He looks nervous and his grip on the steering wheel is turning his knuckles white. It's like he's finally realized he has a hooker in his family car. Although I am admiring the corded muscles of his forearms, I finally can't take it anymore.

"What?!?" I practically yell.

He jumps, startled from my outburst and I briefly feel guilty about that, but the tension is really starting to freak me out. "Um...well... I just wanted to ask your name?"

I stare at him incredulously. "My name??" He nods his head once. I pause for a second, considering. Only one other has ever asked for my name. "I'm Roxanne. And who might you be, my savior from the rain?" I wink at him to try to ease the tension.

His dimples make another appearance along with the lopsided grin. Gah! It's enough to make a girl consider a different profession. Who am I kidding?? I actually feel my panties get a little damp and I can't remember the last time that has happened. Hmmm...something to think about at a later time. Alone.

"I'm Jasper, and it's my pleasure to rescue such a beautiful damsel in distress."

I look up at him and notice we are almost to Rose's apartment. "Anywhere along here is fine."

I wave my hand in the general direction of the curb and he pulls into an empty space. It's raining harder and I hear the rain on the roof over the sounds of the car. I smile at him and thank him, maneuvering my bag to climb out of the car. I feel him grab my wrist and a sudden shock radiates through my body from where he's touching my skin. I turn, startled, and about to practice my self defense moves on his face.

"I...uh...just wanted to say it was nice to meet you, ma'am, and I hope I can see you again." He looks both apologetic and expectant at the same time, releasing my wrist as he speaks.

"I don't think that's such a good idea." I see his face fall and I hastily add, "But if I see you, I see you."

I grab my things before he can take any greater hold on me. I hear him calling my name but I hustle up the steps of the building in front of me and I don't turn around. Luckily, the lock on the front door is broken so I let myself into the entryway. I watch with my hand flat on the textured glass of the door as he pulls away after a couple of minutes. Sighing with relief, I walk down the steps and head up the block to my building. I am confident he won't find me. Why does that thought cause such pain?

I finally enter my apartment building and head up to the second floor. My apartment may not have cathedral ceilings, a doorman, or really any amenities, but it is home. I recently moved from my small room in a larger apartment to this studio so that I could have a little more independence. James likes this arrangement because I could take clients home with me, although I never have or would. But, that's the only reason that he accepted and that he allows me this freedom. James actually isn't a harsh pimp; he lets us have some spending cash to do with as we want, more than most other hookers. Most of us live in places owned by our pimps and have our clothes and food provided as well. With James, he knows and we know we couldn't actually escape with the amount he allows us, but it makes us feel better. At least, we tell ourselves that. And, according to James, keeping his ladies happy is good business.

I jiggle the lock and turn the key just so and the door finally opens. Slamming the door shut, I start stripping my wet clothes from my body, tossing them on the floor. I head into the tiny bathroom and my small single shower, hoping that no one has used all the hot water. Thankfully, the steam starts to build and I bask in the warmth. I carefully remove my wig and set it on the mannequin head, unpinning my long brown hair and brushing through it quickly. I've always envied Rose's blond hair, because as much as I want to deny it, men really do prefer blonds. This wig often doubles the customers I would get in a typical night. I sigh softly and quickly brush the wig as well, hoping the rain didn't damage it too much.

I hop in the shower and scrub all the men from tonight off of me, trying to put Jasper far out of my mind. I swear, a hot shower should be listed as a cure for everything. When the water starts to cool, I hop out and wrap my favorite plush robe around me. Heading to the kitchen, I make myself some Irish breakfast tea. These are the moments I almost feel like a 'normal' person. I glance at the time and realize it's still early, only about 12:30. I need to check in with James but he will be pleased I made good cash tonight even with the rain.

I find my cell phone in my purse and see I have a missed call from Rose. I decide to call James first and as I'm listening to the ring on the other end, my mind starts wandering to the blond man with the ocean gray eyes. I'm pulled from my imagination by a gruff, "Yeah? Whatcha want?" on the other end.

"Hey, lovely, it's B. I've got three-fifty tonight and got soaked in the rain." And I met the man of my dreams. James would not be happy if he knew I was home so early, hopefully he'll tell me to call it a night.

"B, sweetness! Been expectin' ya. Soaking wet, eh? Just for me?" I can hear his leer through the phone and try not to gag. Yeah, James took care of his girls but certain things were expected. He mostly focused his attention on the newer girls and now that I had moved, and I was less accessible, things had definitely improved. He is very possessive of us. He has said he will never let me go, and I believe him. James is dangerous, absolutely lethal.

"I'm always wet for you, sugar. I'll drop off the cash tomorrow night on my way out. Does that work?" The one thing dependable about James, money will always distract him from sex.

"Yeah, that should work. Most of the girls aren't doing well tonight, so it's probably best if you head home, anyway." Thank God, permission to be home. Like anyone would be out in this. Well, I would if he insisted. An angry James is not someone to argue with. "I may have a job for you, too. Call you tomorrow with the details."

Great. "I can't wait to hear your voice again, James, and I'll see you in my dreams." God, I hate flirting with this pig of a man. But, that's the way it is.

I hear him chuckle as he ends the call. A happy James means presents and good times. I wonder briefly who needs an escort this time. I clean up well, don't do drugs and actually know which fork is for the salad, so if a gentleman needs an escort, it's typically Rose or I who gets the job. What can I say? I can be what any man wants, any time. All men want the same thing whether they have a personal driver for their Rolls or don't even own a car. And my talent is making them happy, even if just for a moment.

I try Rose next but my call goes to her voice mail. I let her know that I'm home and to call or stop by when she's free. Rose and I met on the streets, both homeless with nowhere to go. We tried hooking on our own but were caught by James in his territory. We didn't know there were rules and James said he would be "nice" and "take care of us." At first, it was great. James gave us clothes and food and a place to sleep. He expected us to walk the streets, but we were already doing that without the benefits of showers and a warm bed, so this was better. James started visiting my room after a couple of weeks, but he was gentler and kinder than any client I had. Rose and I concluded early on, the nicer we were, the nicer he was and that's how it's been for the last couple of years. Not where I pictured myself three years ago but I'm healthy and alive, so I feel I can't complain much. If I met anyone from my previous life, they probably wouldn't even recognize me anymore. And that's probably for the best.

I grab my tea, add some milk, and head to the couch for a little TV and relaxation. Of course, at this time of night, there's nothing but infomercials and bad movies, so I turn it off. I pick up my latest find from the library and settle in to read for a bit. Jane Austen always lets me escape to a world of family and happiness. The troubles of her characters always seem so light and trivial compared to my world. When I read these books I pretend that my life's troubles are equally trivial.

My cell phone signals I have a text and I smile knowing it's Rose.

whazzup, h00r ~R

at home, stop by? -b

sure. on 2nd, be there in 5. ~R

Rose must be doing well. The customers on 2nd typically pay better than where I was tonight. Rose and I used to work the same street but we soon found it was better to work separately. Neither of us could watch the other catch a john. It wasn't jealousy, just a need to protect the one we care about.

Soon, I hear knocking at my door and I let Rose into my apartment. She wraps me in her arms and kisses my cheek loudly. Wonder what she's on?

"Bella! What are you doing home? Have you talked to Boss Man? Did you clear this with him? Did you get caught in the rain? I was inside so it didn't stop me, but it's still raining so I got a little wet on the way over. I told you to pack an umbrella, but I'm assuming you didn't because you look like a drowned rat. I was hoping..."

I can't take anymore and clap my hand onto Rosalie's mouth. Her pupils are dilated and she's almost vibrating in place. I'm not sure she actually took a breath during that whole rambling speech. "Rose. Calm the fuck down. What did you take?"

She knows I'm not judgmental. I try not to take drugs, but I understand the appeal. It's really just another way for James or other men to control us, but Rose never sees it that way. "It was just a couple of little pills. Nothing to get your thong in a twist about." She waves her hand at me dismissively.

I shake my head but know there's nothing I can do about it. She takes the free drugs and forgets about life for a while. Might not be the worst idea she's had, really.

We head into the living room and she sits down on the couch next to me. "So, how was your night, Bella-bear?"

"Fine. Boring. Until it started to rain and a nice guy offered me a ride." If only I could see him again. Don't think that way. You know why it could never be.

"Judging from that smile, I would say he's hot?" Rose is nothing if not perceptive, even incapacitated as she was, but I think a blind man could tell I was a bit smitten.

"Yeah, you could say that. Fuck-hot. And a gentleman. Who knew those even existed any more?" I notice Rosie looking at me intently. "But I didn't give him my real name and I had him drop me off 2 blocks from here. So, really, he won't be able to find me. No worries."

Although Rose's eyes are glassy and don't seem to be focusing on my face, I can still see the concern there. "Well, it's probably for the best. Boss man would freak if you saw a non-paying guy. Remember rule number two, nothing on the side."

Nothing on the side. I know she's right and that's the reason I took so many precautions tonight. James' rule covered both jobs and men, and it's the only one I don't have a problem following. Especially after last time. All men are the same. Any guy I would have on the side would only want to get off and leave. Just like everyone else. Maybe he's different. Great, first my pessimistic inner voice wants me to run away from him and now it wants me to give him a chance. Schizophrenic much?

I'm about to spill all the details to Rose but her eyes are half-closed and she looks like she's about to fall over. I lead her to the bedroom and help her change into a t-shirt and boxers. She mumbles something about continuing this conversation in the morning and I sleepily agree. We crawl into my bed and she's asleep almost instantaneously, snoring softly. I lie on my back, watching the lights from passing cars dance across my ceiling. I see Jasper's storm cloud eyes before me, staring deeply into mine. He reaches out and strokes my cheek. I can almost feel his fingers gently caressing me and I close my eyes content that he won't find me. Even as I frown that I may never see his perfect face again, I'm determined that I can't and won't put him in danger.

I toss and turn all night dreaming of Jasper. Impossible dreams of him wanting me, loving me, holding me, protecting me. I wake to sunlight streaming across the bed and Rose curled against my chest. I nudge her gently and she moans as she rolls over. We have to get up and call James for that job he had for us tonight. It would be nice to not walk the streets tonight.

"Rosalie, wake up." I nudge her again and she swipes at my head with her open palm. I duck her easily, flip her onto her back and straddle her waist. I bend over to her face and whisper quietly, "Rosie, it's almost 10. We need to call James. He said he might have a job for us tonight." I remember something about a job and more often than not, Rose and I came as a team, so it's a safe assumption.

At this Rose bucks me off of her and bolts from the bed. "Damn, when did I get to your place, B? That was some good shit last night."

"I think you got here around 12." I call after her as she wanders into the bathroom. "You were here about five minutes before you crashed."

"Like I said, good shit." Her voice is muffled in the bathroom. Damnit.

"Shit, Rose, are you using my toothbrush again? You know I hate that shit." I rush to the bathroom in time to see her spit in the sink and rinse her mouth. "How do I know where that mouth has been?" I burst out laughing as she licks my toothbrush from end to end, rolling her tongue around the brush. "Dude, that's gross!"

She laughs and hands me the toothbrush, which I promptly throw in the trash. I open a drawer, stick my tongue out at her and take a new toothbrush from my stash. I figure, you can never have too many. We both clean up and change into jeans and t-shirts. No sense getting dolled up now; we'll have to change for tonight anyway.

I notice that it's edging on 11 and decide it's safe to give James a jingle. Rose starts getting out cereal and bowls as I wait patiently for Boss Man to pick up. After he grunts at me in greeting, I cheerily return "Good morning, sunshine! You have a job for us today?"

"Not 'us' this time, B. Just you. Asked for you by name, or whatever." I'm confused as I don't give out my real name, but if he's a repeat customer, James would know who he wanted. "There's a function or some shit he wants to take you to. He'll meet you at McCarty's around 8." McCarty's is the Irish bar down the road and where we often meet our clients. "His name is Felix and he wants you in red." Oh, shit. Felix. This just keeps getting better and better.

"Alright, James, I'll be there. But I'm not doing any of that freaky shit. Did you hear what he asked Jess to do? No way, no how." I can't help but put a little venom in my voice. I know I may be crossing the line, but I'm sure I won't do most of the things Felix may ask of me. That guy was a total sexual deviant, which is saying a lot coming from a hooker.

"Bitch, you will do exactly what you are told and paid to do. You don't get to judge what's freaky shit. You get me?" I have to move the phone away from my head he's so loud. I can almost picture the veins popping out of his forehead.

Apparently, I pushed a little too hard. "Honey, I will do everything to make Felix's night unforgettable and have him begging for more," I cooed. "Freaky shit actually turns me on, and from what I hear, Jess is a prude." I hope I'm saying the right things to calm him down. This could turn very bad, very quickly.

"Damn straight, you will. If he's begging for more, make sure he pays you first." Asshole. Seriously, that's what he's worried about.

"I never forget the rules, J. No worries." He ends the call and I slouch against the kitchen cupboard. Rose is eating her cereal slowly, gazing into the bowl with scrunched eyebrows.

"Rose? What is it?" I cover her hand in mine and give it a small squeeze.

"Felix, eh? Want me to stand by?" She glances up at me and I see the worry in her eyes.

"Nah, I'll be fine. We've taken how many self defense courses? Anyway, Felix wouldn't dare hurt me; he's too scared of James." Even I don't feel that confident in my words, but I have to believe James will take care of me. After all, without James, where would I be?

"You're probably right," Rose sighs. "But I'm sticking nearby just in case. Text me with the address when you know where you're going."

"Okay, promise. Now help me pick out the dress to wear. James said red."

After Rose helps me choose my dress, heels, accessories and hair style, she walks home to get ready for tonight. Before she leaves, she makes me renew my promise to text her with the address. Although I don't think Felix will try anything, it eases my worries knowing she'll be close by. Done with my essential tasks for the day, I run a bath to relax and let images of Jasper flood my brain.

As the hot water is loosening all my pained muscles, I imagine Jasper's long fingers massaging my shoulders while he kisses my neck. My own hands are tugging on my nipples and I feel a jolt of heat through my groin. I tentatively reach to touch my throbbing clit in wonder. I can't even recall the last time I was turned on, let alone wanting to cum. That thought saddens me for a moment, but I'm quickly distracted by picturing Jasper's face between my legs. I begin lightly stroking my swollen clit and swirl another finger around my opening. I can feel the tightening in my stomach and a flush across my skin. I picture Jasper guiding his thick cock to my hot entrance and slowly thrusting into me. I feel my release pulse through me and I groan aloud, yelling Jasper's name. I lean back against the edge of the tub, riding out the orgasm and wishing this could be real or possible. It's not safe to have him in my life, and I must be content that we can only be together in my fantasies.

The water is rapidly cooling so I pull the plug and grab a fluffy towel. I still have several hours before I need to get ready for Felix, so I catch up on laundry and continue with my book for the afternoon. As I'm basking in this lazy Saturday, I sigh deeply. I miss lazy Saturdays. It's a remnant of my previous life that I try desperately to hold onto. Most often I'm recovering from a late Friday and planning for Saturday night with barely enough time to sleep.

After a couple more cups of tea and several chapters of the book, I have to get ready for Felix. I carefully pin my hair into an extravagant updo, deciding to go with brunette tonight. I perform that miracle that is me applying makeup to myself, pull on my dress, necklace and grab my small clutch purse. Rose chose some daring heels for me, but they really do make the outfit, so I tie the straps around my ankles and pray that I don't fall. On my way out the door, I take one more glance in the mirror and I'm happy with the result. Tonight, I don't feel like a whore. I can pretend I'm a girl going on a date. Just with payment at the end. Sometimes, I wish that nasty voice would keep to itself.

McCarty's bar is only a two block walk and I arrive a little before eight. My favorite bartender, Emmett, is wiping down some glasses when I enter and he sends me a quick smile. He knows what I do but tries hard to ignore it. He won't speak to me tonight because he knows I'm waiting for a client. I order a seven & seven and sip it slowly, waiting for Felix to arrive. I feel large hands encircle my waist and I jump slightly before I can stop myself. I turn on the stool and place my knees on either side of Felix's thighs.

Batting my eyelashes, I lean in and purr against his ear. "Hello, Felix. You look like something I could eat."

"My God, Beth. I was hoping you would be a good girl. You even wore red. I've got something you can snack on whenever you want." He licks my neck behind my ear and I suppress a shudder of revulsion.

"I'm the best girl." I feel my voice shaking and try to sound stronger. "You won't be disappointed. In fact, you'll be begging for more."

His hands are kneading my ass as I talk and I feel a bit of bile rise in my throat. I quickly down the rest of my whiskey to rid my mouth of the acidic taste and try to push Felix back so I can stand up. Instead, he lifts me off the chair and crushes me to him. I can feel his hard arousal through his trousers as he sets me on my feet. He turns me so I can walk in front of him, and he follows closely behind me to the door, pressing himself into me at every opportunity. As we exit the bar, he leans over my shoulder and whispers in my ear.

"The last girl learned the hard way not to say 'no' to me. I hope you won't need that lesson as well. On second thought, maybe I do."

His grip tightens on my arm as he slowly traces my neck with the back of his hand. I feel my throat constrict and my heart clench. And Rosie won't be there to help me. Why didn't I listen to her again?


A/N: So, what do you think??? I feel it's been done a million times, but I heard the song on the radio on my way to work and was inspired. I will work in a couple more Police songs into the story as I feel they are appropriate, but "Roxanne" is the main theme. The city is completely fictional, so don't get hung up on the roads or places I mention. Thanks so much to my betas from Project Beta for keeping my punctuation in line and helping with the flow.