Title: The Crippled Lion
Author: Wolf and Gibbs
Rating (overall): R
Disclaimer: Not at all real, obviously, as it contains fictional characters. I get no money off of this therefore not breaking any copyrights.
Warnings (overall): Violence, torture, brink of death, angst, suicidal thoughts giving up, other mean things. Probably cussing at one point. And an unknown length of 'unfinished'ness... as it is an RP in essence
Pairings: None. At all… everything is simply friendship. End of story.
Summary: The team are working on a case. Tim gets kidnapped and tortured for information. The events that follow.

Notes:As usual… my huge pre-story rant….

Firstly… normally I take forever to think of a title… I've decided that all my stories, Monkees or not, will have a title which is the name of a Monkees song. As soon as I scrolled past this song title I needed it as the story title. It just fits very well.

Another note… This is pretty much a story… but actually an RP. Between me and my friend on myspace (Me as Tim and her as Gibbs. "specialagent_timothymcgee" "specialagentjethrogibbs" If you want to add either of us you better be a good novella RPer. I do not accept fans and neith does she. I'm just telling you in case I run across an RPer. I don't accept any real people and am picky about characters.)

So… it goes back and forth. The first post is mine. I will change the chapters at the parts we exchange the baton… so to speak… when the posts are shorter, but at least the first few posts I'll break it up. I will have it marked where the writer changes. (With either Tim or Gibbs at the beginning of the chapter or paragraph it starts) Since we also play other characters, (But you'd still probably be able to tell)

This is a dark story, obviously, as you'll see early on. It is also consequently the first time I've written ANYTHING NCIS based. The starter for this RP was the first time I put myself in the mindset of Tim or NCIS at all, and actually only have one other RP besides this one. (Also… I've hinted on beatings and stuff before but not focused on torture and it's consequences till now)

For the record… a great deal if not all of my inspiration comes from Enthusiastic Fish and her stories. All evil to McGee and greatly written. You MUST go read her works if you even think mine might be intriguing. (Check my favorite authors and stories) Because she's a better writer and has more ideas then I do. And if I accidentally have some sorta similarity between something said in her story and mine that's simply because my brain said it was a good idea and decided to use it and it may have been an idea I had before I read her story anyway, just never put it down because I never got a chance to. I don't intend to take anything because my mind shuts down when I write. I don't know if there will be any of that and I doubt it but think I should put that for insurance and because I still think you should read her stories... because if you're reading this you must be interested in Tim McGee and perhaps Tim!Angst as well and she has plenty. I'm just trying to be evil to Timmy so drawing on my small pool of knowledge of pain and the human mind.

Finally… I will change some things to make it a better story so this is not word for word the same as the RP… but it's probably only changed words here or there or an unscrambled sentence. So although I'm doing a little extra work to make it posting worthy and chance small quirks to my liking I still count duo credit with Gibbs.

Oh... no... this is the finally... For the record.. the mention of Tim's parents (don't know if I'll even post up to that point but whatever) I had it in my mind a long time ago they were dead. And there is very little evidence to the contrary in the show. (some but easily moldable) Soooo.... *evil grins* You'll see.... But that may become another story in its own someday.