Thank you so much everyone! But I'm afraid this story has been discontinued. Stay tuned for some rambling.

Well... as I said. This story has been discontinued. It was merely an RP. My friend and myself took two characters and just wrote. Since then we simply stopped RPing.

As for the reviews I got...

I heard a LOT of reviews on spelling and grammar. Also a couple on drawing out unimportant scenes and such... I thank you for noting these things and I'll keep note in the future (I really will as I continue to try and grow my writing), but if I recall correctly I mentioned that TWO people were writing this at the very start. Neither of us were that great at spelling or grammar so, since this was between us, neither of us really cared. Also, seeing as it was two people RPing and not actually creating a fanfic changes in writing style was to be expected. Nevertheless... the fact that you guys read through the whole story and took the time to fix some of my mistakes... I do have a lot of gratitude. It means a lot. Please don't grammar check this chapter though, I'm uninterested except in my actual writing.

As for some questions brought up in the story, feel free to review this "chapter" or message me. If I get a lot of the same questions/get a lot of questions in the reviews I will update one more chapter with answers. It could be hours to months from when you send it, as a forewarning. It's been years since this RP was ended, but there was some that went on after my last chapter here. I also know how I'd want it to end if I was the only writer. But I wasn't so I can't definitively say how it ended. (Plus... as an RP it never was meant to have an ending anyway)

In any case... Thank you, so much. For everyone who read the story. And double thanks to everyone who reviewed, faved, followed and even that one community! I never thought ANY story I wrote or partially wrote would get so much attention. It's mind boggling.

This story will probably never be updated again (besides the answers chapter, should I make one) There is a chance though it might... someday maybe... I still talk to this friend so if we ever feel like it we can pick up from where these chapters left off but since neither of us watch NCIS anymore I can't make any promises.

Anyway... thanks again everyone. I truly mean that.