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Anyways- I was ill when I wrote this (still am) with a bad cold and throat infection. I blame my recent trip to the Isle of Wight for Biology Field Work. Where it rained. And some Purple Topshell Snails were very uncooperative throughout my coursework. No matter- I hope this makes some sense :D

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Chapter 1- Back Home Again

(Modern Day Tokyo)

Kagome paused at the top of the stairs to her family's shrine; her school bag in one hand. Glancing behind her, she saw the city spread out before her, the hustle and bustle muted and sunlight glinting off of glass windows of the skyscrapers. A light breeze caught her raven hair and teased it gently; the rippling tresses floated tantalisingly over her shoulder. Behind the city, the sun was beginning to wane, as afternoon shifted to early evening. Fluffy, lazy clouds crawled across the azure sky as a lone bird wheeled overhead, wings outstretched, gliding silently.

The beautiful scene was calming and she smiled, glad to be home after a tiring day. Her head ached slightly and her bag bulged with work she would have to catch up with over the weekend.

Tucking an unruly strand of hair behind her ear, Kagome breathed in deeply, inhaling the sweet smells of home. She could hear the leaves of Goshinbuko, the Tree of Ages rustling behind her. The tree that connected her to the Feudal Era. The tree that linked her to him.

"Hey Kagome?" her mother's voice was calling her from the house.

Kagome turned and saw her mother standing in the doorway, head titled to the side, questioning. "Is everything alright dear?" her mother asked as Kagome climbed the final step and began walking towards the house.

"Yes, I'm fine," Kagome smiled, slipping off her shoes and putting down her bag. Grabbing her slippers, she followed her mother into the kitchen where saucepans were already simmering: dinner was nearly ready.

"How was school?" Mrs. Higurashi asked, stirring one of the saucepans and adjusting the stove setting. She placed the lid of the pan back on, wiping her hands on a tea towel.

"Alright, I guess," Kagome replied, sinking into one of the chairs at the dining table, watching her mum cook. "It takes a little while to settle back into the routine of things. But the girls are all so nice they took notes for me and everything," she held up her bulging bag as evidence.

"That's kind of them," Mrs Higurashi smiled, stirring the pan. "After all, I'm not sure what illness they're expecting you next to suffer from!"

"Well, I intend to stay at school a little longer this time, longer than I have in a while," Kagome said decidedly. "I've missed so much work that I have no idea where I am in class. It's so frustrating!"

"But what about Inuyasha and the others? Aren't you needed in the Feudal Era?" her mother asked.

Kagome sighed, "I'm seen as a liability over there. Inuyasha made that very clear." She crossed her arms on the table, resting her chin dejectedly on them.

Her mother raised an eyebrow but chose not to question any further. She knew better than to question the relationship between the hot tempered half demon from the past and her daughter. She drained the soft noodles over the sink and set them to rest on the side. "Souta will be home soon Kagome," she said suddenly as she rummaged in the draws for glasses and bowls.

"Souta? What's he doing out at this time?" Kagome asked, coming out of her reverie and checking the clock on the wall.

"He went out for a walk with Naoki and Cho," her mother replied, "help me put this on the table, they'll be back soon. Oh- and call Grandpa- he's busy in the shrine," Mrs Higurashi replied.

"Right. I'll go find him," Kagome said, placing the dish on the table, before leaving the kitchen.

Her mother shook her head lovingly, "Dear, dear Kagome."

"Grandpa?" Kagome called as she entered the shrine, feet padding quietly on the wooden floor. Entering the store room she found the old man muttering to himself and examining an old artefact.

"Oh Kagome," he said brightly straightening. He held out an old book. "You'd never guess what I've found; this is from the Heian Period! It's priceless and in such good condition!" He wiped it carefully with his sleeve, sending dust everywhere.

Kagome sneezed, waving an arm to clear the thick grime that had covered the old volume. "I'm sure it is. Mum called dinner, are you coming?"

"Yes, yes, let me put it away," Grandpa Higurashi said, placing the book back. Having made sure the book was secured in its guild box, the two Higurashi's left the shrine, descending the steps back into the yard, walking towards the house.

"How is school going? I'm glad you've given me some more time to think up illness," her grandpa chortled as they went. "I was running out of credible ones!"

"Grandpa you ran out of credible ones a long time ago," Kagome commented lightly. "And don't worry, you won't need to think up any more for a good while yet."

"Oh, then, if you're sure," Grandpa Higurashi muttered. "I had a really good one prepared too."

"Hey sis!" Souta's voice rang out clearly from the house.

Kagome turned and saw her younger brother running towards her, his friend Naoki just behind him. "Souta, you're just in time for dinner," she announced. "And your friend," she studied the two young boys. "But I thought mum mentioned two?"

"Cho, come one!" Naoki called, bending down slightly and clapping his hands.

There was a short bark and a small white ball of fur appeared before them, tail wagging vigorously.

Kagome stared confused. "Souta?"

Souta scooped up the excited puppy, which wriggled in his arms, licking his face enthusiastically. "This is Cho," he beamed at Kagome. "He's a Kishu Inu and he's Naoki's, but Naoki is going away for a week so mum said we could look after him!"

Kagome smiled and scratched behind Cho's small, pointed ears. "He's so cute!" she said. Cho growled contentedly at her touch, pushing his head against her fingers. Those familiar white pointy ears twitched with anticipation. They reminded her of…Suddenly, Kagome withdrew her hand from the exuberant puppy and glancing over the two boys' heads saw the building, which housed the Bone Eater's Well.

Inuyasha…what did I do wrong?

"Kagome? Hello Kagome? Kagome!"

"Huh?" Kagome looked back at her brother, her daydream bubble burst.

"Didn't you say it was dinner time?" Souta asked. "We're starved!"

Kagome laughed. "I'm not surprised, looking after this little one I'm sure you're both worn out! Come on," she led the way back to the house. "Just make sure he doesn't eat Boyo!"

After dinner and having finished the washing up, Kagome went up to her room, the pleasant evening sunshine streaming through her bedroom window. Glancing out of it, she saw the washing flapping on the line that her mother had put out earlier. Most of the clothes were hers, dirtied and torn from her adventures.

Grabbing one of the books from her bag, she took out her pencil case and began studying the first page of the textbook. However, the words seemed to slip out of her grasp as she struggled to concentrate. Sighing with frustration, she threw the textbook away and pulled out a second.

"Maybe some Geography will be easier," she said out loud, her pen poised over the page of her notebook.

The pen stayed stationary in the air for a few minutes.

"No I just don't get it!" Kagome leaned back in her chair, throwing her pen down gloomily. "I've missed so much and am just too far behind. I must seem so stupid compared to everyone else. How am I meant to get a decent start in life when my schooling is going down the drain?"

Massaging her temples she rose from her chair and walked over to the window again. Resting her forehead against the cool glass she stared out, her eyes not focusing on anything in particular. Suddenly something caught her attention, hovering just above the tree line.


Kagome slid open the window quickly, rubbing her eyes vigorously with one hand, blinking furiously to try and see more clearly. However, by the time she looked again, the apparition had gone. For that was all it had been: a figment of her imagination.

"C'mon Kagome, just forget it. He's come back for me before; he's probably just waiting for the right time…" Kagome muttered to herself. "Yeah, that's what I thought three days ago."

She sighed as she flopped down onto her head, revelling in the soft touch of her pillow and duvet. It made such a difference not having to sleep outside on hard, cold ground.

"Stupid Inuyasha!" she said suddenly, sitting upright. "He's so…argh…dense!" she fumed, the pent up frustration that had building since she had come back from the Feudal Era released. "How could he?!"

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