B's pov

"Edward?" I asked. "Yes Bella?" Edward said looking up at me. "What is marriage?" I wondered.

Edward thought about it. "Marriage is when two people who love each other forever, and play with each other everyday." Edward explained. "Are we married?" I asked.

I play with Edward every day, and I love him very much. "No, we have to have a wedding like my mom, and dad did, and like your mom, and dad did. "Oh." I said. "Bella, you know I love very much right?" Edward asked.

"Yes, and I love you to." I said. "Will you marry me Bella?" Edward asked holding out a pretty pink ring. I beamed at him, and took the ring. "Yes, I would love to." I said slipping on the ring that was now mine.

Edward held my hand as we skipped into the kitchen. "Hi kids." My mommy said. "Hi." I said shyly. "What are you two doing?" Edward's mommy asked. "Me, and Bella got married." Edward said holding up my hand that had the ring on it.

Are mommies, and daddies all stared at us in surprise then they looked at the ring. My mommy bent down. "It's so pretty Bella, umm… congrats you two." My mommy laughed. "Thanks mommy." I blushed. Edward and I waved to our parents, and walked back to the living room.

Edward sat down in front of the TV, and put me on his lap after he gave me a little kiss. I smiled, and rested my head against his shoulder contently. "I like being married." Edward said after a while.

"I do to." I laughed. Edward's arms went around me making me even more comfortable. Soon I fell asleep. When I woke up Edward was watching me. "Good morning Bella." Edward said sweetly, and gave me a kiss on the forehead. I laughed.

"Good morning Edward." I said sitting up. "Come on my mommy made us some breakfast." Edward said pulling me into the kitchen. "Well hello Bella." Edward's mommy said. "Hi." I said.

Edward helped me onto the chair, and then he sat on his chair. He scooted his chair super close to mine, and he held my hand. I bushed, and smiled at him. He smiled at me sweetly. "I love you Bella." Edward said. "I love you to." I said. And we began to eat our breakfast together.