Chapter 24: Epilogue-24 years later

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Life turned out all right for everyone involved in the Mesprit conflict. Careers and lives prospered, and everyone truly was happy. Tracey married Misty's older sister, Daisy, and the two lived in the Orange Islands, where they worked together on making nature documentaries. Violet and Lily, Misty's other two sisters, were doing some modeling in Hearthome, and both planned on marrying two cute guys eventually.

Solidad became a top coordinator several months after the legendary conflict, and settled down to marry a well known coordinator, Nando, who also happened to be a former rival of Dawn and Zoey. Harley, on the other hand, never did settle down. He was still traveling and collecting ribbons, and he always remained a good friend to both May and Drew.

Mars married the former commander, Mercury, and the two now resided in Johto. Jupiter eventually married Saturn, and both were now crime fighters, who worked to prevent any new crime organizations form appearing.

Team rocket had disbanded more than a decade and a half ago, and Giovanni had been missing since then. Jessie went on to do some serious coordinating, and she eventually married a very old friend of hers, another coordinator named Austin. Meowth went on to run a very successful ramen noodle business, and his headquarters was located very close to James' large mansion in Sinnoh. James worked with Meowth, and worked with the money since he knew the most about it.

Max took over the Petalburg Gym when he was thirteen, and Jirachi remained by his side all the while. The recent gym leader stayed single, but was recently dating Vicky Winstrate, an old friend of his. Meanwhile, Reggie married the Veilstone City gym leader, Maylene, a decade after the events.

They had three kids together named Dane, Pauline, and Candice. Maylene still did her gym duties and prepared their only son, thirteen year old Dane for when he would succeed his mother, while Reggie still ran his day care center.

As for everyone else, well, you'll just have to keep reading

Cerulean City Gym, Kanto

"Nila Daisy Ketchum," The young twelve year old girl snapped out of her daydream and turned to face her serious faced mother. Her mother, whose orange hair was still tied in its signature side ponytail, had her hands on her hips as she stood in the middle of her Pokémon gym's pool on a small blue raft. "Do you or do you not want to be my successor in this gym?"

"Of course I do!" Nila cried with energy in her voice. Her dark eyes sparkled as she smiled with a confidence that only her father could truly show. "I love this gym leader training. I was just thinking about some stuff, Mom." The pre-teen sat down on the side of the blue raft, letting her bare knees and feet dangle over the edge, and into the water.

Misty decided to ditch the teacher act, and sat down beside her oldest daughter. The two were similar in looks, with Nila being quite tall with orange hair. Her own, however, was very manageable and wavy. Misty suspected that she got it from the aunt who she happened to share a name with. The two also shared love for Water-types.

Ever since she was six, Nila had been coming to the gym with Misty to see what working in a gym was like. When she was ten, she chose Squirtle as her starter and decided to remain gym training. Her mother promised that as soon as she was fifteen, she would be the next gym leader of Cerulean City.

"What were you thinking about?" Misty asked, patting a Gorebyss as its smooth, pink head emerged from the surface of the pool.

Nila turned to look her mother in the eye. "Just about those stories you used to tell me, Del, and Van when we were younger. You know, the ones about all of those legendary encounters?"

Misty nodded and smiled at the many memories that her mind held, most of which were full of joy and worth remembering. "Ah, yeah, I remember those times." She placed her hand lightly on Nila's shoulder. "So, what about those tales?"

"Well, what happened to the legendarys who died?" Nila asked, her eyes wide with curiosity. "Like Latios, Entei, and that other one…Mesprit!"

Misty thought that over in her mind, trying to remember everything that she had once been told, so long ago. "Well, Nila, all legendaries have a kind of life force inside of them that allows them to be reborn multiple times. However, the force takes a few years to become full, depending on the Pokémon's strength." She smiled. "And, it's all true. Latios is now alive and well in Alto Mare, and Entei was never real to begin with. He was just an image that Molly created."

Nila wasn't completely satisfied. "But, what about Mesprit? After saving Dawn and the world, did he come back?"

Misty shook her head. "Well, no, not yet anyway. But he will. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but he will be reborn."

Pallet Tow, Kanto

Delos Ashton Ketchum stared out the window as he stood on the lumpy, brown leather armchair in the front room of his house. At eight, he was the youngest of Ash and Misty's three children, and he was very wise among his years.

His short, spiky hair was the same orange as his mother's, and he had the same blue eyes as her as well. He also happened to be tiny for his age, so many tasks required stools for him. While his mother and older sister were at the gym, and his father was doing an interview with some reporters in the dining room, little Del busied himself by waiting for his thirteen year old brother, Van, who was on his way home to take a break from his travels.

With his blue eyes taking everything that was going on outside in, Del's ears listened to snippets of his father's interview.

"Mr. Ketchum, do you plan on taking on the title as Champion of Kanto now that your long time rival, Gary Oak, has devoted himself completely to being Pallet Town's professor?"

Ash's answer came in his older, but still joking voice, "Well, I'm still thinking it over. A job as Champion would have me away from home, and I'd hate to be away from my family. There are many other trainers who want that title, but I'm just not one of them."

The reporters sounded satisfied with his answers, as they didn't press him further. By the time they were all done and out of the house, Del was asleep on the armchair. When Ash entered the room, his youngest still didn't stir.

"Pika?" The long time Electric-type companion of Ash leaped off of his trainer's shoulder, and scurried to the sleeping child. He nosed the boy, and nudged his arm with a tiny yellow hand, which caused Del to finally stir and awaken. "Pikachu?"

Del smiled at his father's starter, and blinked his eyes to rid them of sleepiness. "Hi, Pikachu." He looked over at his dad, and smiled. "How was the interview, Dad?"

Ash grinned, and sat down on the armchair next to Del's. "Same as the others. Everyone keeps asking me to become Champion, and to be honest, I'm content at home, with you guys." He put a strong arm around his small son and pulled him into a quick hug. When he released him he went on, "So, you're waiting for Van, huh?"

Del smiled and nodded. "He hasn't been for months, Daddy. Of course I do!"

Pikachu's ears suddenly perked up, as if he had just heard something. All three beings were quiet as they listened, and were excited to hear footsteps coming to the door. Both Ash and Del hurried to the front white door of their large three-story home, and were pleased to see a happy Van standing outside on the wraparound porch.

The oldest Ketchum kid was named after his paternal grandfather, Giovanni, but no one called him that. He was always just known as Van. His spiky black hair was his father's, while his blue eyes were evidently his mother's. Pokéballs hung from his belt, six in total, and a backpack was slung over his back.

"Hey, Dad." Van adjusted the red cap on his head, which had once been his father's. He grinned and looked down at his little brother, and then lifted him into a hug. "Del, you've gotten older since I was last year! I swear, you're way taller than before."

"Yeah right!" Del exclaimed as he was set back down on solid ground. He stood up straight, though he was still short in comparison to his tall brother. "But I'm gonna be bigger than you soon, Van!"

Ash shook his head and chuckled as they all stepped inside the house, happy and full of joy. Outside, the sky was slowly turning purple as dusk approached, and Misty and Nila would be arriving home soon. The three men of the house entered the large gourmet kitchen, followed by the still quick Pikachu.

"Pika, pi!" Pikachu hopped onto Del's shoulder, and hung on to the boy's neck as they both looked out the window, which looked out into the extremely large backyard.

IT had to be large , not only for Del's jungle gym, but for all of Ash's Pokémon from his past journeys. Bulbasaur was out there, having still remained unevolved, and Squirtle was no longer that, but an extremely loyal Warotortle. Snorlax snoozed in the corner, large and as loud with snores as ever while everyone else was either playing or simply napping.

Dinnertime was approaching, so a few were looking ready to eat. Ash felt pretty hungry himself, which was something about him that would never change.

As Del and Pikachu set the table, Van and Ash brought all the dishes to the nearby island counter. When everything was completely ready, Misty and Nila arrived at home, both glad to see how together all of them were as a family.

"Misty, how was the gym?" Ash asked, greeting hiw wife with a peck on the cheek.

Misty shrugged in her usual way. "Same as always, Ash. No one challenged, but we sure did get some training done, didn't we, Nila?"

"Of course!" Nila smiled as she hugged both of her brothers.

Soon, the entire Ketchum family was around the table, with Pikachu included.

Pokémon lab of Pallet Town

As the new professor of Pallet Town, Gary felt both wise and pleased with how well his goals had been completed. He passed out the three Kanto starters to new trainers, gave advice and lectures at school, and spent time with his wife, Leaf, and their two kids, Sammy and Daisy.

He has taken his grandfather's job five years previous when Samuel Oak decided that he wanted to devote the rest of his life to his radio talk show and his haiku poems. That was a very crazy thing to Gary, but he was just pleased that his grandfather was happy in his old age eighty-six.

As he pulled his jacket on, Gary shut off all of the lights, and was glad to leave work to return home to a loving family.

Pewter City

Brock stood at the head of the table in his small, but still roomy dining room table. Seated around it was his entire family. All six of his kids; Donna, Forrest, Missy, Mabel, Aston, and Bobby (ranging in ages seven to fifteen) sat at the table along with his wife, Holly. Half of his children had the same squinty eyes as him, so no one could doubt that they were his children.

Though he passed on the role as gym leader to his brother, Forrest, Brock still did Pokémon breeding. He and Holly both co-owned a large, successful day care center that also sold eggs. Pewter City now got plenty of business because of the day care, which also brought more gym challengers.

As his great cooking was passed around, Brock grinned, and considered calling up his old friends.

Littleroot Town, Hoenn

May was content with the life that she lived with Drew, and their four kids, Dominic, Maxine, Carson, and Charlotte. She became a top coordinator a year after the events with Mesprit. She and Drew traveled a good deal, since they were both mentoring upcoming coordinators. Even so, the two were always able to bond with their children after returning home.

While her oldest daughter, thirteen year old Maxine, assisted her in washing the dishes, the two talked. Maxine had the same shiny green hair as her father, but had sapphire-blue eyes. She was doing some training at home before she planned on heading out to travel in Kanto with her loyal Delcatty.

"Hey, Mom," May turned to acknowledge her daughter. "I have a couple of questions. When is Uncle Max going to visit again, and when do you think Dom will be home?"

"Max called and said that he'd be over this weekend," May replied. "And, I'm not too sure about your brother. He's been pretty reckless ever since he left home last year." She shook her head at the thought. "But, anyway, he should be back eventually. How long do you plan on staying?"

Maxine shrugged. "Maybe another week or so. I'm not in a hurry to leave, Mom."

In dark backyard, Drew was entertaining nine year old, Carson, and Charlotte with a few contest appeals. He was still as serious about them as ever, plus the two youngest Greene children were showing a good deal of interest in the idea of Pokémon contests.

"Hey, Dad, is it true that you and Mom were rivals?" Carson asked as Drew's Roserade and Butterfree finished a Petal Dance/ Silver Wind combo. He was sitting on a stone bench beside his twin sister, who had a similar eager look in her blue eyes.

Drew smiled, and plucked a rose off of the bush closest to him. He sniffed it, and felt a little nostalgic as he did so. Finally, he replied, "Yep, it's true."

Snowpoint City, Sinnoh

"Brrr, it's freezing!" Paul groaned as he stepped outside the warm, cozy corners of his house and into the cold, white outdoors. Rubbing his jacket sleeve covered arms, Paul's eyes scanned the dark sky for a sign of any kind of bird Pokémon. He remained standing like this until two other figures stepped out of the house.

Zoey wrapped an arm around Paul, and flashed him a grin. "Oh, just cheer up! After twelve years of living here you're still not used to the daily weather?" She shook her head at him, and turned her attention to the sky. "Any sign of Dawn's Delibird?"

It took Paul a few minutes to reply, since his lips felt extremely numb. "No!" He managed to shout out through chattering teeth. Eventually, he groaned loudly and ran back into the house. "That's it! I'm waiting inside."

"Dad's crazy, isn't he?" Ten year old, Skylar asked her mother, looking at her through straight indigo bangs.

Zoey looked down at her only child, whose crimson eyes were similar to hers. "You have to ask, Sky?" She smiled and turned back to the sky. "Diana is leaving home tomorrow, and you will too, huh?"

Skylar nodded. "That's correct, and my Sneasel will be an excellent starter, huh Mom?"

"Of course."

Together, the two waited for the arrival of a Twinleaf Delibird. Neither of them minded the cold, since they had grown used to it over the years of living there.

Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh

Diana silently slipped out of bed, careful to not disturb the sleeping Buneary and Pachirisu that lay, curled up on top of an old patchwork quilt. She pulled on a green fleece jacket, and exited the bedroom, and entered a dark hallway.

Two of the four bedrooms were vacant, since the two older children of Dawn and Kenny, Kennedy and Joseph, were out on their journeys. Diana would be leaving the next day, but her mind kept her busy from a good night's rest.

She passed her parents' bedroom on her way to the stairs, and noticed that there was light still creeping underneath their closed door. That meant that Dawn was up late, typing out the next sequel for her young adult book series about tough coordinators. It was on the bestsellers' list, coming right after the Poke Pals Chronicles.

Diana tiptoed down the stairs, and pulled on a pair of warm boots that sat by the front door. Quiet as a sneaky Rattata, she slipped out of the house, and hurried in the direction of Route 201. With her boots making swishing sounds as she jogged over damp grass, Diana went a little faster. She passed many dark houses, including her grandmother's, and she eventually arrived on the route.

Trudging slowly now, Diana passed a tall, stone house with several large pools of warm water in the back. Barry and Leona lived there, happy, married, and with four kids, all of whom had left home over a year ago. They were Diana's godparents, but now wasn't the best of times to visit.

Soon, Diana was standing before the crystal-blue waters of Lake Verity. She walked up close to the surface, letting her eyes look the lake up and down. There was no sign of life, and most Water-types were apparently snoozing.

Even so, Diana continued to look for a sign of something. She knelt down beside the lake, ignoring the growing cold wind. The wind itself blew her straight dark blue hair around, wildly, nearly blowing the familiar white and pink hat on her head, straight off. Di ignored it and tightened her jacket.

She caught sight of her face in the water, and noted how similar she looked just like the ten year old Dawn. Almost like her identical twin or something.

After about ten minutes, Diana gave up and stood up to leave. The wind was becoming too much, and bed sounded soothing and nice.

Dawn had always told Diana stories about Lake Verity, and about Mesprit resurrecting her from death. It had been over two decades since Mesprit's death, and he had not shown any sign of returning. Diana wished to catch a glimpse of Mesprit before she left home, but it didn't seem as if it were fate.

As she departed from the lake, Diana threw one more look over her shoulder, and gasped at what she saw. Floating on the lake's surface, was a silvery form. It didn't appear to be corporeal, but it seemed different from a ghost or phantom.

"Hello, daughter of Dawn." The form said in a cheerful voice, right before fading away.

The night was still and silent and Diana was left feeling both amazed and joyful. Finally, she headed back home, smiling all the while.

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