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"DiNozzo!" Gibbs barked as he saw his senior field agent standing outside of the double doors, watching through the observation windows. "What're you doing? Shouldn't you be in there?"

Tony remained where he was, turning to give Gibbs an uncertain look. "I can't go in there, Boss." He looked past him, down the empty hallway. "Where's everybody else?"

"On their way. Whaddaya mean you can't go in there? She's waiting for you, Tony."

Tony just shook his head. "I messed up...made a mistake. Look what's gonna happen! I'm gonna ruin more than just one life, Gibbs."



"Tony, don't regret this! Not even for a second! Understand?" Gibbs' voice was hardly audible. "Most people--"

"That's the thing, Boss!" Tony said as he rubbed the back of his sore head. "Most people are prepared! Most people think they'll do great! Most people planned this all out! Well, I'm not like most people!" He turned his back to the doors and slid down to the flooe. "I'm...scared, Boss."

Sighing, Gibbs slid down to sit next to his agent. "Nobody knows what'll happen, Tony. So you're scared...we all are at some point in our lives! But you know what? You're not alone in this! Tony, you've got her...and I'll be damned if you don't go in and be there with her!" He paused to make sure Tony was listening. "Now!"

Tony let out a shaky breath. "Wanna come with me? If I go in there alone, she'll kill me--"

"Go!" Gibbs got to his feet before Tony could, yanking him up. "I'll wait here until things die down, okay?"

Nodding, Tony put on his usual 1000-watt smile. Pushing throught the double doors, he tried to keep calm. "Hey, Sweetcheeks--"

"I hate you Anthony DiNozzo!"

From outside of the room, Gibbs couldn't help but smile as Tony gave him a look that just screamed, "Help me!"

"What'd I do?" Tony asked as he approached her.

"Everything!" Ziva yelled, glaring furiously at her partner. "This is all your fault!"

Looking back at the observation windows, Tony could now see the rest of the team. All of them gave him encouraging nods. All except for Abby, who was jumping up and down like an excited child on Christmas day.

"Ziva, if I recall correctly--" Tony yelped as Zova snatched his hand and squeezed it. "Ow! Ow! Ow! Ziva! Let go!"

"You deserve it!" She yelled in pain, "You did this to me!"

"Ziva," Nurse Janet coached, "just one more big push and you're done!" She tried not to laugh aloud like some of the other nurses in the room. "Ready? One...Two...Three!"

Ziva gripped Tony's hand with a new found source of power. Both of them yelled in pain, filling the delivery room and hallway with their loud echoes. For a few seconds it was just them two together...before a third cry joined in.

"It's a boy!"


Silence. Sweet silence. Peaceful silence. And then...


"It's your turn," Ziva and Tony mumbled in unison.

"Don't be ridiculous, Tony," Ziva murmured without moving from their cozy bed. "I woke up for him the last time which means it is most definitely your turn."




Grunting, Tony pulled back the warm covers and forced himself up. "Second time tonight," he thought aloud as he dragged himself out the door.

"I'll keep your side of the bed warm!" Ziva called after him.

"I appreciate it!" Tony responded asz he entered his son's dimly-lit room. As soon as he walked in, the baby stopped crying. "Daddy's here, Danny!" Tony whispered in a soothing voice as he picked up his two-week old infant son and cradled him in his arms.

Danny calmed down and gazed up at his father with his emerald-green eyes.

"You've got DiNozzo eyes, you know that?"

"Check if he needs a diaper change!" Ziva reminded.

Hesitantly, Tony held Danny up and took a quick sniff. "Nah, he's good! Did you change him earlier tonight?"

"Yes. He always seems to need a change when it's my turn!"

Tony laughed as he bent down to kiss Danny on the forehead. "Let's keep it that way, Buddy!"


"Thought I told you two to find Danny a daycare," Gibbs said as he found Ziva rocking her baby back and forth. "And that was six months ago when he was four months old, right?"

"No reliable daycares out there, Boss," Tony stated simply.

"What about a nanny?" McGee suggested. "Didn't you have one, Tony?"

Ziva carefully placed her son in his carrier. "Tim, I don't think--"

"Why yes, Probie," Tony replied. "I had several. And how did I turn out?" When the junior field agent didn't answer, Tony nodded. "Exactly. There's no way Daniel Jethro DiNozzo's gonna be raised by adults who aren't his parents!"

"Tony, I--"

"Nannies," Tony continued, "are hired by snobby, rich, idiotic dads who don't care to put some time aside for some father-son bonding, or who put everything ahead of their son's championship basketball game, or--"

"We do not need a nanny," Ziva said, trying to settle the conversation. She gave Tony a slight hand gesture, telling him to calm down. "Danny's got his family. He doesn't need anyone else."


Ducky was busy washing his hands when he heard the Autopsy doors open. "Ah, Mr. Palmer," he said without turning around, "nice of you to join me."

Jimmy didn't answer.

"Mr. Palmer?" Ducky turned around but didn't see his medical assistant. Instead, he found a small, dark-haired boy standing beside him, smiling a very familiar grin. "Danny, oh my, what are you doing here?"

"I came to see you, Gwampa Ducky!"

"Shouldn't you be at school by now? I thought today was your first day!"

Danny's smile suddenly vanished, and he shook his head, "Gwampa Ducky, I don't wanna go to...to...pwe-school."

"Why not? You'll have so much fun!" Ducky moved to sit at his desk, thankful that he had moved the bodies into the lockers.

"I wanna stay here with Mommy and Daddy!" Danny followed him.

Ducky nodded thoughtfully. "And where are Mommy and Daddy?"

The four year old gave the medical examiner a guilty look. "I dunno."

"Well, they're probably worried!" Ducky stood up. "Come on. Let's go upstairs and talk to them. okay?"

Reluctantly, Danny took Ducky's hand and followed him into the elevator. He didn't say anything as he pressed the button for the squad room, and kept silent as the doors opened to reveal all of Team Gibbs standing there.

"There you are!" Tony stepped forward and picked up his son. "Why'd you run off?"

At that point, Danny started to tear.

"He doesn't want to go to pre-school," Ducky mouthed to the rest of the team, stepping out of the elevator. He led the group back into their section of the squadroom.

"Danny, we talked about this, remember?" Ziva asked as she gave him a soothing rub on the back. "You'll meet new friends, learn new things--"

"I don't need to!" Danny insisted. "I wanna stay here with you and---and Daddy!"

Gibbs, who had been standing next to McGee, looked at the four-year old. "You're right, Danny. You don't need to go to school."

Everyone gave him an incredulous look. Ziva looked as if she was going to murder him.

"School," Gibbs continued, "is a place for kids who wanna be smart and tough---"

"Like a...a...Mawrine?" Danny asked.

Gibbs nodded. "Yeah. Like a Marine."

"You went to school, Uncle Gibbs?"

"I did."

"Uncle Jimmy?"

Jimmy nodded. "Yes."

"Auntie Abby?"

"Mmhmm. And it was great! We had a pet alliga--"

"Abs," Tony warned.

"Uncle Timmy? Gwampa Ducky?"

Both men nodded. "Long before you were born," Ducky added.

Last, Danny looked at his parents. "You too?"

Both Tony and Ziva nodded.

Thinking for a moment, Danny sighed. Then, he leaned into Tony to give him a small hug, and nodded. "Okay Daddy and Mommy. I will go too."


Five year old Danny was happy. Strike that, he was extremely happy! He was in the middle of another boring day of kindergarten, and was thankfully saved when his mom came to pick him up. Now, as he sat with her in the hospital waiting room, he looked up at her with his curious emerald eyes.

"Why're we here, Mommy?" He asked for the millionth time. "Where's Daddy?"

"He's on his way with Uncle Gibbs," Ziva replied.

"What about everyone else?"

"Grandpa Ducky and Uncle Jimmy are with Uncle Timmy and Auntie Abby."

"Oh." Danny sniffed. "Is Auntie Abby getting her baby today?"

Ziva gave him a confused look. "Getting her baby?"

He nodded. "Daddy told me that she and Uncle Timmy were getting their baby from the...the..hospital today!"

Ziva smiled and nodded. "Yes. Do you remember if they were getting a boy or a girl?"

"A girl!" Danny replied with a proud grin. "Right?"

"Yes. And you'll have a new playmate," Ziva said.

Nodding, Danny hopped off of his chair and picked up a book from the magazine table. "Mommy, I can read this book to you now!" He held it up so she could see it."I've been...practicing my reading!"

Picking him up and placing him on her lap, Ziva waited. "What's it called?"

"Big Brother." Danny replied, flipping to the first page. "I am a...big...br-bro-brother. My mommy and daddy are...bwr--bwrin--Mommy, what does that say?"


"--bringing home my...baby...sis-sister today. We...will have...a lot of fun! I will...teach her many games, how to read, run, and talk." He flipped the page. "Mommy and Daddy are...home! My...little sister is....slee-sleep-sleeping." He turned to the last page. "I love you, Little Sister." Danny stared at the picture of the little boy and his little sister. He was giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"Ziva! Danny!" Tony and Gibbs ran into the waiting room as Danny closed and set down the book.

"Daddy!" Danny hopped down and ran to him. "Did they get their baby yet? Did they?"

Gibbs raised an eyebrow. "Yeah, Tony. Did they get their baby yet?"

Tony smiled, giving his boss a shrug. "I dunno. Let's go see, okay?" He let Gibbs take Danny while he waited for Ziva. "Hey, Sweetcheeks!" He gave her a kiss on the cheek. "What's wrong?"

"When you said that you'd be the one to tell him about the baby, I didn't think you'd tell him that babies were...bought."

Tony smiled and put an arm around her as they both followed Gibbs. "It's the whole American stork story, Zee-Vah. You know, the whole idea that babies are delivered to their parents by a giant stork?"

Ziva shook her head. "Explain later. I have the feeling that it's a lot more complicated than it should be."

Gibbs and Danny had stopped in front of a close room, with Danny's small hand on the knob.

"You ready?" He asked.

"Open it," Gibbs whispered with a nod.

Slowly, Danny opened the door just a crack, peeking inside. He could see his Uncles Timmy and Jimmy, along with his Auntie Abby and Grandpa Ducky.

"There he is!" Abby called from the bed. She waved at him with her free arm. The other was carrying a pink bundle. "C'mere, Danny! You wanna meet your new playmate?"

Anxiously, Danny pushed the door open all the way, walking to the side of the bed. "Pick me up, Uncle Jimmy!" He pleaded, raising his arms.

Jimmy smiled as he lifted Danny, giving him a better view of the sleeping infant in Abby's arm. She looked peaceful, just like the little sleeping baby from the book.

"What's her name?"

"Anna." McGee answered. "Do you like her?"

Danny nodded. "She's real pretty, Uncle Timmy!"

"Just wait 'til she's a teenager," Tony joked.

Everyone in the room laughed except for Danny. He had a serious face on, gazing down at the baby girl.

"What's wrong?" Abby asked.

"I--" Danny scratched his head. "Uncle Timmy? Auntie Abby? I have a...a question."

"What is it?"

Danny hesitated. "Can I...Can I be Anna's big brother?"

Everyone looked at him, surprised. Only Ziva understood why he was asking.

"Please?" He added when no one replied immediately.

Abby and McGee smiled at one another. "Of course you can!" They replied.

"Really?" Danny saw their confirming nods. Happy to have become a big brother, he leaned forward and kissed Anna on the cheek. "I love you, little sister!"


"Uncle Tim?"


"Did they call yet?" Eight-year old Danny walked in front of McGee's desk, carrying three-year old Anna on his back. "My parents...did they call yet?"

McGee shook his head. "Don't worry, Danny. They arrived at the airport nearly an hour ago. They should be here any minute."

Danny nodded. "I know. It's just--"

"Danny!" Anna giggled. "Let's see Gwampa Ducky!" She squirmed until Danny set her down. Happily, she walked around her father's desk to sit on his lap.

Looking at McGee, Danny sighed. "Alright, c'mon."

"Wait." McGee whispered something into his daughter's ear. "Danny, what's wrong?"

"Uncle Tim, you dad...he was in the Navy, right?"

McGee nodded.

"So...he was away from home alot, right?"

McGee suddenly understood. "Oh...this is about your parents, huh?" He gave the boy a sad smile. "Your parents area the best at what they do, Danny. NCIS is lucky to have 'em--"

"I know. But it would be great if I could see them more often, y'know?" Danny asked. "They always hafta leave for missions and out-of-state cases, and then I have to stay at somebody's home." He cut himself off, suddenly feeling guilty. "Don't get me wrong, Uncle Tim, I love staying over with you, Auntie Abby, and Anna, but..."

McGee nodded. "I get it. You don't hafta apologize--"

"I wasn't. Uncle Gibbs says it's a sign of weakness, remember?"

"Not all the time, kiddo."

"Danny!" Anna jumped off of McGee's lap. "Come on! Let's go!"

At that moment, the elevator dinged. Excitedly, Danny glanced over to see both of his parents walk off with Gibbs. He ran over to them, smiling. "Dad! Mom!"

Tony and Ziva pulled their son into a hug.

"I missed you guys!" Danny exclaimed. "How was Los Angeles?"

"It was...okay," Tony ruffled his son's hair. "But not as fun as the vacation to Disney we're gonna go on next week!"

Danny's eyes lit up. "Really? We're going to Disney?!"

Ziva nodded. "Yes. But...Danny? Your father and I need to talk to you about something first."


Mr. and Mrs. DiNozzo couldn't believe they were back in the delivery room. It had been eight years since Ziva had nearly broken Tony's hand when Danny was born, four years since Danny had started school, nine months since they...well...And now, they were back. This time, however, Tony was prepared. He didn't allow his hands to be anywhere near his wife, and instead, he had given Ziva a power-putty ball.

"What is this?!" Ziva demanded.

"A substitute for my hand," Tony explained.

Ziva threw it at him. "You're my husband, Tony! You're supposed to suffer through this with me!"

Nervously, Tony laughed, "Sweetcheeks, that's not fair!"

"Don't you even think about telling me what is and isn't fair!" Ziva snapped.

Smiling innocently, Tony placed a kiss on her cheek. "I love you."

Closing her eyes, Ziva nodded. "I'll love you even more if you can make things go faster!"

Tony got the attention of the closest nurse by him. "Excuse me? When can we get things going here? My wife is getting kinda...you know."

The nurse smiled at him. "Mr. DiNozzo," she began, "this delivery won't be like the last one you both went through. Once my team is done preparing, we can start, okay?"

"I was just asking..."

"I understand." She turned away. "Every parent always acts this way when they're expecting twins--"

"Twins?" Ziva's head shot up. "I'm having ...twins?"

The nurse nodded. "You didn't know?"

"We...wanted...it to be....a surprise," Tony explained, shocked.

Ziva looked at him with a happy face, holding out her hand. "Tony...?" When he took her hand, she squeezed it angrily. "You gave me twins!?!"

"Ow! Ziiiiivvvaa!" Tony felt stupid for taking the bait. He attempted to shake his poor hand loose, but Ziva grabbed him by the shirt collar. "You gave me multiples, Tony!!"

"Ow! How could you not know? They're in your body!" He yelped as Ziva squeezed harder.

"When this is over, Anthony DiNozzo, I'm gonna kill you!" The many nurses pulled her back, trying to calm her down. They pulled Tony's hand free, smiling as he rubbed it.

"Don't worry, Tony," a nurse said. "They say these things all the time. She doesn't really mean it, you know?"

Tony shook his head. "You have no idea."

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