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Chapter: Eleven


Previously on Naruto Akashiya:

"GGGRRAAAAAYYAAHHHHHHHH~!" Naruto roared to the heavens as he clutched the ground making it crack under the pressure. His new blood red eyes glaring at the peaceful sky…

And then…It all stopped.

Naruto collapsed into unconscious bliss, his wounds still healing at a smoky rapid pace.

The viewers of this spectacle quickly gathered him up and walked threw the Death gate once again, Bellatrix had noticed her daughter must of fled.

'I wish you well, Rei…'

Tsukune Aono looked up from his food and stared at one Moka Akashiya. While he was eating, or more like stuffing his face with food. He felt a pair of eyes on him. But they seemed to narrow each time he did a common action. Thus he was surprised to notice his closest friend Moka glaring at him.

"Um, Moka-san is there something wrong?" Tsukune asked, concerned for his friends change of behaviour. Moka seemed to snap out of her glaring trance and gained a sheepish look while giggling Apologetically.

"Ah, sorry Tsukune-kun! I was just having an unpleasant trip down memory lane." Moka explained a tinge of sadness seeping into her voice. Tsukune, Kurumu, Yukari and Mizore, who was eating her lunch under the table, peered at Moka curiously.

"What sort of memory Moka-san?" Tsukune asked sincerely, he didn't want to embarrass her or anything. He just wanted to know her better, a lot better. Moka looked down at her can of Tomato juice, she winced a little as she heard herself think the word 'Juice'.

She poured his Tomato juice into his glass, and buttered his toast for him…He was only two years old and a highly intelligent two year old at that.

Naruto quickly stuffed his mouth full with his toast before reaching out to his juice attempting to pour the juice into his mouth while having his mouth full of toast…

Scratch intelligent, he was just plain old Naru-nii-chan.

"Um, I was just thinking of my siblings." Moka hesitantly explained, not wanting to continue the conversation. Everyone around in hearing range either chocked on or spat out there food in shock.

"YOU HAVE SIBILINGS?!" Kurumu exclaimed in shock, there were more Over kill Moka's out there? How was she suppose to claim Tsukune for herself if there were more people like Moka?

Moka suddenly looked down herself...Down at her Rosary. She always felt Ura's presence inside of herself. But as soon as she mentioned she was thinking of her siblings, she got the impression that the Rosario pulsed and subdued itself.

"Moka! Can you tell us more about your family? It would be interesting desu~" Yukari pushed, wanting to know more about her 'lover'. Moka looked hesitant once again, but one look down at her Rosary made her decide.

'I'm sorry, but you need to forget you 'grudge' Ura...' Moka thought to herself in a steel like voice. She looked up at her friends with her usual soft eyes before starting her explanation.

"I have four siblings, three sisters and one brother--

"Wait! You have a BROTHER?!" Kurumu yelled out, she started imagining what a male version of Moka would look like...Needless to say, she blushed.

Moka quite irked that she was cut off, clamped a hand over her Rosary as it started Pulsing and Thrashing wildly. The ruby in the centre started glowing a hollow blood red. Everyone in the Cafeteria that could feel the pulse of Demonic power, looked towards Moka in shock.

Moka signed, who knew talking about family could cause such a commotion.

'Ura please, stop behaving like this! I know what Kurumu was thinking and I know it displeases you but please...' Moka inwardly begged to her Innerself, who was acting very childishly. Moka regained her composure and continued telling about her personal life.

"Yes I do have a brother, he is the second youngest sibling. Kokoa being the youngest." Moka told them, she was about to go on when suddenly the bell rang signalling it was time for there next class. Moka got up along with her friends and through out her empty can of Tomato juice. Her last thoughts while passing the window down the corridor were...

'Where are you Naruto...?' She asked herself....

((Unknown Location))

"W-what?" A rugged looking man with tattered blonde hair asked shakily. Multiple cuts where all over his body and clothing. His partner was currently on the couch, tied and gagged unable to do anything but watch the scene unfold before him.

Before both of them was a teenager, no it was a the devil incarnate! Blood red eyes, unnaturally silver long hair and fangs! In his hand was a pistol which was aimed directly at the Blonde haired man who was tied to a chair.

"I said, did the person your 'wannabe Mafia organisation' kill, have fangs?" The teen demanded, his voice resembling cold and hard steel, which pierced the minds of his hostages.

"W-w-what?! Fangs?" The blonde exclaimed, was this monster on crack or something? The teen seemed to be getting impatient as he sighed heavily.

"Yes, did he have any kind of looks that resembled mine?" The silver haired teen asked, his eyes getting darker and darker by the minute. The hostage seemed to notice his eyes getting darker and decided to say something that may save his ass.

"W-w-w-what?!" The man asked stupidly once again, he looked about ready to piss himself. His eyes were wide with fear as they stared at both the eyes of his captor and the gun in his captors hand...But for some strange reason. He got the impression his captor could easily kill him without a gun.

"I dare you-, no I triple dare you to say 'What' again!" The teen whispered, a harsh whisper. He didn't have time for this.

The hostage finally decided that it was time to spit the truth out, but maybe if he took a little more time to explain then help could be on the way.

"Well you see, we were just ordered to go and get some chips for the bos- ! -"


"I'm sorry, did I distract you?" The teen asked, his voice void of emotion as he stared down the corpse of the Hostage that was on the couch. The blonde haired man nearly puked all his lunch, after watching his partner get shot in the head by a teenage.

"Now tell me what I want to know, now!...." The teens voice seemed to become demonic as he kicked the man in the chest, allowing him along with the chair to fall on the ground.

"Please I don't know anything! PLEA-!"

"Is my mother a bitch?" The teen asked in boredom.



"Idiot." The teen said to himself as he stared down the man he just shot through the balls. He sighed as he clicked his fingers and a Death Portal appeared behind him. Jumping through he ended up in a lush and lively forest.

'Lets see what is left on my little to do list....' The teen thought to himself as he pulled out an envelop from his ripped jeans. Opening the envelop and pulling out a letter he read what his last assignment was.

It read:

Location: Konohagakure No Sato

Mission: The complete and utter wipe out of the Uchiha Clan.


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