The End

Megatron stood over the edge of a cliff, admiring the vast expanse of the ocean and the sky. The two blues mixed together the further he looked, making it nearly impossible to discern between one and the other.

Ah, how wonderful it was to have a few kliks to himself. To just stand, and not have to think about anything for a change. Did wonders to the CPU.

A thud behind him made him abandon the view, and he turned around. Just in time to catch a glimpse of the four mechs that had depositioned their load at the feet of the outcrop, then turned to hastily leave.

"Ah, Optimus. So nice of you to join me."

Prime lifted his helm, throwing a disbelieving glare at the other. "It was rather difficult for me not to attend, considering you had your troops kidnap me."

Megatron came closer. "I wanted to make certain you came. After all, we all know how busy a schedule you have."

"Yes, but it's consisting mostly of entries like 'Stop Megatron's newest plan' and 'Drink Energon'."

A silver brow-panel twitched at the last part. "And that would be the topic of our discussion."

Optimus blinked. "What discussion?"

"The one we will be having as soon as-" A sound of jet engine coming closer, followed by a thud. "Ah, Prowl. Glad you could make it."

Thundercracker, who had landed next to his leader, smirked at the stasis-cuffed Datsun. "We had to make a little stop on the way. He seemed strangely uncooperative."

A snort.

Prowl growled. "To what purpose did you bring us here?" His servos twitched, wishing he had his gun right now. Or at least a rock he could throw.

"As I have been informed right before your... arrival, Megatron wishes to have a discussion with us." Prime informed his SIC, glancing him over in search of damages from his impromptu 'flight' with the Air Commander.

"A what?"

"I think the question should be 'About what?'." Both Autobots turned their attention back to the Decepticon Overlord. Who was staring at them with the oddest expression of wicked glee they had seen for a while.

Noticing their stares, Thundercracker glanced at his leader, then promptly rolled his optics heavenward with a sigh. "You'll have to give him a moment."

"What is he doing?"

"My guess would be he's basking in the sight of you two tied at his peds."

Prowl blinked. "That's reassuring."

"Old habits die hard, and all that."


Optimus raised an optic-ridge at the interaction, but decided not to intervene. It was so amusing sometimes to watch the two SICs. They were more alike than they liked to think.

After a few kliks, Megatron shook his head, focusing back on his guests. "Where were we?"

"The discussion?" Prime prompted, cutting in before his SIC could say something insulting.

"Ah, yes." The silver mech shared a glanced with the seeker, then sighed, his 'pleasant' smile melting into a serious expression. "I want to discuss a truce."

Thundercracker took the pause that followed to record the expressions of absolute shock/disbelief/"Did I hear that right?!" on the Autobots facial-plates. Warp was gonna love it.

Prowl was the first to gather his thoughts enough to utter them. "You expect us to believe that you want a truce."

"Well, not really a truce." Megatron corrected himself. "More like a permanent truce."

Thundercracker smirked, recording these expressions as well. The Autobots sure were amusing.

"A permanent truce?" Optimus repeated after a moment. It sounded almost too good to be true. "Why, Megatron? Why now?"

The Overlord scowled at the mention of the reason. Still, it was too soon to be revealing weaknesses to the enemy. And the enemy they will remain till he got an answer to a question. "Will you take part in the 'discussion' or not?"

"Of course we will." Optimus smiled behind his mask. He would always give peace a chance, it was in his programming.

Apparently, it wasn't in Prowl's though. "Sir, I must object. It could be a trick."

"Noted. Shall we proceed?"

"Maybe they'd uncuff us first?" The Datsun grumbled.

Megatron blinked, staring at them in that disturbing way again.

Thundercracker sighed. "Give him a moment."