Hey, I know lots of you guy's were against putting it in two parts and I do appreciate what you say but I haven't got that far into the story so I decided to put it into two parts. Hope you guys don't mind. For new people who have just seen this story for this to make any sense you have to read the first part- here is the link: .net/s/4951354/1/Happily_ever_after . This is just a holiday chapter because I got bored but there will be some high drama coming up soon.

P.S Just finished the most amazing book called 'Perfect Chemistry' and it was honestly amazing. Please read it, you won't regret it!

51. Phoenix off the list

Callie POV

"You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off." I said in time with the actor on screen.

"Callie how many times have you seen this?" Jake asked as he carried on running his hands through my hair.

"At least a hundred times." I grinned I loved The Italian Job it had always been a favourite. Jake laughed softly as let my hair fall through his fingers before starting again. It was late on Sunday morning and we were curled up on the sofa with my head in Jake's lap as he played with my hair. I had been living at the Black's for the last couple of days and things were going well. I liked, no I loved the last thing I felt before I went to sleep was Jake's arms around me and the first thing I felt when I woke up being Jake's lips kissing me good morning. I also loved days like this, just lounging around in the living room watching Billy's extensive collection of videos. There were only two down sides- my dreadful cold which had earned me zero sympathy from Paul who said it was my own fault and the reason why I was staying here. I had been doing well in forgetting Jasper (He wasn't my Dad anymore) but it may things kind of awkward with Embry and Tammy- Jasper and Anna were staying together and trying to work through everything and Tammy had no where else to stay seeing as Sue wasn't as lenient as Billy. Although who was? I smiled as I leaned back against Jacob and felt his hot skin against me. I let my hand absentmindedly find its way up his top to the familiar muscles below. I felt the hard packed abs and the scar where his appendix had been taken out when he was eight. Apparently when you turned into a werewolf you kept your old scars, who knew. As my hand wandered further up his top I opened my eyes to see his face, his hands had stopped running through my hair and were instead holding it gently in his big grasp, while his eyes had closed and his face had tilted backwards as his breath came in little gasps. I grinned at the affect one little touch had on him. I let my hand caress him for a little longer before using the material to pull him down so I could kiss him. As the kiss intensified I felt one of his hands move to caress my face and the other moved to the hem of my top before moving back up to my chest. Just as every perfect moment in my life ends I felt a coughing fit coming and had to push Jake off me.

"I'm sick of being ill." I groaned angrily.

"I'm sick of being miserable. I just want a day where we can forget all the crap going on and just have fun." I nodded in agreement and suddenly his eyes lit up and he grabbed his keys off the table. "Dad we're going out!"

"Where are we going?" I asked as he shut the front door.

"Let's just say we're crossing something off the list." He grinned before pushing me towards the car.

"You have no decent music!" I complained as I looked through the CD's in his car which were horrific to ay the least.

"The ones you bought for my birthday are in the back." I reached behind him and put the AAR CD into the CD player. He had one hand on the steering wheel and the other wrapped around me. I felt good with Jake's body close and the wind rushing through my hair from the open window.

"This is going to be perfect." I grinned. "So where we going?"

"You really don't get surprises do you?"

"OH MY GOD! I LOVE YOU!" I screamed as I worked out where we were going- Phoenix! My first city since leaving my home town. He laughed as we cruised towards the huge expanse of buildings. It didn't take long for us to enter the huge city. I was surprised at how such a huge, expansive city could be so close to the beautiful green forests of La Push.

"God I haven't been here in ages. So what should we do first?" Jake asked as we got out of the parked car and stared at the buildings enclosing us.

"Eat!" We said in union before walking towards a huge Italian restaurant just up the road. Jake slung his arm over my shoulder and I snuggled into him to get out of the cold wind. The interior of the restaurant reminded me of the proper Sicilian restaurant we had gone to when we were on holiday in Italy with the bread oven and friendly atmosphere.

"Table for two?" The waitress asked and Jake nodded. Guessing we'd be the no- shameless, teenagers who would make out and give their restaurant a bad name so she put us at a secluded table at the back.

"Anything to drink?"

"Two cokes, please." She nodded and went to get the drinks while we scanned the menu. I felt Jake's hand shamelessly rest on my knee before moving upwards.

"Jacob." I hissed as I batted his hand away.

"I don't know what you're talking about." He laughed before putting his hand right back.

"Yours good?" Jake asked in between mouthfuls of his enormous pizza.

"Immense. Want some?"

"You catch on quick babe!"


"This place is beautiful!" I cried as we walked through the park- with its water lily covered lake and well manicured flower beds.

"This is where I came to try and get away from Bella when she was pregnant. I met this nice girl." I turned in his arms to kiss him.

"You've got me now, everything will be alright." I promised him which made him grin.

"I know babe." He grinned as he kissed me again.

"Today's been perfect." I smiled as once again I was flawed by his romantic gestures. I thought back to one of the Jock's I'd gone out with on a couple of dates- Mason Carter. His idea of romance was asking if I wanted to go to the movie or just make out on his backseat.

"Yeah it has- so what's left on the list? We've done perfect date, hot sex and a trip to Phoenix. So we just have a trip to your Grandparents, a puppy, a hand built car, a shopping trip where you go in all the shops I want and a date at the cinema watching a rom-com."

"You don't have to do any of that stuff." I wondered if the others ever felt like this- our imprints want to give us everything and at times it feels like you can't pay them back.

"I want to."

"Well let me do something for you."

"Just having you with me is enough." I sighed, I felt so inadequate at times. "Cal, come on... we have... lots more parks... to explore... then we can... go back to... the car and I... can show you... what really, really hot sex is." He said in between kissing me.

"That sounds like a brilliant idea." I giggled shamelessly.


I was exhausted after our journey today and I was snuggled in bed as I waited for Jake to come back with the coffee and cake. I lay back on the pillows with the cover pulled right up; it was cold without Jacob's warm body. I had given up wearing anything to bed, it was just too hot. Not that Jake really minded.

"Here we go." Jake put the two boiling cups down on the side before jumping into bed next to me.

"Things have settled down nicely." I grinned as I drank from my cup; I felt more content then I had in a long time.

"Rebecca's coming soon. That should be eventful." He sighed.

"Do you think we'll ever have a normal month?"

"Now why would you wish for anything so boring?" He laughed.