75. Maya

Jacob POV

I was sat in the waiting room for what felt like an age before Jasper joined me; I wondered vaguely why it had taken him so long but the thought didn't take shape as the only thing that mattered to me now was Callie and our baby.

"Jacob, you need to sign this." Jasper whispered softly to me making me look up and try to make my brain focus on Jasper and what he was saying.

"Why, what is it?"

"It makes you her next of kin. I just spoke to the doctors about it." I looked up at him in shock; he had just given me his final parental right over Callie. He saw the look on my face and gave a brief smile. "She would want it to be you, I'm barely getting back into her life but you've been there these past few months. All I ask is that you consult me before you make any major decisions."

"I will and thank you. Thank you so much." I gave him a genuine smile before I signed the document by the cross.

"I called your Dad as well, if you feel anything like I do I think you need him." It was true that I was desperate for my Dad to be here but I had another longing for someone else to be by my side which completely shocked me. I wanted Paul to be here. Over the past few months he had become the big brother I had always wanted and one of my most trusted confidants. We spent the next few minutes in silence before Tammy and Seth came rushing in.

"How is she?" Tammy asked before bursting into tears as Jasper told her what had happened. Seth wrapped her in his arms before sitting down opposite us. The room was deathly silent except for the occasional sob Tammy released.

"Jacob." My Dad's worried voice bought me out of my head and I felt his warm, comfortingly familiar arms engulf me into a hug. "She'll be fine."

"Course she will mate and Blobby will be fine too." Paul's reassuring voice made me smile.

"You're meant to be standing in for me at the wedding."

"There's no need for a best man if there's no wedding." Sam came in and put a hand on my shoulder.

"Sam get back there you've been waiting years to wed her!"

"Yeah and I can wait a few more months but we're family and you need us here. The rest of them will be here soon." I nodded my thanks at him but couldn't say any more as the rest of the pack arrived giving me equally sincere messages of support but I couldn't focus on them; I wanted Callie.

"Jacob Black." Jim appeared in the doorway and motioned for me to come outside but I shook my head, whatever he said to me he could say in front of the others; what Sam had said was true- we were family.

"If you're sure. Callie's womb had ruptured as we feared but we managed to stem the bleeding and a stroke of luck save both Callie and your baby. A beautiful daughter, now she's not out of the woods yet but we're confident. Now she's only twenty seven weeks which makes her very delicate and she's reliant on a ventilator to stay alive but she's one of the biggest and strongest premature babies I've seen so we think she's going to be fine. Callie's still unconscious but she'll make a full recovery."

"Can I see her?" was all I could stutter out. I was a Dad!

"Callie's still unconscious so you can't see her but we can take you to your daughter."

"That's ok; right now my little girl needs me." The words sounded odd coming out of my mouth but I smiled as I said them- Callie had been right, we had our little Maya. "Dad, come with me." I turned to look at him for conformation and he nodded before motioning for me to lead off. Jim led us down the corridor and through a set of doors marked Neonatal unit. He stopped outside one of the rooms and turned to the two of us.

"All the wires might look a little scary but she is doing fine, honestly. Will you be alright if I leave you here there are nurse inside to answer all your questions?" I nodded and entered the room with my Dad close behind. True to his words two nurses were fussing around two incubators, the third was empty.

"You must be Jacob." One of the nurses came over and smiled. "This is your daughter." I looked into the incubator that she pointed too and gasped as I saw my daughter for the first time. I felt an overwhelming feeling of protection as I looked down at her tiny figure; she couldn't have been much bigger then my hand and her tiny heart was beating as quickly as mine but she was still beautiful with tanned skin only slightly lighter then mine and a mop of black hair.

"Hello Maya." I whispered as I put my hand on the glass.

"She's something special." My Dad agreed.

"Maya, that's a pretty name." The nurse smiled and I grinned. "Her Mom chose it a while ago. William for a boy and Maya for a girl."

"She has good taste." The nurse agreed before handing me a photo of my daughter. "You can give it to her when she wakes up. We always take one for the mother; most premature babies are born by caesarean section so their Mom's can't see them but we find a picture's usual better then nothing."

"Thanks, as soon as I can I'll give it to her." I turned from the nurse to look back at my daughter, looking away from her was too hard. I wondered dif this was how Quil felt about Claire- this incredibly protective, fatherly love for the tiny miracle in front of me.

"You can touch her if you like?" The nurse opened one of the four hand sized holes in the incubator. I nodded my thanks before gently putting my hand through and stroking her hand. Her skin felt so soft and warm against mine.

"Your Dad's here, angel and I'm never going to let anyone hurt you."

"I'm so proud of you, Jacob." My Dad lay a hand gently on my free one.

"Say hello to your first Grandchild." I moved out the way and he put his hand through to touch her.

"Hello darling, now you need to get better so we can bring you home." The two of us both had tears glistening in our eyes as we stared down at her.

"Stay with her while I go tell the others, I'll bring Jasper to see her." He nodded and I left, brushing the tears away. I headed out to the neonatal reception area where there was a gift shop; the room had looked so bare and scary that I wanted my daughter to have some kind of comfort when I wasn't there, not that I was planning to leave her much. The gift shop was full of baby stuff with a whole wall devoted to toys. I stood looking at them, trying to find the perfect teddy. Then I saw the perfect teddy. It was a small, pink bear with its name on the left paw- Blobby. I grinned as I handed over seven dollars for my daughter's first toy, I was just leaving when Tim came running towards me.

"Jacob, thank God I found you. Callie's waking up."