Author's Note

Okay, everybody! I'm sorry to say I've lost inspiration for this story. SRMTHFG doesn't air where I live anymore, and thus my interest for it has lessened. :/ I'm really, really sorry. I totally hate it when an author doesn't finish a good story. But I've left Keeping You Near in good hands. One of my good friends and the ultimate Spova fan, Sisy, has agreed to rewrite the story in her version. I gave her all the ideas I had for the entire story, but I encouraged her to change it in her style as she saw fit.

I want every single one of my reviewers to give Sisy feedback on her version of KYN. It would mean the world to both of us! I would totally appreciate it. You guys have been the best reviewers, and if you want to read the rest of the story, you're gonna have to see Sisy. She's posted the prologue of it already, and has done an incredible job of it! Please, please check it out.

Again, I'm so so sorry for this inconvenience. But Spova will forever live on as my number one favorite couple. :D

Take care and God bless!

~Neji and TenTen 4ever