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The team gathered around the large table in the hotel dining room. Austin and Reid had both decided that- since the team barely knew Austin- they would all get together for speculation and profiling. Austin smiled when Reid asked her if it was okay for them to profile her. "Of course,Spencer. I know how protective they are of you. And besides, I have nothing to hide." Reid raised his eyebrows. "Or do I?" Reid couldn't help but smile at Austin's playful mood.

"Let's hope not! I told you more than I've ever told anyone else." Reid kissed her on the lips gently, then stood up. They're going to be here soon- I'm going to go get the drinks." Austin nodded, and Reid left the table.

Of course, just as Reid left, the team scooted into the table seats. "Hi! You must be Austin!" Garcia said cheerfully.

"Yes............ uh......Garcia." She smiled back. "He talks about you guys a lot."

"Let's hope its all positive." Morgan said.

"Trust me, Morgan. You know as well as I do that Spencer doesn't sugar-coat anything." She inwardly giggled at the tales Reid had told her about Morgan- who was like a brother to Reid.

"Hi- its really nice to meet you." Prentiss said

"Thank you, Emily."

''Well,so you're the famous Austin." Will said- who was sitting next to JJ.

"I guess I am, Will." She was suddenly glad that Reid had told her each of his teammates names and- if any- spouses.

"We've heard a lot about you." Rossi said-smiling.

"I've never seen Reid happier than the times when he's with you." Hotch added.

"Spencer really is great,isn't he?" JJ smiled.

"Yeah-I've never met anyone like him." Austin said-her eyes sparkling.

"Drinks." Reid called from behind. Austin smiled, and Reid returned it. He sat down the tray and sat next to Austin. They stared at each other- and Morgan smiled at that. ''It's about time you fell in love,kid." Morgan said-making everyone smile.

"Yeah- I guess it is." Reid said- his eyes never leaving Austin's. The team smiled at that. And from the lack of reaction from Austin,they knew that he had already told her that.

After that, if the team still had any doubt that they weren't perfect together, the were won over by what happened next. Reid grabbed Austin's hand, and pulled her over to a vacant spot in the restaurant. Music started playing, and Reid sung along as they danced.

"Man, I've never seen Reid like this." Prentiss said- smiling at the couple. Garcia nodded.

"I've never seen him in love." she said. The team nodded.

"Austin had to be the best thing that ever happened to that kid." Morgan said.

The team went quiet as they watched the couple dance along to a few more songs- none of them needed to be profilers to see that they were in love.

Suddenly, Reid stopped dancing. He brushed a strand of hair away from Austin's face, and whispered something into her ear. Unfortunately, the team couldn't hear that he had just told her he loved him. She smiled back at him, and whispered it back. Reid cupped her face, and Austin put her hands around his neck.

And they kissed- letting the world around them melt into oblivion............

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