Title: Hidden Destinies

Name: Jules

Rating: PG-15

Disclaimer: Obviously, I don't own any of the characters of Naruto, no matter how much I WISH I did. They belong to Kishimoto Masashi, Shonen Jump, and whomever else owns the series rights….. Eventually there may be a few which are my creations, or any other new characters you may see, I most likely will let you use them though!

Classification: AU, Action/Adventure, Angst, Comedy, MPreg

Summary: The Fourth and Uchihas have agreed that their eldest children shall one day be marry. Itachi takes the protection of his future bride very seriously. How does having someone else to look out for change him? ItaNaru MPreg

Universe: Good Itachi

Archive: Yes please!

Status: Unfinished

Author's notes: I've plotted out several Anime fics over the years, never actually got to the point of writing out the chapters. This one in particular, has been plotted out, so far into the story, it started to get sad that I'd never actually started a real chapter. So I'm posting this prologue, so get things going!

Umm, I am looking for a beta if anyone's interested. The position wouldn't just be editing, but for me to bounce ideas off of, and get opinions on how you think scenes work. Often times I might have two or three possible ways something could be written like, but I'm lost as to which is best, and I need advice! So if your interested, reply, or PM me!

Story notes: I tend to use oni and other youkai animals for ANBU masks. Their exact definition is at the bottom.

Hidden Destinies (need a better title!!!)

By Jules



As far as the jōnin knew, it was an ordinary day in his life, as a shinobi of Konoha. 12-year-old Uchiha Itachi, and his highly trained team, had just returned from a B-level mission, and were in the process of reporting their findings to the great, but elderly hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen, known better by the populace as Sandaimi Hokage. He could have never expected that his entire life as he knew it was about to change….

Itachi was interrupted in his cool reporting of the events, by loud yelling coming from outside the office. The shinobis within tensed up and unconsciously prepared themselves for a fight, looking toward the door. Moments later, the doors burst in and a small body dressed in orange, with blond hair came bursting through the doors.

"Oji-san! I didn't do nothin'! Save me!" cried the bright blur as it dove beneath the hokage's desk, two ANBU at his heals.

"STOP RESISTING YOU LITTLE BEAST!" the Tanuki masked ANBU bellowed, as he approached the office, his mind hazy with frustration and anger.

His partner, the Mujina cringed, knowing the hokage was highly protective of the boy and not a good place to call him names…

A soft "Ahah, stop." from the hokage froze any actions from all sides before violence could occur. With a soft sigh, he bent down and poked his head beneath his great desk. "Young one, come here."

The elderly man reached out for the small boy, making sure to keep a kind visage, so as not to frighten the rightfully wary child. After a short moment, the child scooted forward and held out his arms, allowing himself to be picked up. The hokage set the young boy onto his lap, looking down upon the pouting chubby faced child.

"Naruto, what have you done?" the man questioned, knowing many times, the child had done something to get people worked up, and if the ANBU were involved, it definitely wasn't nothing.

The boy grinned up at his protector, "Haha! Nothing much, honest!"

Itachi felt his inner-self freeze in shock, that face! Those blond locks! It couldn't be though, he was dead! He remembered being informed of his demise five years ago, but there sat the proof in front of him. How could he not have known of his existence though? That he'd survived that awful night, when so much of the village burned around them. Was it possible Uchiha Itachi's intended lived on, the Kyuubi child?

Japanese meanings:

Sandaime Hokage = Third Fire Shadow

Tanuki = Japanese raccoon dog

Mujina = an old Japanese term primarily referring to the badger

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