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They were visiting Midgar when it happened. It was a sort of AVALANCHE reunion that Tifa had organized, which Yuffie was calling a "Cheer Cloud the fuck up" party. The blonde had been acting depressed…again, seeing all his friends usually helped when he was feeling down. This time even Nanaki had made it and Reeve was there with Cait Sith. It really was the whole gang. Which made the situation for Vincent even worse.

Chaos was in heat, yes, in heat. The demon was constantly pestering Vincent to let him out, let him get off, something, anything, he wasn't against begging to get what he needed. Chaos was getting more and more difficult to refuse too; the demon's lust was starting to seep into Vincent's person as well.

At the moment Seventh Heaven was filled with familiar faces, all drinking and having fun, Tifa had even let Yuffie have a drink, despite the fact that the ninja was still underage. Cid and Barret were currently pestering Cloud and trying to get him drunk while Nanaki, Cait and Reeve were laughing at the three. Tifa was taking care of the few other patrons in her bar and Yuffie was pulling Vincent out of the shadows to come socialize with the rest of the group at their booth and table and stop being an "anti-social party pooper." The ninja pushed Vincent into the booth next to Reeve before he could even protest.

"Hello Vincent," said Reeve, smiling at the former Turk. "Decided to join us I see." He added with a chuckle. Vincent only made a noncommittal sound and downed the drink Tifa put in front of him…bad idea.

The alcohol only fueled Chaos and the demon started to make unsavory comments about everyone around.

Vincent was paying mild attention to the one sided conversation that Reeve had started up with him and Chaos decided it was time to bug Vincent.

"Hey Viiiincent, he's not too bad looking, he pulls off the suit look pretty good actually. It would be real fun to just shred that thing off of him, wouldn't it?" Chaos goaded Vincent. The gunman ignored the voice in his head. Sure he had thought about Reeve that way before, but that was a very short-lived crush and he was over that. Cait Sith interrupted his maker and started talking animatedly about something that he, Reeve and Nanaki had been talking about earlier. Reeve was quickly involved with his new conversation; sometimes Vincent swore the man had ADD.

Barret let out a loud barking laugh and Vincent looked up at him. The large man was laughing at Cloud and the swordsman was pouting, obviously Vincent had missed something highly amusing.

"Hey Vince," Chaos started again. The demon's new plan was to goad his host until Vincent could no longer take it and would at the very least let Chaos out to jack off somewhere, the tension was KILLING him. Chaos quickly surveyed Barret, 'Hmm…not really my type' he thought '…or Vincent's for that matter…well…I guess…heh heh, that's it!' If looks were going to be an issue with this one Chaos would play off of Vincent's gun fetish.

"Hey Vincent," he said again. "I know how you like guns, yeah? How about that one." He indicated Barret's gun arm through his connection to Vincent's mind. "I know how you've gotten off on stroking Cerberus before, come on…imagine it. That arm of his is so much bigger. Come on Vincent, all that powerful metal, under your finger tips, come on, I know you like that idea, I can tell you're getting a little flustered."

Vincent was trying very hard to ignore Chaos. It was true; he did have a massive gun fetish. And if he detached the thought of a gun arm from Barret, who was really not even close to his type, it was quite a turn on. He was currently chanting to himself in his head "it's attached to Barret, its attached to Barret, its attached to Barret." To not make his sex-drive go wild. Luckily Tifa became a good distraction as she plopped herself between the gun armed man and Cloud.

Chaos chucked darkly to himself, Vincent was a fool for thinking that Tifa was safe to focus on. The demon knew that, once upon a time in Turk, the gunman had liked women just as much as men. And Tifa was certainly an easy target with that GAINT chest of hers.

"Oh Vincent," he purred. "You think I'll NOT mention that woman's HUGE chest? I know you still like women, even if it's just a little these days. Mmm…if you let me out I would be on her in a second. Come on, you cant tell me you haven't thought about fucking those tits."

Vincent was shifting in his seat. This topic was making him very uncomfortable. He wasn't much into women anymore; his experiences with Lucretia had kind of ruined the thought of a relationship with a woman for him. As such he had mostly stopped thinking about women sexually, and he had never thought of Tifa that way before, but now he couldn't stop thinking about it as Chaos chuckled darkly in his head. He quickly focused his eyes on Cloud's hands that were fiddling with the little green plastic sword from Yuffie's girly drink, the ninja had thrown it at Cloud's head.

"I know you're going to say something terrible and nasty about Cloud but I really don't care, I just need to not think of Tifa like that" Vincent shot an angry mental note at Chaos. The demon was having the time of his life with his torturing of Vincent. The gunman had downed three more drinks and was now on his fifth of the night. It was greatly amusing Chaos.

The demon was excited that Vincent was focusing on one of the easiest targets around. Cloud was the PERFECT uke: young, cute, clueless, innocent. Perfect.

"Oh Vincent, I'm having so much fun with this." Chaos snickered. "Cloud? Really? You want to focus on CLOUD?...bad idea Vinny, bad idea." Chaos was cackling inside Vincent's head and the gunman was getting nervous, but as long as it would take thoughts of Tifa out of his head it was worth it, he reminded himself.

"Mmmm…you can't tell me you don't want to fuck Cloud? Come on Vince, he's the PERFECT uke, perfect. You know he's a screamer, I bet he begs too, I bet he LOVES getting fucked. I bet you we could even tie him up and he would like it. I bet you he pushes back, he'd love having our big cock up in him, come on Vince, don't you wanna fuck the little blonde uke? I bet it would feel amazing."

Vincent shifted in his seat. Well, at least his mind was off of Tifa now. Vincent didn't really top when he was with men, Chaos knew that. But Cloud did kind of have that "please fuck me now" sense about him. The gunman was sure that Cloud had no idea of his uke sex appeal; the blonde most likely also had no idea that Sephiroth had wanted in his pants really badly, while it was obvious to the rest of AVALANCHE. But Chaos's mental imagery was getting to Vincent, now he couldn't get the image of Cloud screaming and begging for him to fuck him out of his head, this was quickly becoming a problem. Being hard in public wasn't really a favorable situation for the gunman and he was quickly getting to full arousal, why he insisted on wearing tight leather pants he had no idea.

Suddenly Cid fell off his chair and the whole group started laughing at the pilot, as he got back up with a series of very colorful swears. Without thinking Vincent looked at Cid and the man sat back on his chair across from the gunman.

"Shit shit shit shit shit shit!" thought Vincent to himself. "Chaos is going to have a field day. Why why why did I have to look at Cid, why?"

Chaos was happy that they had gotten to Cid, the pilot was definitely Vincent's type and the demon was going to take full advantage of that.

"Well Vince," he taunted. "Cid is certainly your type, isn't he? I know you like the manly ones. The strong jaw, some stubble, the way he holds himself."

The second Chaos mentioned Cid being his type, Vincent hid even farther behind his hair and cloak, trying to hide the fact that he was blushing. Cid was more than just his type; he had had a crush on the pilot for a few years now, ever since Meteor actually. And not just any crush, the biggest crush he had had since Lucretia. Something about the gruff pilot made Vincent want to go weak at the knees. He was a little ashamed to admit it but some of his more explicit dreams had been featuring Cid as of late. That thought quickly led him to full on arousal and the gunman's blush deepened.

Chaos was confused at Vincent's reaction at first, but it quickly dawned on him. Vincent, his dark and brooding host, had a crush on Cid, and it seemed like quite a large one at that. The demon grinned evilly to himself, this was way too easy.

"Oh so you have a crush on Highwind do you?" Chaos purred lowly and sinisterly at Vincent. The gunman hid even farther behind his hair and collar. "I bet you've imagined him fucking you haven't you Vince? I know you like it a little rough with guys, bet you've fantasized about him shoving you down and riding you hard, haven't you? You know I bet the pilot would do it too, if you asked real nicely. I bet he fucks pretty good too, huh Vince? I bet you would even suck him wouldn't you? Yeah you'd love that, let him fuck your face huh Vincent? You just wanna be under him, screaming and begging and moaning for him don't you? You just wanna be begging him for more, harder, faster, I can tell Vincent, you want him so badly. Why don't you just tell him Vince, huh?"

Vincent was now hidden completely behind his hair and cloak, his face burning almost as much as his groin. Chaos was an asshole, Vincent decided. Not that he didn't already know that about the demon, but this was solidifying the idea. Flashes of hot and sordid fantasies about Cid pounding him into a mattress or with his cock deep down Vincent's throat were racing across his mind. He needed to get out of there, and soon before someone noticed something, with his luck it would be Yuffie and the small ninja wouldn't keep quiet about it either.

"Hey Vinny, ya ok?" a gruff voice interrupted his thoughts. Cid had noticed his friend was completely hidden and that was never good. Vincent jumped at the sound of his voice and slowly shook his hair to reveal one red eye.

"Uh" said the gunman. "I, um, just think I'm going to go to the bathroom." Vincent got up, hiding his painfully hard erection behind a flourish of his cloak as he made his way to the men's restroom in the Seventh Heaven bar, thankfully it was a one person room and the locks on the door were solid and the dark haired man was soon shut up inside.

"Well that was weird," said Tifa. "Usually Vincent can hold his liquor pretty well." The group all nodded at the statement. Cid nodded, but as the rest of the group went back to their conversations, he was staring at the door that Vincent had just disappeared behind.


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