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Ch 5:

The Highwind had landed in Rocket Town an hour ago, but Cid still hadn't woken Vincent. The gunner was curled up around Cid's pillow; the comforter was bunched up around him. Cid knew the taller man would most likely glare daggers at him maybe even threaten to shoot him if he voiced his thoughts out loud but there was no other way to describe the gunman as he was curled up, other than adorable.

Cid stood leaning against the doorframe, a cigarette smoldering between his lips as he watched the slow rise and fall of Vincent's back under the soft blue comforter. Absentmindedly Cid wondered if when Vincent got up the bedding would smell like him. Cid checked his clock again, it had been a while and Cid was sure Shera would have seen him land. In fact he was surprised the damn woman wasn't already here bugging the hell out of him.

As if on cue, Cid heard a loud and slightly annoyed call of his name, his full name, in fact. 'Shera must be pissed about something.' Cid thought to himself as he sighed and put his cigarette out, closing the door so that Vincent wouldn't be bothered.

Shera was just getting onto the ship as Cid walked out to the deck.

"Where the hell have you been Cid!?" she yelled as the pilot came into her line of sight. "You should have been here hours ago! And then when I see you land and then don't here from you for a whole hour what am I supposed to think!? I thought you were hurt or something Cid, you scared the living shit out of me and…hey wait." Shera stopped in her tirade to look behind Cid at the hallway that held the doors to the other rooms of the Highwind. Cid took a moment to dramatically clear his ears out, the damn woman really had been yelling pretty loudly.

Shera moved to stand in front of the normally open door to the captain's quarters. "Cid," she said, "Why is your door closed?"

Cid nervously scratched the back of his head and chewed on the unlit cigarette in his mouth.

"Didn't want to wake up Vin." He mumbled as a bit of color came to his cheeks and he braced himself, the woman was gonna squeal with delight, he just knew it.

"REALLY!?" Shera squealed as she threw her arms around Cid's neck "You finally did it!! Oh I'm so happy Cid!" she pulled back and looked at him seriously "Now I don't have to hear you complain about how there's no hot guys in the surrounding area and have to deal with you bringing every guy with long black hair that comes through town home with you. Seriously it was getting to be a little silly. So you be a good boy, Cidney Marion Highwind, and don't fuck this up."

"Holy Hell Shera I get it, I get it!" Cid said as he removed himself from his long time friend and steered her away from the closed door. "And if you keep talking this loud you're gonna wake him up! Shit, woman, you don't yell next to the door of a room with a sleeping Vincent in it, he really isn't a morning person. Now unless you got anything else to talk to me about get off my goddamn ship!"

"Hmph!" Shera turned and glared at Cid and poking him in the chest said "You wouldn't have this goddamn ship if I hadn't found that fucking engine you were looking for, so don't you dare try and kick me off. And besides I'm your best friend and the only person who can stand you for more than a twenty-minute period so it's not nice to kick me off. Also, you're out of sugar, I needed it."

Cid glared at her. "Is that all?" he asked and she nodded. Both of them settled into more relaxed postures. "You better buy me some more fucking sugar Shera, cause I ain't paying for it if you used it ok?" she nodded.

"Alright Cid, I'll leave you and lover boy alone but you better come by with him and say 'hi' in the next few days before you leave again ok?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah ok I get it woman. We'll come by at some point, now go the hell away!"

Ten minutes later Shera was on her way to the store for sugar and then back home and Cid was again watching Vincent sleep. The other man had curled up even farther under Cid's bedding; only the top of his head was poking out from under them. Cid sighed, well it was time to wake the other man up, he guessed, they had to get home at some point, and Cid was starting to get hungry and not for the crap that he could cook in his tiny ship's kitchen, he loved his ship and all, but the food was terrible.

Cid sat down on the bed and pulled the covers away from Vincent's head, the taller man made a small noise of complaint and buried his face in the pillow he had a death grip on. Cid ran his hand through Vincent's hair, amazed that he actually HAD done it, he had been so sure it would never happen. He had resigned himself to the fact that he was probably going to have to settle for someone far less beautiful than Vincent and, well, someone who just wasn't Vincent. As Cid caressed the soft black hair Vincent started to stir and slowly one sleep drowsy mako red eye opened and then the other to blink blearily at Cid as the pilot grinned down at Vincent.

"Mornin' sleepy head, although it is evening, but whatever. Sleep well?" Cid asked as he dropped his hand from Vincent's head and the gunman sat up, the blankets falling off his torso to pool in his lap and show off his naked chest. There was a very dark love bite on Vincent's neck and Cid found he had a hard time not grinning like an idiot when he saw it, knowing that he had caused it.

Vincent ran a hand over his face, trying to wake himself up. He had actually been having a very peaceful sleep, no nightmares, not even that weird reoccurring one where he was torn into tiny pieces by an evil moogle army of doom that couldn't be killed by bullets or any other means of easy access to him.

"So did ya NOT sleep well?" Cid asked, a little worry on his face. Oh that's right Cid had asked him a question. Vincent shook his head.

"No, I slept very well, in fact. Um, are we………home?" the word felt weird on Vincent's tongue, when was the last time he actually had a place he called home, even when in TURK he hadn't really considered his crappy apartment to be "home" it was just his living space, he realized that he must have been a child the last time he had a home and that was almost 50 years ago. He smiled a little in spite of himself.

Cid grinned at Vincent and leaned in to kiss the gunner. The kiss stayed chaste and Cid pulled away after a few minutes but kept his hand buried in Vincent's hair.

"Tell me this ain't a dream Vince. Yer so goddamn pretty what the fuck have I done right to deserve this?"

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Vincent hid behind his hair and blushed, mumbling that it wasn't a dream, turning his face to hide in Cid's hand. Vincent realized that for the first time he was actually allowed to feel the work roughened palm of the pilot's hand and he unconsciously nuzzled Cid's palm.

The pilot grinned; did Vincent realize how CUTE he was being? Seriously he was being cuter than an overly affectionate baby Chocobo and that was quite a bit hard to out do in cuteness.

Cid sighed. "Vince, no matter how much I would like to just stay here and snuggle with ya all day my stomach begs to differ and the ship isn't really the best place to make food, as I'm sure you know already from the crappy cooking you've had on here before, lets get home and see if we cant convince Shera to cook us something that doesn't taste like burnt feet."

Vincent laughed at Cid's description of his own cooking, the only thing the pilot could make without completely destroying it was scrambled eggs and toast, and even then, sometimes the toast was burnt.

Twenty minutes later a fully dressed Vincent and Cid left the Highwind on the way "home"

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