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Chapter 4

Waiting for the plane trip to end was nerve wracking. I was busting to get to Spokane and bring back Rose and the others. I knew that I was not alone in wondering if the kids were safe or not.

We were about 15 minutes into the plane trip when I got a phone call. All the guardians looked at me as if to say 'Who the hell is calling?' and I was lost as to know who. Suddenly my heart skipped a beat. Could it be one of the students? And more importantly, could it be Rose?

With all the guardians watching me, I pulled my phone out of my pocket and answered. 'Belikov.' I said.

'G-gaurdian Belikov?' the clearly startled, but unmistakeable voice of Christian Ozera answered me.

I immediately hit the speaker-phone button and ushered the guardians to crowd around.

'Christian where are you?' I asked calmly. Using demands and yelling would not get us anywhere.

'We're in Spokane and—' he started to say, but at that moment a cry filled with pain came from the distance, from a voice I'd know anywhere, and then three other voices yelled 'Rose!'

I knew instantly something was wrong. Rose was in pain and Christian was clearly freaking out.

'Mason! Where are you going? Rose can handle her shit!' Christian said, but he sounded unsure.

'Christian, what's—' I tried to ask but got cut off.

'No Mason! Don't go back in there!' a girl's voice said frantically—it was Mia.

'Oh no. This is so not good.' Christian said.

'What the hell is going on?' Janine asked in a frustrated voice.

'We—' Christian started to say but stopped. I knew why. About five gunshots had been fired.

'Oh, God. What's going on?' Mia asked.

'Are you in a safe area?' I asked. I had to make sure the Moroi were safe before worrying about what Rose and Mason were doing. The come first.

'Don't touch him!' a loud shriek came from the distance and I knew instantly it was Rose. Don't touch who?

'Christian, what are we going to do?' Mia asked frantically.

'You are going to stay where you are.' Alberta answered, voice hard.

'Oh God, I hope they're okay—Mia no!' Christian said. 'Stay away from the door! Oh crap, we are so dead.' He was truly freaked now.

'Mr Ozera, if you don't tell us what is going on right now I will—' Alberta started, but fell silent when the sound of shattering glass erupted in the distance.

'Mia what's going on?' Christian asked.

No answer.

'Mia?' I could hear that Christian was moving because the phone was starting to make sounds like a microphone being shaken.

Mia still wasn't answering.

'I am going to make you—' a snarling, feminine voice i didn't recognise started to say but was cut.

'Suffer, pay, regret I was born?' Rose said, not sounding at all like herself.

The voices were muffled, as if they were coming from far away. Christian was probably further away from the door than Mia was.

'What is going on Mia?' Christian was practically whispering.

Mia started screaming. She sounded terrified.

'Why are you screaming?' a new voice asked.

'Eddie, now is not a good time. Go sit back down.' Christian said softly.

'Okay.' Eddie answered. His voice sounded dreamy. What the hell?

'What's wrong with Eddie?' I asked.

'The Strigoi fed off him and he's a little...out of it.' Christian answered.

'Rose! Rose, Rose. Rose!' Mia was screaming Rose's name. 'Rose, he's dead!'

My stomach dropped. Someone was dead. But who? A Strigoi? Or a student?

'Mia? Who's dead? Why are you going back inside?' Christian's voice was worrying me. I'd never heard a teenage boy like Christian sound so scared.

'Did somebody die?' Eddie asked.

'I don't know Eddie.' Christian answered.

'Mr Ozera. Please tell us what is going on.' Janine said firmly. 'Is Rose okay?' her voice held the slightest amount of terror for Rose. She was truly worried about her daughter.

'I don't know—'

'Get out!' Rose's voice screamed. 'Get out and leave us alone!'

'Holy, crap.' Christian muttered.

A few more seconds passed and footsteps could be faintly heard getting closer to the phone. Running footsteps.

'Christian. Oh God, Christian they're dead.' Mia's voice was trembling.

'Who's dead Mia? Is Rose okay?' Christian asked, frantically.

'Don't go in there.' Mia sounded very shaken. 'There is something seriously wrong with Rose.'

Oh, no. What was wrong with Rose? I hoped whatever it was wasn't serious.

'Don't cry Mia.' Eddie said and I realised there were faint sobbing noises coming from who I assumed was Mia. 'It's okay.'

I think everyone was beyond trying to get the story out of them now.

'Christian, will you please tell us where you are?' Alberta asked.

Christian gave us the address of where they were and as soon as the plane landed everyone rushed off to find them. It didn't take long. Mia, Eddie and Christian were sitting on the step outside of the house.

Me and Janine ran straight up to them.

'Where's Mason and Rose?' I asked. I needed to hear that she was okay.

'Mason's dead.' Mia said. 'And Rose won't come out.'

Everyone started to swarm inside. Blood was everywhere and there was shattered pieces of glass covering the floor off to the side and two dead bodies lay close to each other. Headless bodies. But all I could see was Rose. She was huddled over the body of Mason Ashford. She was clutching at a sword as if her life depended on it. Then I realised that a while ago it did.

She leapt up and held the sword out in front of her. I hardly recognised her. This wasn't the woman – I wouldn't think of her as a girl anymore, she had clearly just killed two Strigoi and was more mature than any other 17 year old I knew – I had fallen in love with. Her face was terrified but determined. She couldn't see us. We were just a threat to her. A threat she had to protect people from.

'Stay back.' She warned in a dangerous voice. 'Stay away from him.'

Everyone kept coming toward her, myself included. I needed to get to her. To hold her in my arms.

'Stay back!' she yelled. Everyone froze, not expecting her reaction. I kept going towards her.

'Rose,' I told her softly. 'Drop the sword.'

Her hands shook. She swallowed. 'Get away from us.'


Slowly, her eyes became more focused. I could see a bit of the Rose I knew. Her eyes rested on me.

'It's okay.' I told her, I wished she didn't have to go through this. She was so young. 'Everything's going to be okay. You can drop the sword.'

Her hands were shaking so hard that I thought she'd loose her grip on it. She didn't though. 'I can't.' Her voice was pained and it broke my heart to see her like this. 'I can't leave him alone. I have to protect him.'

Words that were drilled into her head since the day she could a walk. Always protect them. They come first. Mason wasn't a Moroi, but Rose's first instinct would be to protect him. 'You have.' I told her.

The sword fell to the ground with a loud clatter and the room relaxed. Rose collapsed onto all fours. I walked up to her and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her up.

I tried tugging her towards the door but she wouldn't budge. I smoothed her hair back and whispered reassuring things to her in Russian. Her hands clung to my shirt but I didn't mind that she was crinkling the fabric. The guardians were examining the room but I stayed where I was, holding Roza. Some of the guardians made comments about the room.

'She did that? Both of them?'

'That sword hasn't been sharpened in years!'

A funny sound caught in Rose's throat. Their conversations were scaring her.

'Get her out of here Belikov.' Janine said.

'Come on Roza. It's time to go.' I said, squeezing her shoulder and pulling her towards the doorway.

This time, she went with me.

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