Okay, I thought this story up since I was listening to 'Cendrillon' by Hatsune Miku and Kaito. Cendrillon is French for Cinderella. And it has a certain twist in the song, so a certain twist in the story. I wanted to make it a Blossom and Brick story, but I noticed...I haven't done a Bubbles and Boomer story (GASP). Besides, it's more dramatic with Bubbles and Boomer, since they are such a cute couple.

It must be nice...

Once a year, it happened. She sat there, watching her step sisters rip through the envelope. It was quiet in her little room. Not much larger than a walk in closet, she sat in her dirty rags as she held a small rag doll in a red gown with white lace gloves and black hair. The young girl looked up with blue eyes when her stepfather came sauntering in, liqour on his breath. Uh oh…

"Bubbles, you got ready?" He asked in a slurred voice. She gulped. The man smiled a weird, lovestruck smile and wobbled over to her. Just then, she got up and backed away.

"D-do you have to?" He had done some stupid, drunk things, but never had he asked this. Bubbles backed up next to an old clay vase and hid it behind her back.

"PAPA!!!" One of the girls called out to him. Her stepfather stopped and went out, grumbling about how he never got any time to himself.

NOW!! Bubbles grabbed her rag doll and ran out of her room, scared. She headed for one of the sisters, smiling a fake smile. "Mina, how may I help you?" Bubbles asked. The girl looked at her with distaste. She had long brown hair, grey eyes, and a pale face. Her skin looked like it was glued to her face. She pointed at her red dress with rubies and white lace and a few rips.

"Fix my good dress. I want it perfect. Now, I WILL get the heart of his majesty!" Bubbles smiled as she took the dress up in her arms and set to start. Her mother had died when she was ten years old and she had been put to work by her stepfather and stepsisters. One was Mina, who was the smallest and oldest. And probably the meanest. She thought the world revolved around her. It was very easy to make her mad and have her through a tantrum. The other was Jenna, who was the nicest, but also kind of mean. She liked to order Bubbles around, maybe because she never ordered anyone around before. Her stepfather was a drunk, who still made some money to keep servants around. Bubbles ran around, cleaning and mending clothes. Bubbles wondered what it was like to go to a ball, her stepsisters went all the time.

It must be nice...

"Prince Boomer! Prince Boomer, stop that and come down from there!!" Prince Boomer sighed and looked down at his butler/caretaker/'babysitter', Andrew. He was at the bottom of the tree, looking frantic. Boomer rolled his electric blue eyes and looked back up at the sky, thinking. "Your Highness, if you get hurt, I'll get hurt too!!"

"Is that it? I thought you just worried over me." Boomer laughed. His golden bangs hung in front of his head (uncut, even though his mother insisted on a haircut).

"We need to fit you for your new suit." Boomer rolled his eyes again and climbed down. He went reluctantly towards the castle and into the ballroom, watching the decorations for his ball go up. It was all just a scheme. All the balls since he was five had been to get him attatched to one of the local eligable women so he could marry them. "Your Highness, if you please?" Andrew led him to the dressmaker's room and they began to size him up when his mother came in.

"Oh, Darling, I have the perfect news!"

"You're calling off this ball?"

"Don't be silly! We just recieved word from the Kingdom of Aleka. Their princess accepts our invitation and will be coming. I'm sure you will just love her! Aren't you excited, my Wonder?"

"Mother...you know I hate these things. It's boring and I have to dance with every girl in the whole ball, young and old!!! How exhausting. Some talk nonstop, some don't talk at all, and some just get on my nerves."

"Somehow, I know you will find her this year." His mother said.

"You say that EVERY YEAR! Call it off!" His mother was silent. Boomer had gotten his blonde hair from his father. His mother gave him the startling blue eyes. And she was silent. And began whimpering. "Mom...don't do this again..."

"Oh!! Andrew, get me my chocolates!!" The Queen cried. Andrew nodded and rushed out hastily. The Queen let out a wail.

"Mom...Mom...stop it...are you five...? Mother...grrrr..." Boomer groaned. "Fine! I'll go to the stupid ball..." The Queen smiled at him. "That was quick."

"Oh you Wonderous child! Always thinking of your poor mother's nerves! Isn't he just divine, everyone!!" The servants clapped for their prince. Boomer sighed when his mother left. He thought about how it must be to be a commoner. To do what you like, when you like, not having to get all fancy and dressed up and...to just be normal.

It must be nice...