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Bubbles stood, looking at her puffy blue dress, waving her fan back and forth, mesmerized by the way the sapphires had shimmered and glistened because of the movement. "Blossom, do you think Lord Blare and Bell are okay? It's just shocking that they would ever run away."

"Lord Blare's parents are horrible proud. We think it shall be their downfall. Maybe the loss of their only child and heir to their money is their punishment." Blossom said, powdering her face lightly. "I'm sure they're fine. They must be together and when they are, their happiness is enough to make any king or queen rock with envy for their passion and lust for each other. I remember when Lord Blare first came to the palace and Bell saw him, once they were alone, Bell asked me to guard the door and tell them when someone was going to coming. I walked out and once the door shut, I heard whispers of endearment and passion…after that I wished and prayed every night for a romance like theirs."

"And now you may get it."

"Oh, Princess, I have no clue what you are talking about…"

"Don't think I didn't see you two, sitting together." Bubbles teased, giggling at the redhead's flushed face. "What were you two talking about that was so secret? Tell me!"

"Oh, I promised him I wouldn't announce it to even you until he settles it with someone…" Blossom said.

"Well, you are one of my new ladies-in-waiting, so you must trust me…" Blossom pouted and gave her pleading eyes. "Oh, fine, I'll find out with everyone else. I just hope it's important enough to keep ME out of."

"Thank you, Princess. That means a lot to me." Blossom walked down with her to see Boomer and Lord Brick standing there, waiting. Lord Brick's eyes practically popped out of his head when he saw Blossom. She wore a pink gown with her hair down in curls and a small ribbon tied in the back of her hair. "Wow, you look…you look…" She blushed and smiled at him, taking his arm.

"Thank you…" They walked ahead, leaving the princess and prince alone for a bit.

Bell and Lord Blare rushed down the castle hallway to run into Lord Butch and Buttercup. Lord Butch was boasting in an attempt to impress Buttercup while she thought back to when she was working…it had been quiet. "Butch, Buttercup, we have a problem."

"Blare, there you are. Everyone said you ran off."

"Where have you two been?"

"Not important. Everyone's lives are now endangered."

"How so?"

"It's Edward's sister, Olivia, she hired Charles LaBeravones to poison the bread that's to be served at dinner tonight! It's going to kill everyone!" Lord Butch and Buttercup stared at them in disbelief. "Would you put it past her? She was very close to Edward, Charles LaBeravones is one of his followers, and they did receive death notes, didn't they?"

"Good point! We have to get to that feast!! Blare, there's an extra suit in my room and Bell, there should be another dress with the princess if you can convince her to help. Buttercup and I will stall them." They rushed to get ready while Butch and Buttercup ran to get to the dining hall. Then they ran into Lord Brick and Blossom, whom also ran down the hallway.

"Princess, we have a problem."

As they all sat, they tried to mask their anxiety. They had told Prince Boomer and Princess Bubbles and they didn't eat much, scared for what else could have been poisoned. The other guests laughed and joked and argued while eating. Blare was being fussed over by his parents, whom tried to ignore the fact that Bell was sitting with him. "Blare, how could you just run away from us? What have we done to deserve such a scandal?" His mother whined.

"It's a good thing you came to your wits, your mother almost had a heart attack."

"I'm also surprised that you would take a maid with you, very good thinking. You still need a servant and such." Bell tried her best not to sigh and Lord Blare took her hand under the table and squeezed it. Bubbles sat, watching the next course be brought out.

"All these courses are such nice things. Chef has really outdone himself tonight." The Queen giggled. "Isn't that right, Boomer?"

"Yes, Mother." She noticed his plate was untouched and so was Bubbles.

"Why, Sweethearts, you haven't even touched your food. Is something wrong?"

"Ummm…gee, when is that bread coming out?" Boomer asked.

"Should be in a few minutes."

"Oh…" Bubbles tapped his shoulder and leaned over.

"What are we going to do when it comes?"

"Okay, we need a distraction. I just don't know what…" Bubbles thought and came up with an idea.

The bread came out and it was golden brown with a honey looking glaze to it. They set it on the table and the Queen (since she's the highest of authority) reached for the knife first and cut herself a piece. Bubbles began to lower her eyes and gasp, fainting. "Bubbles?! Bubbles wake up!! Oh, someone get a doctor here quick!!" Lady Olivia, who was on the other side (and didn't see if she had eaten any bread yet), smirked. Her first victim was the person who failed her brother.

"Someone grab that bread!" Brick ordered and Butch shot up, snatched it, and threw it into the fire, causing it to blaze even larger for a moment.

"What in the world!?" Olivia shouted, angry.

"Grab her!!" Bubbles shot up and ordered, pointing at Olivia. She began to run and got to the window.

"You will never capture me!! The VanComerans are always free and will always be the rightful rulers!! You are nothing but trash!!!" She had a crazy gleam in her eye. She smashed threw the window and plummeted to her death. They all gathered around to see the bloody mass that didn't even resemble her anymore.

"Would someone mind explaining why Lady Olivia VanComeran just jumped to her death and why Butch just threw our bread into the fire??" The Queen asked.

"Well, your Majesty, she had paid a boy named Charles LaBeravones to poison the bread so that it would kill you, Prince Boomer, Princess Bubbles, and all the high aristocrats and then her family would gain power and wealth. That's what Edward meant when he said that Prince Boomer would break bread with him." Blare explained.

"…So, you just rescued all of our lives…Oh, how can I thank you?" She was teary eyed.

"I have an idea…"

Weeks later, six people stood at the alter, smiling proudly. Princess Bubbles and Prince Boomer clapped happily for their friends. They rushed out, laughing and smiling for they had finally married their loved ones. Princess Bubbles grinned at Prince Boomer. "What is it?"

"Somehow I knew they would be a great couple. All of them."

"We are too…" he grabbed her gently and kissed his wife passionately.

The End…

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