Author's Note: I thought Genesis was a bit neglected in the non-yaoi story department so I decided to randomly pair him with Aeris. I also thought it would be interesting if he had a dark side just like Sephiroth. Actually, I think it's quite obvious from the game that he has.

Disclaimer: I do not own Genesis, Aeris or anything associated with FF. They all belong to SquareEnix. *sniff sniff*

He left the headquarters in a hurry, anger still visible in his glowing blue mako eyes. It was late at night but he didn't care. He needed to let some steam out. He started walking down the street in an increasingly fast pace, throwing obscenities in the air whilst gathering a few odd and scared looks on the way. "How dare he make fun of me, of my abilities" he fumed, as a deep frown formed on his delicate features giving him a rather dangerous look that could make anyone passing him by become alerted to his not so pure intentions.

Sephiroth, the jewel of Shinra, his archenemy; he almost laughed. It should be him, Genesis, who should be revered; it should be him who should be idolised. He should be the Hero! Not Sephiroth! He let the last thought escape his mouth in a loud strong cry, not caring who would listen to him.

Sephiroth... His name left a bitter aftertaste on his mouth. Oh how he loathed him, he thought, clenching his fists so tightly they almost drew blood if it wasn't for his favourite red leather gloves.

He was wrong to think that some fresh air would calm him down. In fact he felt as if this aimless wandering had the opposite effect. The anger intensified, burning his insides with an unbearable fire. The faster he walked the more fury he felt surfacing from his inner core. He needed some release. He really could kill someone right now, he thought and smirked. The only thing he needed was an excuse. A wrong look was all he asked for. If he would not kill them, then he would at least make them suffer some serious damage, like a broken head, or a few missing limps. He smirked; that would do the trick, he mused, eyes looking around now searching for an available victim. He just begged for the opportunity, should it arise.

He was out of luck though. Anywhere he turned, the streets in the slums were deserted, as if they could sense him coming and they had all fled away. Genesis cursed through his teeth.

The whole world was against him, he thought. And with that he stopped and forced his curled fist through the window of an abandoned car, breaking its glass into a myriad of pieces, its loud impact echoing in the empty street. The action brought an intense pain on his arm as the shattered fragments pierced through his skin, but he pushed all feelings of discomfort aside and continued his endless wandering around the dark alleys of the slums. Until he reached a crossroads; he stopped momentarily under a streetlight, the light illuminating his auburn hair and red coat, giving him an almost surreal demonic appearance. He was trying to gather his thoughts when a nauseatingly sweet but mesmerised voice interrupted him.

"Excuse me sir," the voice said, and Genesis swiftly turned around to the side to find the source of his annoyance. What he encountered was the image of a young woman holding a basket with flowers. If he wasn't occupied with such a burning anger he would be surprised by the fact of what a beautiful innocent-looking girl was doing so late in such a dangerous area.

"Excuse me sir," the girl repeated, but a bit more shakily this time. "You're bleeding" she said pointing her index finger towards the man's injured arm. He was rather handsome she had to admit, and quite possibly a SOLDIER, she thought, judging from his uniform and mako eyes. She instantly regretted talking to him though; her instinct told her to run away as fast as she could, but she still stood her ground. "Stupid Aeris", she scolded herself. "You've just made yourself vulnerable again! You should have stayed silent! And you should know by now that bleeding men in dark alleys are not exactly the type to approach, let alone talk to."

They both stood silent staring each other for a few moments. Genesis finally glanced down towards his arm noticing a few blood droplets sliding down his sleeve reaching the tips of his gloved fingers before eventually dropping silently on the ground. He then let his eyes travel upwards again towards the girl. He couldn't help but smirk at the pleasant sight. She was afraid. The girl noticing his changed facial expression had already started taking a few steps backwards. Genesis watched her backtrack and an even wider but still evil smile formed on his lips. She was leading herself into a dead end. All the better for him, he mused.

"What's your name girl?" he decided to play with her for a while.

The girl surprisingly looked him straight in the eyes and answered.

"Aeris, sir."

"Hi Aeris, I'm Genesis," the red-haired man replied in a smooth melodic voice, as he took a few more steps towards her direction - closing the gap slowly but steadily.

"Don't you know that it's really dangerous for a young and defenceless girl like you to be out here so late?" Genesis said making a graceful gesture with his uninjured hand to indicate his surroundings.

"I know how to take care of myself, sir," Aeris said, fear betrayed by her trembling voice. She bit her lip. "I've lived around here for a long time, since I was a little kid. I know the area quite well...sir" Aeris said in a failed attempt to hide her nervousness.

"Please... just call me Genesis," the stranger interrupted, as he progressed towards her increasingly trembling figure.

"OK... Genesis," Aeris replied in an unsteady voice, taking a few more steps backwards until her back hit something hard, a wall, Aeris realised and gulped. Her throat suddenly felt really dry. Maybe her luck had run out after all.

"So, do you think it is wise walking by yourself at night? All alone?" he emphasised the last word.

"You never know who you might encounter," he continued . "Someone... dangerous perhaps".

Someone... like me, he inwardly pondered to himself.

Genesis took the last few steps that separated himself from Aeris. The flower girl gasped as she realised she had literally managed to trap herself into a corner. She cursed herself. She should have waited for one of her friends to walk her home. Maybe then she wouldn't have found herself in this situation - again. It had happened a few times in the past, too, but she had always managed to escape. "Mostly by sheer luck", she considered. Since then she was always careful around people in these areas, either by being in the company of people she knew and trusted, or by leaving her church before nightfall. But this time Minerva was not on her side, she thought, her eyes getting wetter.

Aeris watched him close the last remaining inches of the little precious private space she still had available. She shivered when after daring to take a quick glance upwards she saw him towering over her. He was quite tall; she barely reached his shoulder, she realised. Not to mention he looked quite muscular. Aeris shot a few quick glances around her. Not even a chance of an escape route, she thought in desperation and closed her eyes as tightly as she could.

She let out a loud gasp when she felt a gloved hand tracing her face starting at her forehead and gliding downwards towards her chin. She refused to let her eyes open.

"Oh Aeris... Oh silly silly little Aeris," she heard him whisper in her ear, his hot breath sending shivers down her spine all the while the tips of his hair tingling her cheeks.

"Now what have you got yourself into?"