Well, here we are!!! Chappie numero uno for my story!!!! Since it is October 25, me and my friends are celebrating Seto Kaiba's birthday with cake, money, and duels!!! My evil twin with a southern accent, Alec, also brought his gravity-defying-trench-coat-of-doom!!!!!!!! Yay for Kaiba!!!!!!!


Seto walked out of his office at about 1 o'clock, finally done with his work. He looked around but didn't find a certain blonde puppy in any of his usual places.

"Seto!" Mokuba called from downstairs. "Come on!"

The young billionaire checked his room once more before walking downstairs.

"Happy birthday, Kaiba!" Yugi exclaimed happily, his arms wrapped tightly around Yami's waist.

"What are you so worked up about?" Duke asked.

"I can't find Joey," Seto admitted, not noticing as Bakura and Marik grinned evilly at one another.

"So, Wheeler's finally left you, huh?" Bakura asked, the evil grin still plastered on his face.

"Seto, your presents are in the kitchen," Mokuba said, tugging lightly on his brother's shirt.

"Not ours," Marik interrupted. "Bakura and I left you something just inside your room. Have fun." Before Seto could ask, everyone left.

Seto groaned slightly and started walking upstairs to his bedroom, slightly afraid to see what the two Egyptians had gotten him. He brought the large box just inside his door to his bed, grabbing the card tied to the big silver bow on top.

We joined forces, priest, to give you a puppy for your birthday.

We know you'll love him, you always have. Good luck.

-Bakura and Marik

Seto was getting more and more curious as he tore through the wrapping paper. Prying open the top of the box, a figure fell out, landing on Seto's blue comforter. The sight of his present almost made the brunette come right then and there. Joey was lying on his comforter, stark naked save for the dog ears on his head and the dog tail tied around his waist. His hands were pulled behind his back with handcuffs and duct tape covered his mouth, a white cloth over his eyes. Looking in the box again, Seto saw a couple tubes of lube, a vibrator, and a cock ring. Smirking, he ripped the duct tape off Joey's mouth, kissing him before the blonde could say something.

"Oh, yes," Seto thought, slipping his tongue into his puppy's mouth, "a good birthday, indeed."