Just a short litte drabble-ish piece. I tried to get in Michelle's head here, I like her character. Hope you enjoy!

"I'd do anything for you, Capell," Michelle intoned breathily, her voice a sensual purr.

When Capell asked, she obeyed. She swayed over, pink and brown fabric of her robes spilling and roiling over her pale houglass figure as magic danced with electric pulses across her fingertips, hovering over pages yellowed with age, written upon with faded black ink. With goggles perched atop her forehead, a girlish gait, and soft brown hair secured firmly in a ponytail, Michelle did not cut a very intimidating figure.

She was not a confrontational person for the most part. (A fact that Capell rejoiced for, vocally, but regretted instantly as Aya struck him angrily with fuming vengeance.)

She hated fighting, (Especially birds. with their beady little eyes, blunt beaks, wing spans that blocked the sun, trilling, harsh cries get them away from me!) and would much rather spend the day concocting tea recipes.

But when Capell needed her, those parts of her vanished. The new Michelle was not hesitant to shield her allies in shards of ever spinning paper, fling sharpened pages from her books at oncoming foes, or summon an energy wave that was capable of flooring the most powerful ogre.

When Capell asked "Can you help out?" she crushed heads with asteroids.

When Capell asked "Mind helping out?" she tore apart monsters with a glowing vortex. Ice formed, glittering, and shattered upon unwary targets, crushing them. Lightning bolts, white hot and glistening, surged forth as she snapped the grimoire shut. She entrenched them in venomous water, tore them in half with an explosive beam, vaporized them with heavenly rays brighter than the sun.

When screams of pain reached her ears she healed cuts, mended broken bones, soothed burns and chills. But that was only when Capell asked. With boyish naiveté and charm, he would cock his head to the side and request "Can you heal them?"

Capell asked, never ordered.

Michelle wondered when she had become better at killing things instead of saving them.