How was Suigetsu suppose to explain this to Sasuke? It was kind of hard to just go up and flat out tell him, but he needed to. So Suigetsu caught up with Sasuke who was walking ahead and avoiding Karin's attempts to seduce him. The raven's eyes shifted to the other male eyebrow in the air.

"What?" He asked not liking the look on Suigetsu's face. Suigetsu grinned and rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

"Well...ummm I kind of..."

"You kind of what?" Sasuke asked impatiently. Suigetsu's grin widened making Sasuke uncomfortable. He continued to glare at the shark boy in annoyance wondering why the hell he had this idiot team in the first place. Suigetsu crossed his arms over his chest grinning cheekily.

"I had sex with your brother."

A murderous silence filled the path the four were walking down and Suigetsu briefly wondered if he was already dead. Slowly, Sasuke turned his eyes narrowed to slits and red with the sharringan.

"You what!?" Sasuke demanded. Suigetsu continued to grin stupidly his golden eyes sparkling.

"..." He said slowly. Karin gasped and quickly stepped away from the two nin while Juugo looked on slightly amused. Sasuke's face was hidden by his hair while he stood face to face with Suigetsu's triumphant smug grin.

"This is soooo boring! Why the hell do I have to look for fire wood." Suigetsu grumbled as he trudged through the wood arms crossed over his chest. He made a face and walked into a clearing thinking of taking a nap, when he was someone walking along the tree lines. It was a girl. Although it was night the moon illuminated the clearing and the girl. She was small around Sasuke's height with long dark hair. Her skin was pale while and what he could see of her eyes is that they were dark pools of licorice. He suddenly wanted to get laid. Quickly and quietly he hid himself behind the girl following her as she gracefully walked or was she gliding? Through the waist high grass. Suigetsu put his hand out ready to grab the girl's shoulder when the girl whirled around with a kunai in hand and eyes narrowed at Suigetsu who jumped back in surprise.

"Uhhhh, hi..." Suigetsu said awkwardly. The girls eyes narrowed further her face turning into a sexy scowl.

"Why may I ask are you following me?" Suigetsu's eyes widened at the deep voice. To deep to be a girl or even a dyke!

"You''re a guy!?" He asked shocked. The girly man's scowl deepened.

"Of course I'm a guy you fool! What are you? Some sort of walking fish?" He demanded. Suigetsu grinned sheepishly.

"No, I'm not lady...oops I mean sir." The girly man's made a face of distaste before turning around to walk away.

"Is it really a good idea to turn your back on a shinobi?" Suigetsu asked. The boy kept walking.

"As if you can land a hit on me." He replied. Suigetsu grit his teeth at the insult and threw himself at the girl man only to be thrown to the ground. Hard. With the girly man on top of him his eyes no longer black but ruby red and glaring down at him. Suigetsu gasped at the eyes. Sasuke had those eyes but he was the only one left besides...

"Itachi Uchiha?" Itachi pulled back frowning lightly at the younger male.

"How do you know my name?" He asked softly.

"You're kind of famous, plus I work with your brother." Itachi's frown disappeared and became perfectly blank.

"Sasuke's here?" Itachi asked. Suigetsu nodded and pointed to the woods. Itachi frowned and turned away.

"Hey! Where ya goin?" Suigetsu asked.

"Away." Itachi replied. Suigetsu pouted and ran after the shorter male grabbing his wrist.

"What in the world could you possibly want!?" Itachi asked sharply. Suigetsu didn't reply and Itachi's eyebrow twitched in annoyance, when suddenly Suigetsu took a strand of Itachi's silky hair and twirled the hair around his finger. Itachi scowled and pulled away.

"Don't touch me." He snapped pushing Suigetsu away. Suigetsu continued to gaze into the dark eyes and itachi stare back wondering what was wrong with the kid. Suigetsu grinned.

"You're really beautiful." He said with no sarcasm in his voice. Itachi blushed despite himself and smiled coyly at the compliment.

"Am I really?" He asked seductively causing Suigetsu to gulp.

"Y-yeah." Itachi laughed beautifully smiling at the handsome man.

"And who should I thank for such a sweet compliment?" He asked sweetly causing Suigetsu to sweat.

"Ummmm I-I'm Suigetsu."

"Suigetsu." Itachi replied sexily his dark eyes laughing.

"Well thank you Suigetsu." Itachi said smiling. Suigetsu liked how the elder Uchiha said his name.

"You're welcome Itachi...I won't tell Sasuke I saw you." He promised. Itachi cocked his head to the side.

"That's so sweet of you." He murmured.

"Y-Yeah, well bye." Suigetsu turned to leave when a hand grabbed his arm stopping him.

"May I thank you?" Itachi asked softly. Suigetsu blinked surprised but nodded when Itachi leaned up and pressed his lips against Suigetsu's neck.

"Thank you Suigetsu..." Itachi whispered huskily. Suigetsu grabbed Itachi and kissed the raven full no the mouth causing the Uchiha to gasp in surprise then moan in lust. Suigetsu grabbed Itachi leg and wrapped it around his waist then he grabbed the other one. He backed Itachi into a tree and Itachi's hands cupped Suigetsu's face as he kissed back passionately. Suigetsu smiled and kissed Itachi's slender throat. Both separated at the sound of foot steps and glanced at each other briefly.

"Same place tomorrow?" Suigetsu urged. Itachi nodded before disappearing into the trees.