Preview for Transformers: Beast Wars:

Kyrie Dalton was just an average tertiary student, daughter to an army commander and always on the outside. Then she found an old transwarp drive that took her back to the beast wars. Completely alone, she keeps true to her father's teachings and learns to adapt to her new surroundings. When the Maximals and Predacons find out about her, she must fight for her freedom and safety; doesn't help when a certain arachnid's avid interest becomes a full-blown obsession with the seemingly abnormal female. Kyrie's part in the beast wars will change her life forever, as well as her well being, humans and liquid energon just don't mix.

Pairings: unwilling TarantulasxOC (The ironic thing is I have arachnophobia)


Timeframe: I'm changing it from G1 to the 2007/2009 movie, works for her father's occupation. They still get their transmetal forms and Optimus Primal will get his third form I just got to figure out how since the Autobots aren't on earth until 2007.

I do not own Beast Wars or Transformers ©Hasbro but I own Kyrie Dalton, Garuda (normal and Transmetal), her father and the rewritten storyline.