Chapter 10: Thanks for the Memories

"I can't believe you wrote all over the bus." Thomas yelled at Rosalina.

"Well sorry for wanting you guys to remember me." She yelled in return. They had been at each others throats for the past ten minutes.

"Guys, let's just not fight for once and enjoy our last night together as the seven of us." Nat said. Everyone lay down on their backs and stared up at the stars. Not to long after, everyone was asleep but Rosalina. She was resting her head into Nat's chest while Alex had a tight grip on her left hand. Qaasim's head was on top of Alex's feet. Cooper's face was underneath Qaasim's arm. David's head was pushed against Nat's. Thomas had David's feet stuffed in his face. She slowly stood up, letting go of Alex's hand but he didn't seem to mind. Rosalina climbed back down the ladder and went inside the bus. She walked up and down the narrow hall until she stopped at Nat's bunk where his keyboard and her bass were lying side by side. She couldn't bring it to herself that she was leaving in a couple of hours. She sat down on the bed and began to play. She never thought about how much was going to miss playing. She was interrupted by someone coming in the door. It was of course Nat. He sat across from her.

"I'll Do Anything." Nat said, referring to the song she was playing. Rosalina nodded and put the bass back on his bed. "Do you think you can say goodbye today?"

"I'm gonna have to aren't I?" Rosalina sighed. "I think I can do it though."

"Really? So you finally believe in yourself, huh?" Nat asked her. "I'm glad you ready to do it. So, would you like to aid me in waking up our best friends?"

"Do you even have to ask?" She said. The two went up on the roof stomping and screaming. The six sleeping boys nearly jumped out of their skin. Rosalina walked over to where Thomas was rubbing his eyes. She rubbed the top of his head. "Good morning sleepy head."

"Shut up." Thomas said. "Is it already time to go to the airport?"

"Unfortunately, it is." Nat sighed. "Tuffy's ready to go so we better get going."

The band went back downstairs and took their seats on the bus.

"Hey Rosie, I'll check in your bags. You and the guys go on inside." Tuffy told her as everyone got off the bus.

"Thanks Tuff." Rosalina said, giving him a high five and a hug. "I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too girl." He said, waving goodbye as they walked inside. The seven friends walked in sync all the way to Rosalina's gate. They stopped in front of the runway. Rosalina was already wiping away some tears.

"Okay, I don't wanna cry guys," Rosalina told them. "I'll start with Tommy Boy here."

"Thomas, if you can do one thing for me while I'm gone, just stay out of trouble." Rosalina told him.

"How well do you think that's going to work out?" He sarcastically asked. "I guess I could try, only because I'm not gonna have you around to tease. I'm gonna miss you bud."

"I'm gonna miss you too a lot." Rosalina said, wrapping her hands around his muscular waist. It seemed she didn't want to let go, even if it was just Thomas. When they pulled apart, she was already shedding a few tears. Thomas smiled and wiped away the tears with his thumb.

"No crying." He said, even though he was blinking back tears. Rosalina stepped over to Alex.

"Al, keep Nat happy. You know he's gonna be a mess." Rosalina said. "No bad dreams, okay?"

"I promise." Alex wept. Rosalina pulled him into a hug. They both started to cry as they held on to each other. "Hey, no crying."

"I'll stop if you stop dude." Rosalina said, still hugging him.

"Okay, I'll try." Alex said as they pulled apart. "I love you a lot."

"I love you more." She said, giving him a high five. Rosalina moved onto David.

"Have a great trip Rosie." David said, pulling her into a hug.

"Well, it's too bad David Julian Levi won't be with me." Rosalina laughed away a few tears.

"I'll miss you." David said. "Don't make all those surfer dudes faint when you walk past them."

"I doubt that will happen." Rosalina said, punching his shoulder. She moved down the Qaasim.

"Outsmart them rich kids and show them that rock stars are definitely the smart ones." Qaasim said as they touched knuckles.

"I'll make sure everyone knows it." She said. "I'll be super bored without your crazy ideas."

"You'll make do." Qaasim assured her. She started to cry again and Qaasim pulled her close and let her cry into his shoulder. "Make me miss you even more."

"I love you dude." Rosalina said as they let go of each other. Qaasim smiled and buried his head into his arm, hiding his tears. Rosalina stepped over to Cooper.

"You can't cry or else it'll ruin your image." Rosalina told him when she saw one or two tears fall from his eyes.

"Screw that." He said, giving her a hug. "I can't always be the tough one."

"I'll miss you a lot." Rosalina wiped away her tears. "Make sure you release the CD on time."

Cooper nodded and wiped the tears from his cheek with the sleeve of his jacket. Rosalina stood in front of Nat.

"You know, I always thought about what I would do or say when I had to say goodbye to you." Nat said. He noticed Rosalina's shaky hands and he took them in his own to calm her down. "But, I realized if I only had 5 minutes left with you, all I would want to do is hold you in my arms and cry."

Like magnets, the two best friends were forced together. They held onto each other, crying into each other's shoulders. The 5 other boys stood there, blinking back their tears. When they couldn't stand seeing them suffer anymore, they joined in onto the hug. As the group of friends stood there hugging in the terminal at JFK, a familiar song played over the radio. It was almost like fate, seeing that the song was one written about leaving and saying goodbye. When the group pulled apart and the flight attendant announced last boarding call, Rosalina picked up her bags and walked towards the door. She lifted up her sleeve and revealed her string bracelet. The 6 boys did the same and smiled at their friend.

"Thanks for the memories." She finally said, referring to Fallout Boy's hit song playing over the speakers. She handed her boarding pass to the flight attendant.

"Are those your brothers?" She asked in return. Rosalina nodded.

"Yeah, were a family. And families never spilt." Rosalina said, walking down the runway and onto the plane.

This is far from end btw! haha