"Hunter, why the heck are we doing this again?" Shawn asked. He ran a hand through his long blonde hair then nervously fiddled with the silver cross around his neck. Hunter watched his friend with an amused look on his face. He didn't know why Shawn was so nervous. He looked just fine. Always did. Tonight he was dressed comfortably in some blue jeans and a white button down shirt. His hair was hanging but not necessarily because he wanted it that way. Shawn was a good looking guy but ever since his last relationship he pretty much quit trying to date. Working long hours at that shitty ass job of his left him barely enough time to date or at least date men with something going for themselves. Every guy he ever met at that damn club of Eric's turned out to be just some creep wanting to bed him. That's why Shawn said to hell with it. He refused to go out with any more guys from work and since then he's been all alone. But Hunter didn't blame Shawn for his insecurities. He blamed the long time boyfriend and selfish bastard that was named—

"Hunter! Are you going to refresh my memory or not?"

Hunter looked down at his best friend and smiled. "Because it's for your own good – and mine." Shawn rolled his eyes as he captured all of his hair bringing it behind his head. "No! Stop that!" Hunter popped his hand causing the smaller man to groan. "Wear your hair down. You have gorgeous hair."

"Dammit Hunter it's hot! And I don't know why I let you talk me into this anyway," he grumbled. "I'm not going to meet anyone here." They were standing in line in front of what used to be an underground rave club. He heard that the guy Mick who used to run the place sold it to some rich chick's father and it was now a speed dating service.

The line suddenly shifted and Shawn found himself being shoved forward by Hunter. He was now close enough to read the small sign above the club door that read "Mickie and Lena's Speed Dating Vila". Tonight was the grand opening and he was being dragged along for no good reason. Shawn groaned. I can't…I don't wanna do this… Shawn whipped around to face his good friend. "Hunter I can't do this. What if someone from the club is here? You know I'm usually down for anything but you're the one trying to get laid not me. I'd rather just meet someone on my own time and—

"That's the problem Shawn," he scolded cutting him off. "You're always working late at night so you never have time to actually date. This will solve that – at least for tonight anyway."

"But come on Hunter? Speed dating? Who the hell does that?"

"It's something new for the both of us. Could be fun. Besides you need to get out more. Experience life."

"Well you know I have to work two jobs. I'm not exactly rich you know."

"I've told you countless times to come stay with me—

"I know but…I can't. I just can't and I'd really rather go back to my home. It's small and it looks like crap but at least I can enjoy my first night off in forever. I'm not going to meet anyone Hunter. They're all the same."

Hunter squeezed Shawn's shoulder gently. "Yes you will babe. I'm sure of it. Tonight's going to be your night. Just you wait. Besides I'm only here to support you and not to get laid. If I meet someone fine. If not then no biggie. I just want to see my best friend smiling – genuinely smiling because he's happy – one more time."


"Please?" he pleaded. "Do this for me?" After a minute Shawn finally nodded his head.

"Alright, but no more after this Hunter. If I don't meet anyone tonight then let me go about it my own way. Promise?"

"I promise now move up. It's almost our turn to register."


"I despise you for bringing me here. What the hell was I thinking letting you talk me into this?"

"Oh John. Calm down. This is going to be so much fun!" Adam exclaimed eagerly. He immediately began scanning the area trying to get a look at what the night had to offer but all he could see was the backs of heads as people filed into what used to be a small club.

"Like hell I will!" John spat. "Get me the hell out of here. I have a company to run."

"And no life in return."


"John you need to get laid…or let someone screw you…fuck it doesn't really matter," Adam grinned. "You're turning into an old grouch way before your time."

"Who cares? I'm rich," he answered smugly.

"Yeah well what's the point of being rich if you have no one to share it with?" John opened his mouth to answer but then closed it just as quickly. Adam leaned closer behind him whispering in his ear. "You know I'm right."

"Oh fuck off."

"Oh come on John. Just this once. Try it out with me. You never know right?"

"But you're only here to get laid. I don't necessarily want or need to get laid. That only causes problems; problems I don't have time for."

"No. No you're wrong. See? That's what you get for always making assumptions. Truth is John I'd like to go on an actual date. All the guys I've been with up until now have been either gold diggers or cheap fucks. I'm tired of that. I just want to date."

"Whatever hot shot. But I swear to God Adam I'll kill you dead if you ever try to get me to do something like this again. I'm happier being alone with my money."

"You say that now John but just you wait. Some day you're going to meet a man – or woman," he added quickly when John's eyes flashed dangerously. "Uh…and when you do you're going to realize that money can't buy everything."

"I don't think so."

"And if you meet Mr. Right tonight, then you're so going to owe me."

"Whatever blondie. So how do I look?"

Adam smirked. "Like a million bucks."


"NEXT!" Hunter shoved Shawn forward while his friend grumbled the entire time about kicking Hunter's ass later knowing full well that Hunter outweighed him by at least fifty pounds. "NEXT!"

"Go Shawn—

"I'm going!" he snapped. Shawn made his way inside the door where a small table was set up. Sitting behind it was two very pretty ladies whose names were printed on name tags. "Uh…hi," Shawn mumbled.

"Hi!" the one named Mickie exclaimed. "You're very sexy," she crooned.

"Mmm…you're right," Lena said licking her lips. Shawn felt a little violated but he opted to smile sweetly to keep from screaming at Hunter. The two ladies were dressed just alike in gypsy like clothing except one was in red and the other in pink. Both their shirts were made of a sheer fabric revealing matching dark bras underneath. Their heads were wrapped as if they were psychics and their big, dangling earrings were almost a bigger distraction than the long silver ones Shawn was sporting.

"Alright cutie," Mickie said. "I need you and your friend to fill out this form. It gives us a better idea of how to start you off for your rounds."

"Alright." Shawn took the paper and sat down to start reading over it.

Question 1: Are you a top or a bottom? _____ Top or bottom? What the hell? Of course I'm a freaking top! Top

"Yeah right sexy boy. You're the biggest bottom the world over," Hunter whispered over his shoulder.

"Shove it Hunter before I walk out of here."

Question 2: Which do you prefer? 1) Long walks on the beach 2) Snuggling by the fire 3) Wild monkey sex 4) Shopping

Shawn frowned. These are some weird questions.

Question 3: 1) Romantic Comedies 2) Action 3) Porn 4) Horror

Shawn looked up from his paper and sighed, his eyes scanning the room. If it was a rave club before now then the girls did a bang up job covering it up. To Shawn, the room looked like a small restaurant just ripe for an intimate dinner. There were tiny circular, glass tables lined up over the room adorned with tiny red and gold candles. The floor was carpeted in red and the walls had been painted with all kinds of black and gold dragons. There were no windows in the room and the lights that hung from the ceiling were in the shape of small disco balls. The room had a sort of cozy, calming feeling to it which helped Shawn's nerves a little. He sighed. I sure hope this is worth my time…

A few minutes later, Shawn and Hunter were handing in their papers. The ladies looked over their answers talking seriously among themselves before issuing them a number, wristbands, a note pad, pens and nametags. "Alright guys. Here's how it works. Every number coincides with a table number. You'll take your seats and depending on your number is whether or not you'll be rotating. Hunter since you're number 3, you won't have to move at all. The guys will come to you."

"What about me?" Shawn asked.

"Every 7 minutes the gong will sound signaling for each one to move to another table. Shawn you'll be one of those guys moving around only you'll be on the other side of the room," Lena explained. "There are twenty tables in here and for one round of dates you'll visit only five. You can visit five more if you need to but most people usually find at least one interesting person within the first five dates. Now then, if you find someone that you'd be interested in seeing again, scribble his name in that notepad and as you're leaving tonight we'll hand each person the names and phone numbers of guys that gave them the okay. We do this so that everything is still private. That sound good to you?"

Shawn simply nodded, his nerves back in full force now. The room seemed a little more crowded than before and he was starting to wish that he'd never agreed to this in the first place.

"Come on blondie! Hurry it up! Let's get this damn show on the road." Shawn quickly spun around and found himself staring into the eyes of a very angry, important looking man. Shawn's cheek's flushed from embarrassment and with a hurried apology he hurried off to find his table.

A part of John now regretted having scared the blonde off. As soon as he turned around, he immediately noticed sparkling blue eyes that sucked him in like a vacuum cleaner. His face wasn't half bad looking either.

"What was that John?" Adam teased.

"Shut up," John grumbled before hurrying off to take his seat. A minute later the gong sounded and a thin guy with purple hair and pale skin took a seat across from him. John closed his eyes and groaned. This is going to be a long night…


Shawn took his seat at table six doing his best to mask his disgust. The man sitting across from him had gray hair and was wearing the creepiest grin ever. Shawn forced a smile as the man named Vince shook his hand.

"Hi Shawn. You're very pretty," he said, doing nothing to hide the lust in his voice.

"Thanks," Shawn mumbled. Great. Another creep…

"So what kind of guy you're looking for?" he asked, licking his lips. Shawn suddenly felt a little more than uncomfortable. Certainly not a creep like you… He folded his arms across his chest not bothering to scribble his name down. He could already tell that this was one guy he'd rather not see again. Ever.

"Uh…not really sure." The guy reached across the table and grabbed his hand giving it a gentle squeeze.

"Well I think you could very well be everything I want."

"Uh…how could you possible know that," he asked while attempting to snatch his hand away but Vince held it tighter, clasping his wrist and bringing it to his lips.

"Mmm…Shawn. What smooth skin you have. I bet the rest of you is just as smooth," he crooned.

"You'll never know," Shawn snapped angrily. "Now let go of me!"

Vince reluctantly released his wrists, grinning in the process. "You're a feisty one aren't you?" Shawn merely glared thinking only of how he was going kick Hunter's ass later. "Oh Shawn don't be that way. I just…couldn't help myself. You're so pretty and right now I am so hard for you."

"Well that's too bad." Ugh! I knew it. Nothing but creeps here. Hunter is so dead…

"I have money Shawn."

"And that means what to me?"

Vince merely shrugged. "As pretty as you are it still doesn't hide the fact that you're probably nothing more than a little slut."

"Excuse me?"

"Let me break it down for you pretty one. If you're going to sleep with guys for money, how about taking a chance with the big boys? You leave here with me tonight and I promise you'll never have to sleep with anyone else ever again." Vince reached forward and grabbed a strand of Shawn's hair bringing it to his nose. "Mmm…" Suddenly the gong sounded and Shawn couldn't have been more thrilled. "Remember what I said pretty one," Vince crooned as Shawn all but ran to face his next date. Hunter will die.


"So what exactly are you?"


John rolled his eyes. "The hair. What's the deal with the purple? Are you having some kind of identity crisis?"

The kid (Jeff on his nametag) fidgeted with his bright green bracelet nervously shaking his head. "N-no," he mumbled. "I guess I just like purple."

"Ahh okay. I suppose it suits you." There was a long silence and that's when John decided to put the kid out of his misery. "Look kid. As you can probably see, I look like a millionaire and somebody important. That being said I'm looking for someone who's just like me…and probably a bit older than you if you get my drift."

The kid merely nodded and for the next three minutes or so they both sat in silence until the gong sounded. "Er…good night John," the kid managed. John nodded politely and watched the kid hurry off to his next table. John leaned back in his chair and waited patiently for the next unworthy person to grace his presence. A long night indeed…


Shawn was not happy at all right now and it didn't help that all of his dates thus far sucked. His next date was nothing short of creepy and uncomfortable. He was dressed in a black trench coat, the collars turned up hiding most of his neck. He had long, dark hair and was a lot bigger than him. The guy never opened his eyes to see Shawn and so they ended up sitting in an awkward silence the entire seven minutes. When the gong sounded, Shawn all but ran to the next table. He glanced back briefly to see the guy flash him a warm smile. Shawn all but stared at his piercing green eyes and pale skin. He didn't think too much of it though. The guy looked like the undead and while Shawn was sure vampires didn't exist, he wouldn't put it past God to let that guy (Mark was his name) be the exception.

Shawn pretty much figured that the next date couldn't get much worst than his first two but he couldn't have been more wrong. "Eric?!" he exclaimed.

"What the HELL are you doing here?!"

Shawn plopped down in his chair covering his face with his hands to hide his embarrassment. "I knew it was a bad idea to come here."

Eric rolled his eyes. "Feeling's mutual sweetheart. Think I wanted to meet one of my employees here, especially the one who's a pain in my ass the most?"

Shawn slammed his hands on the table, glaring angrily at his boss. "I'm here because my best friend drug me here. He says I don't have a life since I work all the time."

Eric just laughed, running a hand through his smooth dark hair. "Sorry sweetie but you're the one who's struggling to pay bills. Besides, you may be a pain in the ass but all the men come to see you. You make me lots of money and unless you wanna be out of a job I suggest you get over yourself."

"Whatever," Shawn grumbled. "Just…don't talk to me."


And for the next 4 minutes or so, they both remained silent looking around the room at other tables. Shawn spotted Hunter laughing it up with some kid with purple hair while his previous date was actually talking with a handsome guy with raven hair. I wonder why he wouldn't talk with me…Oh well… Shawn glanced around the room some more and spotted the guy he had a run it with from earlier. Shawn didn't really get a good look at him before but seeing him now, Shawn had to admit that he was nice looking. He was dressed in a crème colored suit with a matching stripped tie. When he saw him earlier he was wearing a matching cowboy hat but it was off his head now revealing neatly trimmed and cut hair that looked super soft. He must be rich… Shawn sighed. From the looks of it he would be meeting with him next. He just hoped the guy wouldn't hold his aloofness from earlier against him. The gong sounded again and with one last glare at Eric, Shawn headed to what he had already decided was his final date of tonight.


John was just about ready to blow a gasket. All of his dates had been dreadful and his last one was by far the worst date of the night. For the first 4 minutes or so they just sat there glaring at each other with extreme disgust. Finally John couldn't take the silence anymore.

"Alright. So who might you be?" John asked lazily.

"Can't you read assclown?"

John was a little taken back especially since he was like two feet taller than the blonde. John chuckled to keep from punching the guy in his face and opted to do as he were told. He glanced at the name tag chuckling softly. "Chris. What a boring name."

"Not as boring as 'John'. I'm sure there are at least 20 others in here that go by the same name."

"That just means my name is greatly admired by many in the world," John shot back.

"It also says a lot about the kind of person you are too."

"Oh? Well why don't you enlighten me hot shot," he challenged.

The blonde smirked. "Fine. Your name's John which means you're nothing but a moody, stuck up, rich snob with a small package." It took everything he had not to grab that motor mouth by the neck and strangle him but the gong sounded just in time. "Catch you later Little John. Don't hurt anyone in the sack tonight. Oh wait. You can't. Your package isn't much of a threat."

John wasn't sure he could make it through another seven minutes. Chris had managed to touch every nerve in his body and he feared the next person was going to feel his wrath. John closed his eyes. Count to ten John. 1…2…3…4…


John opened his eyes to find the blonde from earlier sitting across from him. He was staring down at his notepad as if he were deep in thought. John had forgotten all about him but he couldn't say he wasn't happy to see him again. He wasn't exactly interested in dating him or anyone else for that matter but he wanted to see his eyes again. He wanted to make sure he wasn't crazy for staring earlier. "Hi…Shawn."

The blonde looked up at him and like earlier he was hit with the most gorgeous set of blue eyes the world over. He had to force himself to look away and when he did he picked up his own pad and pen, flipping through it as if he actually used it all evening. "So…Shawn…"

"I'm sorry for earlier."

John chuckled softly, his eyes still focused on his pad. "You must be crazy to apologize to me darling. I'm the biggest jerk this world has ever seen – no. Scratch that," he frowned. "The guy that was here before you is the world's biggest jerk but I'm sure I'm runnin' a close second."

Shawn laughed. For the first time all evening he laughed and it felt great. "I…I'm sorry you met such a jerk but if it's any consolation, I haven't had the best evening either."

John finally stopped fidgeting with his pad and decided to take a chance. He looked up at the blonde noticing his eyes as well as other features he didn't expect to notice. Like his full lips and his beautiful, silky looking hair. He made his eyes focus on the cross sitting comfortably on the exposed part of his chest so that he wouldn't be guilty of gawking. "So…bad evening too…how so? Bet I got you beat in the bad date department."

Shawn shook his head. "You really have no idea. I didn't want to come here tonight because I always meet the same kind of people."

"Really?" John was intrigued. "What kind of people?"

Shawn shrugged. "Doesn't matter. Just know that so far you're the best date I've had all evening."

John chuckled. "You know Shawn, that's not saying very much at all. I'm a big creep and a jerk. You got a little taste of it earlier."

"But I wasn't paying attention and besides, you looked like someone important. I shouldn't have been in your way."

"Maybe but I still think you're judging me a bit too soon. I really am a jerk."

Shawn frowned. John really had no idea – no idea at all. He was being a perfect gentleman compared to all the others and for the first time all night Shawn felt completely comfortable talking with a stranger. He watched John for a moment as he flipped through his pad again and that's when Shawn realized that maybe John wasn't as bad as he was making himself out to be. The way his eyes refused to meet his… Shawn smiled. Maybe he wouldn't have to kill Hunter after all. "So you say you're a jerk huh?"

"That's right," he answered never taking his eyes off his pad. (He was now scribbling in it as if he were writing something very important.)

"Then act like a jerk," he challenged.

"I'm trying my best but unfortunately it's not working on you," he answered lazily.

Shawn laughed. "I think it's cause you're not really a jerk. You're probably a really nice guy. Just moody as hell."

"Guess you'll never know right?"

"Probably not, but I've been told that I have this really annoying ability to read people."

"I bet you do," he replied rolling his eyes.

Shawn laughed. "You're funny. I like that."

"I've been told I'm a lot of things but funny isn't one of them."

Shawn watched John flip through his pad some more but it was the slight pink color that rose to John's cheeks that made him that much more curious about the man before him. "That's because you never met me."

John finally dropped the pad to face the blonde. Shawn's elbows were on the table holding his head up as he stared back at the Texan playfully. John shook his head ignoring the adjective 'cute' that wanted to come out of his mouth at the sight. "I'm not even going to try and figure out why you look so happy," he grumbled. "Just…answer me this. Why exactly are you here tonight?" he asked irritably. "I won't lie to you. I noticed you the moment I laid eyes on you which has me slightly concerned."

"Oh really?" he asked playfully. "Why is that?"

"Because despite your…average look," he answered giving him a once over while trying to choose his words carefully, "you're still very…pretty. I'm almost positive that you could have gotten a date elsewhere so why the hell are you here?"

Shawn shrugged. "Guess I secretly wanted to try something new. My friend Hunter made me come. I didn't really want to because this really isn't my thing but if I am to be completely honest with myself, Hunter was right."

"About what?" John asked.

Shawn's smile faded and he looked almost sad. "I work…a lot. This was just his way of getting me out of it and my empty apartment."

"Oh." John didn't know what to say to that. He too was a workaholic and for the very same reason as Shawn would explain his being here as well.

Shawn suddenly perked up again flashing John that annoyingly sexy smile of his. "I was mad at him earlier for this but I think you just saved his life."

"You flatter me too much," he grumbled, looking away from him again.

Shawn's smile grew wider. "You're really pretty too John…especially when you blush."

"I…I don't…I…" The gong sounded again signaling for each person to rotate again or turn notes for the evening. John was so relieved that he almost screamed 'thank God' out loud.

"Aww…I don't think I want to leave just yet. I was having too much fun," Shawn pouted.

John rolled his eyes. "Glad one of us was."

Shawn only smiled as he stood to his feet. "You're such a jerk John but unfortunately for you, I like jerks."

"Yeah well I don't like pretty boys."

"I might have to change that. All kidding aside, you were a fun date. I learned so much about you in 7 minutes." John only looked even more confused which amused the hell out of Shawn. "I would love to see you again but I'm afraid I might not fit in your world."

"You think so?"

"I know so but that doesn't mean I'm going to give up just yet." Shawn scribbled something in his notepad then tore it out handing it to John. "I know we're not supposed to do this but I never follow the rules. You're the only good date I've had in almost 3 years. I'd like to get to know more about you. Goodnight John."

He flashed John a playful grin as he headed towards the owners to turn in his pad. "Did you meet anyone tonight cutie?" Lena asked. "My girlfriend and I were worried about you being that you're so cute. You got paired up with some major creeps. Blame it on Mickie."

"Hey! It's not entirely my fault!" she exclaimed.

Shawn handed in his card with the name of the only guy who interested him this evening. The ladies glanced down at the name on the card with bewildered looks on their faces.

"Uh…cutie are you sure…?"

Shawn noticed their faces and couldn't help but to smile. "I know what you're thinking but he's really not as bad as you think. Good night ladies. I had a really good time."

"Good night cutie!"

Shawn left the building feeling the best he's felt in days. He never thought he'd actually meet someone worth talking to but it seems like the heavens wanted to prove him wrong. John… Shawn knew nothing about the man he'd given his number except that he was probably rich and a jerk. The jerk part about him was that he wasn't really a jerk. Judging by the way he reacted all evening Shawn deduced that he wasn't used to getting compliments; a sure sign of insecurity and low self esteem. He didn't understand why John felt that way which was why he was going to figure it out. It was the nosy part of him as well as the part of him that liked a challenge and John was definitely going to be a challenge. John also looked like he was possibly everything Shawn could ever hope for in a guy. Problem is Shawn was sure John would never even consider going out with him if he knew about his lifestyle. Still he had to admit that Hunter was right. It was time to start looking again and right now John had his undivided attention.

To Fin or not to fin; that is the question...

AN: Alright. Here's the deal with this story. I am probably going to leave it like this – a oneshot – until I figure out how to make this one a 'few shot'. I really only planned on focusing on Shawn and John because they're the two guys that came to mind when I started this one. However, if you want to know how the other dates went, I might can add to this and then continue with Shawn and John in later chapters. Just let me know because I'm sure you're wondering how Mr. Purple Hair's date went and who managed to get the Deadman to talk. (And for the first time in life, it was NOT his one true love John Morrison.) I hope you enjoyed this. Your thoughts?