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Jeri Katou impatiently waited for the bell to signal the end of the school day. Today was the eighth day of the Digimon Adventure 01 rerun of the whole series. It was the eighth episode that would be showing today after school, and Jeri was going to be there. She hadn't watched the series the first time it aired, not really interested in Digimon back then. But this time, she wasn't going to miss a single episode. Jeri jumped up in excitement as the final bell rang, signaling that they could go home. She gathered up her stuff and headed for the door, only to be stopped by Takato Matsuki.

"Hi Takato, do you want to talk to me about something?" Jeri asked, stepping in place, showing her anticipation to leave.

"Um yeah, Jeri, I don't think you should watch the show anymore. This episode might upset you a lot." Takato said, not looking Jeri straight in the eye. This stunned Jeri very much. Takato had tried to stop her from watching the series when the newspaper first said the Digimon producers would be rerunning the Digimon shows. Why was he doing it again? Hadn't she made herself clear that she was going to watch the series?

"What for Takato? Why would it upset me?" Jeri asked. She suddenly looked up at the clock. "OH NO! I'm going to miss the episode. I've got to go Takato." Jeri stated, not letting him answer her previous question.

"Jeri wai-" It was no use. Jeri had ran out the door and disappeared down the hall. Takato sighed. "I just hope she watches all the episodes after this one then, and not just get upset and stop watching them all together.

Jeri ran in the door of her house and dropped her bag on the floor, not missing a step as she ran for the T.V. and turned it to the right channel. The show before Digimon was showing the ending credits. Good. She wasn't going to miss a second of it after all. She settled in to watch. The show came on, giving the recap of the last episode, than pulling into the theme song. It went to commercial, than went back to the program. Matt, Mimi, T.K., Izzy, Tentomon, Palmon, and Gabumon were visible as they came down the path between the rocks. Joe was speaking. Jeri leaned in, her reddish-brown bangs falling over her amber eyes. She quickly pushed them out of the way. The show continued, Joe sitting on the ground, talking about how he wanted to go to summer school instead of camp.

The next part was a black gear flying through the sky. Jeri screwed up her face in disgust. She did not like those evil things. Jeri jumped.

Isn't that…? Oh my god it is! Leomon is in the show! So this is why Takato didn't want me to watch the show, he thought that I would get upset at seeing Leomon again. Well it's just the opposite. I'm elated! Jeri thought. Jeri quickly moved to the floor in front of the T.V. wanting to be close to Leomon. The green ogre Digimon jumped at Leomon, attacking him. Jeri gasped. That vile Ogremon! Why would he want to hurt Leomon? No! Leomon's sword flew away from him.

Why in the world would Ogremon want to hurt you? Jeri watched as the battle between Leomon and Ogremon began. Who is that voice? Jeri wondered as the voice commanded them to stop their fighting. Yay! You show that voice Leomon. You'll never work for anyone that sounds suspicious! What! It's Devimon, a fallen angel Digimon. No way will Leomon ever work for you! Ogremon you are horrible. You're working for Devimon! Yeah. Leomon won't ever hurt the Digidestined! You're crazy Devimon! How did that miss?"

"LEOMON", Jeri shouted aloud as Devimon used Touch of Evil on Leomon. "No Leomon, you can't obey him. What are you talking about? Wait. You're not Leomon. What happened?" Jeri talked to the T.V., trying to get through to something that couldn't hear a word she said. It switched to Tai and Agumon scanning the horizon. The Digidestined started their groups of conversation. A crumble came over the speakers.

"No. Leomon. Don't hurt them. Please don't hurt them. You're a good Digimon. Please don't hurt them. That's right Patamon. He's a good Digimon. Gabumon, you're right too. He's a good role model and leader. He won't hurt you…right?" Jeri argued with herself. Leomon gave chase after the children. It hurt Jeri in the heart to see her friend and partner act this way. It hurt even more when Agumon used Pepper Breath on him evil Ogremon. How could he even think of hurting the children? It's an outrage. He won't succeed though! Jeri sidetracked as Ogremon cut off the escape route.

"NOOOOO, Don't do it!" Jeri shouted as Leomon and Ogremon jumped at the children, reaching for the T.V. as she did. With a bright light, Jeri disappeared.

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