I am so sorry for leaving this story for so long. But I lost my muse for this story. And I've been reading over the story to try and get it back, and I seriously can't believe how horribly this was written. Sorry, no new chapters, but there will be major revisions in each chapter that I see needs it, which is pretty much all of them, especially the first few chapters. And yes, I've changed my username from Tamara Caitlyn to .panda.

And the computer that I had the next chapter on it has crashed, and is no longer usable, old dinosaur that it was. Although, I guess that's a good thing, seeing as what I remember of the chapter was crap. So, if I have any readers for this story left, thank you for sticking with me for so long, and this story will no be abandoned, I will see it through to the end, it just might take a while to post the next chapter. And I will also be searching for a beta reader before I post the next chapter. Thank you again, and I hope to see you when I post the next chapter. Until then, be hearty and healthy!