*GASP* OMG, is this a new story? Yes it is! Anyway, it's been a while. I have so many tests this week, it's ridiculous. Although I should be able to do well on them without studying, if I'm lucky XD. Anyway, yes, it's another ShadAmy story. I would say that the main genres in this fic are Humor, Romance, Family, and a little bit of Drama. And before you ask about 'True Love' and 'Two Hearts, One Rose', I'm starting to come up with some ideas for chapter 12 of 'True Love', but I'm thinking about remaking 'Two Hearts, One Rose' already. Don't ask me why, I just have a feeling that I should make it better. Now that crap's outta the way, enjoy the first chapter!

Chapter 1

Amy Rose paced back and forth in the living room. Something was on her mind and it was making her edgy. For as long as she could remember, she's been pacing for about an hour now. A few times, she stopped to take a few deep breaths, but netherless, she continued to walk back and forth. Impatience was written all over her face.

"Grr, what's taking him so long?" she said in thought. "I've been trying to call his cell phone, but he won't answer. Maybe he's busy at work today. Still, he needs to know what's going on…But how should I tell him?" she stopped pacing. "I'm not sure how he will react. Would he be pleased with the news, or would he be unhappy about it? I don't know. I guess it's a worth of a try. Hopefully, he'll understand. After all, I am his wife, so I know he'll listen to me. Although, he's taking forever to come home today. What if he's…?" She shook her head with disbelief. "No way. He wouldn't go mess around with other girls, I know that. Still, he is being rather slow today…Ugh, where the heck is he!?" she crossed her arms and tapped her left foot.


"Another day, another report to fill out", Shadow sighed tiredly as he glanced at his folder which held an empty report inside.

"C'mon, Shadow, it's not like it's going to kill ya or anything", his close friend, Rouge, replied as she had her arms behind her head. "I was able to finish mine earlier because I didn't fall asleep during lunch break."

"Hey, watch it. I work my ass off to support myself and my wife, ok?" the black hedgehog pointed at her gravely.

"You're so lucky that you get to spend time with someone you love", the white bat lowered her head a little. "I wish I had a man."

"Oh, don't worry, you'll get one", Shadow said supportively. "Just as long as you wear some appropriate clothing and keep your legs closed." He received a huge pound on the head. "Ow", he rubbed his bruise.

"Not cool, Shadow! Not cool!" the white bat snapped at him.

"I was just kidding."

"Whatever. Anyway, speaking of your wifey, did you know that today's Valentine's Day?" She continued walking with her eyes closed until she noticed she was hearing her own footsteps. "Hmm?" she stopped. "Shadow?" she looked back.

Silently, Shadow stood there in shock. Oh dear, could he have forgotten to get Amy a gift? Not only that, did he forget that Amy loves Valentine's Day besides Christmas and her birthday? If only he checked his calendar before he left this morning.

"Um, dude, are you ok?" Rouge waved a hand in his face.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier!?" Shadow yelled angrily as he grabbed hold of her shoulders and shook her like a maniac. "If I don't get Amy a gift, she'll kill me!" Out of the blue, he received a smack across the face. "Ow."

"Dude, calm down, before you make a scene", Rouge said seriously. "You still got time, so go to the store and get her a gift. Or call for a reservation at a restaurant. Or both!" she said with excitement.

"I guess I can do that", the dark hedgehog shrugged his shoulders. "See ya", he walks away to look for a nearby store.

"…Man, why can't I have a Valentine?" Rouge sighed depressingly. "Damn you Cupid, damn you", she glanced over at a Cupid sticker placed on a window.

And so, Shadow traveled through the town in order to find the perfect gift for Amy. Sure he could get flowers and candy, but he decided to get something different. He had to make sure that he'll get something that Amy will never forget. Suddenly, he noticed a sign on a window that read Valentine's Day Special! 50% off of any kind of jewelry!

"Maybe I can get her a necklace. Yeah", Shadow pondered. He walked inside and noticed that the store was very crowded. Plus, he saw a couple of females fighting over a small box that probably kept an expensive gem inside.

"Security!" the clerk shouted out.

"Hey, hey, hey! Break it up, you two!" an overweighed security guard tried to get the two women separated.

"This Topaz ring is mine!" the brunette female yanked the box.

"No, mine!" the blonde female pulled it back to her madly.

While everyone else was staring at the scene, the black hedgehog decided to look around for the right gem. Still, he wasn't sure why women would fight over a rock. Oh well, it's hard for a guy to understand girls sometimes. One by one, the male hedgehog narrowed the list down from top to bottom. His only three options were Diamond, Emerald, and Ruby. Now he was getting irritated. Why was it so hard to find a freaking gem and get it over with? Unfortunately, Amy likes all three of them, so Shadow wasn't sure which one to get. An idea came up in his mind. Perhaps it's best to pick which gem is the cheapest and leave. The Diamond cost $250. The Emerald cost $185. Lastly, the Ruby cost $150. So the Ruby was chosen.

"Hey", Shadow turned to the brown haired clerk and snapped his fingers impatiently. "Pay attention here."

"Oh, um, um, yes, of course", the clerk stopped watching the fight and rushed to him.

"Ring it up", Shadow pointed to the Ruby.

"Um, yes, of course", the clerk pulled out a key and unlocked the case. "This?" he pulled out the necklace that had a heart shaped Ruby attached to it.

"Yes! This is perfect!" Silver came out of nowhere and snatched the necklace.

"You got five seconds to hand over that necklace", Shadow threatened in a demonic voice while his body was slowly glowing red.

"Oh, hey, Shadow. I didn't notice you there", the white hedgehog turned to him.


"Um, why are you counting?"


"You're starting to scare me."


"Just give him the necklace! I'm too young to die!" the clerk begged Silver.


"Ok, ok, here!" Silver held out the necklace frightfully. The black and red hedgehog cooled off and snatched the necklace in a flash.

"Come on, I don't have all day here", Shadow made his way to the counter.

"I hate my job", the clerk lowered his head with grief.

At last, Shadow was able to get the necklace and escaped from the crazed jewelry store. Even though that took some time, it wasn't enough. Maybe it's better to get two gifts instead of one. After all, this would be something new. Boy, won't Amy be surprised.

"I guess I'll get her a box of chocolates and go home", Shadow looked at his watch that read 4:45.

(Back at home...)

Since Amy got tired of waiting, she decided to wrap Shadow's gift and make some dinner. Every second that went by, her mind kept circling around the information that she received today. She never expected this to happen. How did this happen? Whenever Shadow gets home, they'll figure out everything. Taking her mind off from 'the big news', she finished making homemade spaghetti and lowered the temperature of the stove.

"Where the heck is he?" she murmured to herself. Right on time, her husband appeared in the living room by Chaos Control.

"God, I hate humans", Shadow complained.

"Shadow, you're home!" Amy said happily and gave him a hug. "I've been trying to call you all day."

"You did?" the black hedgehog looked down at her. He pulled out his cell phone. "Crap. I had it off all day. Stupid meetings", he thought with annoyance. "Well, I'm home now, and uh, yeah, Happy Valentine's Day", he pulled up a sack.

"Ooh, lemme see!" Amy snatched the bag cheerfully and looked inside. "Aww… Chocolate hearts for me?" she held up a red box of heart-shaped chocolates. "And uh…No way", she pulled out a dark blue leather box. Shyly, she opened it and saw a golden necklace with a Ruby piece. "It's beautiful!" she smiled with joy.

"You did well, Shadow", the black hedgehog patted himself on the back confidently. "You did well."

"Anyway, I got a gift just for you", his wife spoke.

"Where is it?"

"BRB", Amy walked to the kitchen.

"BRB?" Shadow raised an eyebrow.

"Tada!" the pink hedgehog quickly returned with a box.

"Hm", the black hedgehog took it and opened it. Inside was a silver watch. "Thanks, I needed one."

"Um, before we have dinner, I, uh, I have something to tell you", Amy took a step back nervously.

"What is it?"

"Well, I did try to tell you earlier, but you must've had your phone turned off. Um, remember that I've been having stomach aches and whatnot over the past two weeks?" The black hedgehog nodded. "Earlier today, I went to the doctor and found out something."

"I'm all ears."

"Shadow…I'm pregnant", Amy revealed the secret.

Silence circled around them as they stared at each other. Of course, Amy hoped that Shadow would be glad, but then again…neither one of them saw this coming. Raising an eyebrow, she pouted.

"Well? Aren't you going to give me a reaction or something-?" she placed her hands on her hips.

At that moment, Shadow's eyes rolled back in his head as he fainted backwards. All of his stuff fell on the floor with him.

"Not that kind of reaction, Shadow", Amy slapped her forehead with embarrassment.

LOL, at the end XD. Yep, looks like Shadow got his surprise for Valentine's Day, huh? And I can't believe that he fainted! LOL! And so, the story begins. What will happen next time? Will Shadow be happy about this? Or will he be upset? Find out next time! P.S., I don't own the characters, so don't sue me!! And one more thing, BRB means 'Be Right Back', if you don't know the texting world right now XD. R&R, thank you!