The Greatest Weapon

Chapter 1
Days After the Dawn

Morning blew through the curtained window and gently aroused Spyro from a peaceful sleep. Cynder beside him remained in her state of slumber, as Spyro looked at her. In the pale light her scales were ever so beautiful.

In the days that followed the 'Dawn of the Dragon' the couple was unable to get down to business. Something was keeping them from being together. Invisible walls seamed to keep the two from getting too close, as though they were not meant to be, as though they were not even supposed to know one another. That night had been yet another failed attempt at creating that special kind of bond for Spyro. Sparx had told him that he was being too shy with his attempts and to 'just go right in for the kill'. He could never do that. Now that Sparx had returned home the chance that Sparx would do that for him now was little.

Spyro reluctantly decided to remove himself from their bed, and after taking one last glance at Cynder he emerged into the hallway.

He proceeded to go down the hallway only to be stopped by Terrador. "Good morning, Spyro."

He looked up at the guardian groggily "Good morning, Terrador"

Terrador cocked his head and looked caringly at Spyro "What's the matter?"

"I really don't know right now"

He considered the response. "You have been through much this week. It is only understandable. Will be well enough to greet the others this afternoon?"

"Oh, yes, I couldn't miss that." Spyro insisted.

"Good, you will still meet me in my chamber at one then?"

"Of course" and with that Terrador turned and walked away.

Spyro finally arrived at the Dining Hall and leaned down to the ordering window. "Good morning, Walter" he said to the mole at the counter waking him from a shallow sleep.

He opened his eyes and blinked them a few times "Hey good morning Spyro! Where is 'zee dragoness?"

"She is still asleep this morning."

"Worn out and in need of her beauty sleep from a long night with you sir, eh?"

Spyro chuckled "Not quite,"

"What's the matter with you? Give the girl what z'ee wants! Don't you see it?"

"Ok, ok, all right, that's enough"

"Oh, all right, fair z'nough, just ignore old Walter. He doesn't know anything about you dragons anyhow. So what do you want this morning?"

Spyro looked around the kitchen as if for an answer. "I think I'll just have an omelet."

"Fair 'zee 'nough"

Spyro turned and took a seat at the front table. With only a few dragons being in Warfang at the time the entire hall was left to Spyro by himself. "So are you ready for business to start picking up tonight?"

"Oh, yes, we finally get some business around here. As you might guess days like this are rather boring. Aren't they boys?" The kitchen workers all voiced their malcontent and then returned to making the omelet. "What do you think of it Spyro?"

"Well, I don't know. I haven't really been around too many dragons. Cynder and the guardians are it. Well them and the chronicler"

"I Z'ee."

A cook came up to Walter and handed him a plate. "Well here's your food" he announced walking around the counter and handing Spyro his breakfast.

"Thank you, Walter."

He returned to his position and considered Spyro for a moment "You know what's going to happen don't you Spyro?"

"No, what do you mean?" Spyro asked shocked.

"With Cynder,"

"What about her?"

"Well, once these new comers get here you will suddenly faced with competition. Right now you are the only male in her life, she has no other options. She has no option but to stay with you, but if you do not come forward and show here something soon enough she will be walking right away from you and into somebody else's arms"


"Yes you make your excuses now, but don't you ever say that you didn't see it coming."

After finishing his omelet he ordered one up for Cynder and returned to their quarters.

Spyro cracked the door open as not to wake her but she was sitting on the side of the bed looking up at him so Spyro entered the room.

"Hey, Cyn, I got you an omelet. I figured you'd want something to eat once you got up." Spyro revealed to her.

She smiled at the notion as Spyro set it before her with a fork. "Thank you."

Spyro wound his way around the bed and lied back down beside her. She took her first bite and swallowed. "So how long have you been up?"

"Just long enough to eat really."

"Mhm" she said bobbing her head in acknowledgement.

At that moment Spyro decided that this might be his last chances. If Walter was right then he was going to have to make a move quickly. He thought of thousands of things to say. Maybe even millions, but none of them sounded quit good enough. All of them were too cliché, too stupid.

"You think that, that will fill you up?" Spyro asked, all of the possibilities in the world and out of all of them that is the one that he chose.

"Yeah, I'm not that hungry really"

"Oh, all right"

The two stayed together with one another the rest of the day and despite Spyro's willingness to bring them closer together he was never able to cut to the chase. The one o'clock hour slowly rolled in and the clock slowly ticked away.

Spyro excused himself from their quarters and nearly ran into Cyril on his way out of the door. "Hey, Cyril" he said indifferently.

"Hey, Spyro, did you just get up?"

"No, I've been up quite a while now."

"Oh, you and Cynder going at it in your most youthful of ages you should be very well off to take advantage of your age. Few years will you be able to do such things and you will not feel up to the…"

"Cyril, Cyril, Cyril." Spyro interrupted him "No, I'm afraid not."

"Oh, the dragoness refuses to consent to it? She is a rather intelligent one and nothing more should I have expected."

"No, not that either, Cyril, it-it's just that I am unable to convey my feelings to her."

"A heavy heart brings shaky knees and over bears the vocal chords into a thick and awkward silence. One must find a way to lighten the load and allow the thoughts to flow free. It is up to you to find a way to do that."

"What a great help that is," Spyro said sarcastically.

"There is no other help that I may be, Spyro. It may be rather important that you two are bonded together though." Cyril warned as they reached the door to Terrador's dwelling, and entered. Volteer and Terrador stood already waiting for them.

"Good, good, we are all here now. We have much to discuss before our guests arrive."

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