AN: I have become a fan of Twilight, slowly. LOL, so this is my very first attempt at a fan fiction and I'm kinda nervous since I've never wrote these two before. So this is an AU and they are probably both a bit out of character...but I hope that doesn't put you off.

Disclaimer: All lyrics belong to LIVE, and Twilight is property of Stephenie Myer. All I own is the plot.


"Oh now feel it comin' back again
Like a rolling thunder chasing the wind
Forces pullin' from the center of the earth again
I can feel it."

-Lightning Crashes -Live-




I've always been fond of Carlisle, he's a good man with good intentions and I never knew he actually had another son. I'd never met him. My father told me that I'd meet him someday and his name was Edward. Sure, I'd met Jasper and Rosalie with their significant others sitting around the table at dinner. Even though I'd been to the Cullen mansion several times, I still find myself surprised at its grace and beauty. However, I found something out about myself today that I never knew before. A deal had been made with the Cullen family years ago which included myself.

In three days I'd be meeting the mysterious Edward Cullen in a marriage ceremony. Truthfully, I wanted to be mad at my father as the carriage stopped in front of the Cullen estate and I frowned. Charles, my father, opened the door for me to step out and we walked up to the tall front doors and waited while the servants allowed us entrance. All around were paintings of their entire line, portraits framed in gold, artwork forever cherished. They had the money for such things and it never seemed to be in short supply. The Cullen's had so much that sometimes I feared I'd be smothered by it.

As always, Carlisle and Esme stood at the bottom of the stairs to greet us with smiles on their faces. Carlisles suit was pressed and almost completely black, the blue so dark that if it weren't for the lamp light I'd be sure of the color. His white shirt brought out the color of his eyes and their golden depths pulsed with something I had never seen before.

"Ah Charles Swan." His voice pierced the space around us. "I see you've brought your beautiful Isabella."

"Yes, Carlisle I have. Have the plans been made?"

"Of course, Esme has been waiting for this day for so very long. I am so proud to welcome your daughter into our family." I watched a smile light up his wife's face as she held out her hand to me and I retreated. This wasn't how I wanted my life to be. If I stayed here I couldn't do the things I wanted, I could explore no more than I could read freely.

"Don't be frightened, Isabella. Edward is very kind, if not shy." She smiled. "And I am sure that you two will get along fine."

"Go with her, Bella." My father pushed me forward gently. "Everything will be alright."

My nerves caused me to stumble into Esme's arms as she guided me into a small room with mirrors everywhere. A white laced dress was displayed in the corner as she had me step up on a platform.

"Isabella my dear, I know this is all strange to you but I know that everything will be okay." She helped me out of my current dress and into the white one. "I would like to share a secret with you."

My eyes met hers in the mirror and I just nodded.

"I was your age when I was brought here from Paris, Carlisle and I were to be married because my father had made it so. We are special, Isabella. You have been chosen to share in this gift and I feel that you are the perfect one to appease our dear son's loneliness. You see, every marriage in our family has been arranged but you would never be able to tell it. When we met your father and then saw you, we felt our prayers had been answered."

"I'm not sure I understand." I finally spoke, my body trembling with the effort to stay standing as she continued to make alterations on the soft fabric before moving around me to smile.

"You will understand, my child. When the time is right and you start to get to know Edward. There is a choice you'll need to make." She sighed before easing the dress off of me and helping me back into the emerald green one I'd came in. "We are more than meets the eye, not even your father knows the complete truth."

"What?" In that moment I panicked. I was being handed off to some complete strangers that my father had known for years? Something wasn't right with this equation. Here before me Esme talked about choices, and being something that her son needed. Where was my choice? I had none; I was getting married to someone I'd never even met yet. As I started to hyperventilate I felt a hand on my shoulder and Esme's concerned eyes looking into mine.

"Breathe, sweetheart. Everything is going to be fine, I have a feeling that you think we've lied to your father. He knows us, but he doesn't know what we are. As a part of this family, you'll learn this secret on your wedding night when you and Edward share your evening meal. Be patient with him, talk to him, get to know him and everything will work out."


Dad left around noon and I sit in the huge study lined with books on one of the soft back chairs that lined the room. Carlisle had found my fascination with reading a wonderful thing and lead me up to this library. Shelve upon shelve of wonderful stories lined my vision and I found myself completely mystified by the ceiling high arrangement. I looked out at one of the windows and sighed as the back garden came into view. The flowers were being tended to, by a few of the servants and as I looked upon the edge there was someone seated at a table.

His hair was twisted in several different directions and his back was turned to me, sunlight glittered off the red-brown strands and a gray coat was thrown over the back of the chair he was seated in. I could've sworn I was seeing things as the skin that had been exposed by his rolled up sleeves glistened in the sunlight, refracting like diamonds in the most expensive jewels. My breath caught in my throat as I backed away and fell to the floor just as his head turned in my direction.

What had I just seen? My mind couldn't comprehend the utter impossibility and I feared that I was being put into a position that would be my undoing. I realized something important then. None of the family ever went outside in the daylight around us. We had all stayed inside when we ate lunch, when we had dinners. I had a feeling then that whatever this secret was, it had everything to do with what I had just seen.


Dinner had been uneventful since I had been the only one in the room. Edward had refused to come down and meet me and Carlisle seemed slightly upset by this and excused himself with Esme in tow. I hadn't seen Alice or Rosalie in quite some time and the loneliness was getting to me deeply. As I finished my meal, I eased out of the chair and moved to the sitting room with a book I had pulled from the library. I seated myself in one of the large chairs and breathed out a breath into the empty space while watching the fire crackle in the hearth.

Unable to concentrate on the book, I set it on the table in front of me and looked out the window to watch it rain. Lightning sparked across the sky and lit the world below, bathing it in a white light for seconds at a time. I watched as it crashed against a tree sending sparks abound and the rain stopped it before it could catch fire. My heart thudded against my breast bone as thunder crackled in the mixed space and I found myself captivated by the tree falling forward in a cracking blow against the grass as the light in the sky traced its movements.

Turning away from the view I was greeted by a sight even more spectacular then the one I had just seen. His face was lit by the fire in the hearth, the orange-red glow caressing the curves and planes of his pale face and reflecting the gold in his eyes. His hair was the same unruly mass I had seen during the daylight and I gasped internally at the realization that this was the same man I had witnessed before except now I have seen him from the frontal view as well. His pale dress shirt was pressed to immaculate perfection along with his gray trousers leading down to a pair of black shoes.

It had only been but a moment that I was able to study him before he walked passed and out of my line of sight. I wondered for a moment if I had just seen an illusion brought on by my stressful day, but the smell I encountered as I left the room confirmed that the man who had stood in the doorway had been very real. Shrugging my shoulders at his odd behavior, I walked up the long staircase and to the room I had been given.

At the turning point, just past the study I realized that I must've run into Edward Cullen, the only person I haven't seen since I started visiting when I was thirteen. So now I was eighteen, of age, and he was twenty-one. Where had life gotten to so quickly? Shaking my head, I decided to get ready for bed and hopefully awaken to a new day filled with a better outcome.


I didn't want to see her more than I had to but Carlisle insisted. He didn't know that I would sneak about the mansion during the day catching glimpses of her with the family and I felt shamed by my actions but I felt humbled by her and everything I seemed to feel came crashing down when I heard that she'd been picked to be my bride when she turned eighteen. I was constantly stuck in this familiar hell day after day watching my family gain happiness while I was left in despair.

So I sit and tinker with my piano most of the time, trying to compose to take my mind off the endless staccato of thoughts and feelings this young woman has brought out in me with nothing but the color of her beautiful eyes and the mouthwatering scent that burns my nostrils. Every time I look upon her flesh I feel music rush through my addled brain and find myself composing something that often reminds me of her. Life has never been simple for me and I find it even harder to hear the thoughts and feelings of my family around me when everything in me screams to end this miserable existence.

Until she walked in those double doors and I found myself irrevocably enthralled by her and in my haste to find some sense of meaning in my life and draw upon the plans to formally address her my father informs me that he has chosen her before I can say that I have come to that very conclusion myself. Sometimes I feel as if I am out of my mind and all of this has been naught but a dream until I remember that her mind is utterly silent to me. If I want everything to be silent all I have to do is concentrate on her and bliss soon follows.

In over a hundred years there has never been silence and when my eyes connect with those chocolate brown orbs while I stand before her while lighting crashes outside I know that this is everything I've ever wanted. The sweet smell of her coating the inside of my nose, the look of her taking that full bottom lip between her teeth, and the feeling that every single moment in my solitary existence has led up to one inevitable fact. Isabella Swan is my future and all I have to do is prove it to her over the course of our marriage. I have found my mate and there is no stopping the inevitable.

Of course it would only take me seconds to analyze her as the fire from the hearth outlined her features. The emerald dress caressing her curves causing me to catch the low purr before it passed out of my throat and from my lips, the sweet smell wafting from the brown curls atop her head as they curled from the tight bun. I pictured myself running my fingers through them and before she had a chance to open her mouth I ran like the very coward I am. I knew that I had to resist her and I would for the next two days so that our wedding would be all the more anticipatory.


The rain had finally come to a stop as I looked out at the moonlit sky with a deep sigh. I figured now was a good as time as any to take a short walk and I hoped that I wouldn't be disappointed in the garden work Newton had accomplished this day. Flowers danced in the breeze and I immediately imagined my dear Isabella with a crown of roses adorning her head as a soft and gentle caress of the wind ruffled her chocolate curls. Surely I was a selfish creature by nature, but I was loathe to turn her into what I had become.

At that moment her scent trailed along the air and I turned up towards her balcony and witnessed the sight of an angel I was so far from deserving. Soon I was broken from my thoughts by the arrival of my father and I turned to him so I could release the tension that had gathered in my body.

"I see that you approve of my choice." He smiled wistfully.

"If you wouldn't have chose her, Carlisle, I would've made it known for you to do so." I sighed and traced a hand over my face. "Even through it would've been unwise to do so."

"It's never unwise, Edward. You are unhappy and I am here to make sure you become so."

"But this poor young lady has no idea what she's walking into. In this world the women have no choice in the matter and it greatly disturbs me. I mean, I know you and Esme love each other dearly but what if Bella does not wish to be with me?" My mind raced at that one inevitable fact: could I let her go if she were unhappy?

"You know the rules, Edward. Treat her with the utmost reverence, kindness and she will reciprocate." Carlisles warm eyes connected with mine. "However, Alice has seen some evidence that will make your life so much easier."

"I do not wish to know, Carlisle. You know how I am about knowing the future." My face hardened into a scowl. "That is why I haven't talked to Alice in quite sometime. Our brainwaves are just too much together."

"Yes, of course. I hope you know she misses you and she'll be here for the wedding."

"I am aware."

He placed a hand on my shoulder. "I am just very grateful that you have found your happiness after all this time."

"Yes, it is a wonderful feeling."


I watched the sunrise before I retired to my room. My piano settled in the corner of the room, the black polished wood calling to me like no other as I sat at the bench and let my hands caress the ivory keys. If Bella was my first passion then my piano would be my second. The music she inspired me to write was like nothing I had ever composed before. Sharp, soft melodies caressing my mind and allowing me to put them to sound. Each punctuated note sounded through the room and echoed throughout my body. This would be her song, her gift from the bottom of my soul.

Throughout the course of her visits I remembered having several moments like this. Each shelf in my small room contained a thick book with song upon song I had composed within the past five years awaiting the day she would become of age so I could share my world with her. As heartbreaking as it seemed to be, there really was no comparison to the elation I felt.

As I mused, the notes came to a slow and gentle halt to signal the end of the song. Even though my fingers still remained on the keys, I paused in my musical ravine and looked out the open balcony. Sunlight streamed upon the green landscape and I wished I could be a painter as well. Capture the moment in all of its glory, but I realized that nothing would be able to depict it as perfectly as my photographic memory.

I took in an unneeded breath before letting it out slowly before my fingers danced over the keys again in a rhythmic melody as old as time itself. My compulsion to compose faded for now and into some of the more classic and modern pieces before shuddering into a beautiful crescendo. For once I was aware of the time in days, hours, minutes, and seconds. Within these constrictions I hoped that it wouldn't linger so that I could finally be with the woman I wished to be with. My cowardly intentions of staying away from her would be shoved into the back of my mind so that I would be able to concentrate again.

At one time I had heard Carlisle speak of my condition. He had called Bella my singer and had urged me to stay away before I could do harm to her. I was surprised by the truth of his words for I had never wished to have someone so badly in all of my life. Close to a hundred years of resisting the very urge to give into my inner nature came crashing around me like lightning to a tree as her heady fragrance coated my nose and made my throat burn with a vengeance I had never known.

However, my secondary reaction was what surprised me the most. I had never reacted that way before, too ashamed of my nature to actually allow myself that benefit. But in combination with her heavenly aroma, her deep brown eyes captivated me and I appraised her with my enhanced vision to find myself aroused. In that moment I knew I was biding my time and had become very protective of her.