AN: And this is the end. No sequel, sorry. You'll just have to use your imaginations. It's been a fun ride, I've enjoyed it. I hope you all did too.

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"I don't need no one to tell me about heaven
I look at my daughter, and I believe..."

-Heaven- LIVE-




She was beautiful as she walked down the isle, I'd never thought I'd see this day. Especially since along the way we've had so much time to watch her grow and change. Now the venom tears I tried so hard not to shed fell freely as Renesmee captivated our guests with her beautiful satin gown. The form of Jacob Black stood before me as I led her down the isle.

I could not have wished someone better to love her, cherish her, and keep her safe. Even though any man who would be with my daughter would be in question, Jacob would be my choice. He has stood by our family over the years and when Renesmee announced to us that he had asked for her hand it came as no surprise.

His eyes met her blue ones, the air becoming thick with emotion as Carlisle began the same words my mate and I had heard twenty years ago. The beginning of our life. With both beings practically immortal, the exchange went without any issue and we soon disbanded into the ballroom while I danced with our daughter.

"He better keep you safe."

"Jacob would never do anything but, father." She smiled as she went to join her mate.

"She is our miracle, Edward." Bella came up behind me and took my hand in hers. Our bond still as strong today as it was on our own wedding day.

"Yes, and she always will be."

I knew that where ever life decided to take us from here, we would always be together.


I could not ask for anything more.