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Fate comes knocking

Angela had just parked her car and was on her way to the elevators from the Jeffersonian underground parking garage. She hummed as she nibbled on her breakfast. She looked at her watch and she was surprised to find that she wasn't really due to be in for another half hour. She didn't mind, she liked her job. Ok, she could do with less death and desiccated bodies but she got to give a face and identity to those who've had it robbed from them. That part of her job brought her satisfaction, as well as being able to work every day with people that she truly loved.

She had a pretty good morning so far. She got up early enough to take a leisurely shower and stop by her favorite coffee shop for the best Belgian Chocolate Moccacino in DC. She even indulged in a chocolate croissant and picked up a box of pastries for everyone.

She knew that Brennan wasn't really into baked desserts and was going to pick up something else up for her, but apparently Brennan was too busy to answer her phone. At first, Angela giddily thought of the various ways that Agent Stud Muffin would have her best friend be too occupied to take a call. Her mood was slightly dampened when she called him hoping that he wouldn't answer - you know, being busy with Brennan and all - but he did. He said that he was on his way to pick her up. When she cheekily asked him why he couldn't just let her walk on her own, he laughed sarcastically and said that he was at his place and he was going to drive over to Brennan's to give her a ride to work. Six months they've been a couple. Six months and they still had separate homes. This will not do.

It should have been like when she and Jack first got together, just going at it like rabbits at every opportunity and every room. The two of them kept security entertained that's for sure. With Brennan and Booth, it was almost as if very little had changed. They were still together, they both said that they were, but they were taking it slow. Like, a snail covered in molasses slow. Like Driving Miss Daisy slow. She was afraid that if they went any slower they'd go backwards.

At least they got to make love. Brennan told her that it was extremely satisfying and blushed when she said this, but Booth made her promise not to discuss the details with Angela. Said that it was private, something that only the two of them should share. Angela and the JustUs league were the ones responsible for breaking through their stubbornness, she deserved details damn it!

Her good mood was starting to wear off when she spotted a familiar SUV parked in a corner by the stairwell. She checked out the licence plates to be sure, and when she was, she giggled and headed straight for it.

At first she wondered what was going on behind the tinted windows, and then she wondered if her best friend and her best friend's new beau were getting in some time in the back seat. She almost prayed that they were. Lord knows that it took long enough for those two to get together.

She snuck around the side of the vehicle, trying to hear something, anything. Booth probably had it soundproofed. She should have left them alone to have some privacy. She knew that she should.

Instead she pounded on the driver's side door.

She could hear muffled voices and sounds of activity, as if the occupants were frantically getting themselves prepared.

When the window finally rolled down, she smirked at the slightly disheveled appearance of the normally dapper agent. His hair was slightly askew, his breathing irregular, his tie loosened while the first three buttons on the top of his shirt were opened.

"You guys know that this is considered Jeffersonian property," Ange grinned devilishly. "I am so proud of you!"

"We were just....you know...talking." Booth stammered.

"No we weren't," Brennan protested, her blouse was either an experiment in design gone wonky or buttoned up wrong. "We were-"

"Bones, we were talking." Booth corrected, as he gestured with his head for her to go along with her.

"Oh," Brennan mused. "Is this like the time when we substituted the word death for the word translation?"

Booth could only sigh, and laugh softly at his girlfriend's guileless nature. Angela knew that it was both one of the things that drove him crazy and one of the things he loved most about her.

He looked at Brennan adoringly and regretfully said "I should go Bones. I've got paperwork to file and stuff around the office to do."

"Oh hey," Ange backed up, feeling guilty. "I'm sorry for interrupting. You two should get back to...you know...talking. Pretend that I was never here and talk your brains out."

"No, I really should get going as well," she sighed, "I should get to work on some of the remains in limbo if there aren't any active cases. Call me if we get a case?"

"Definitely," Booth beamed. "I'll call you even if we don't have a case."

Brennan and Booth leaned over towards each other for a sweet but short kiss.

"Talk to you later." Booth said as Brennan exited the SUV.

"Talk talk, or have sex talk?" asked Brennan.

"Oh boy," he said with an amused shake of his head. "I'll call you if we have a case. If not I'll see you at lunch."

"Are we going to talk then?" asked Brennan flirtatiously, leaning on the driver's side window.

"We'll get something to eat," he replied in a low throaty voice that made Brennan blush. "And maybe we'll do some talking too."

"I can't wait." she purred.

He gave her a kiss on the forehead and started up the engine. Brennan stood back and watched as he drove off. She sighed happily before remembering that her best friend was beside her.

"What?" She started as she walked towards the elevators. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"God I envy you," Ange replied, catching up with her best friend. "Is he as amazing as I imagine that he is?"

"I can't possibly know how you envision him to be," mused Brennan. "But he is amazing."

"I'm glad for you sweetie," said Angela sincerely as she gave Brennan a hug. "I really am."

"Thanks Ange," replied Brennan, briefly hugging Angela back. "We should get to work though."

Once in the elevator, Brennan reassumed her professional demeanor and discussion of her personal life ceased. Ange went to her office, smiled mischievously, and grabbed her cell phone from her purse. She sent a quick text before getting to work.

JustUs meet lunch. Discuss new mission plan.