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Halloween Night

The Witching Hour

Kayla fidgeted in her seat as her parents snapped picture after picture. Why were moms and dads so obsessed with their cameras anyway? Weather it was her birthday, Christmas or Halloween she always ended up having to sit still as they took pictures of her. She looked at the clock on the microwave and saw that it was just turning 5 o'clock. It was time to go already! Where were her brothers and sister?

Connor smiled as his girlfriend walked down the stairs. Even in the bar maid outfit she looked sexy. The white shift hung from her shoulders showing off a little bit of cleavage. The nape of her neck was exposed as her hair had been upswept into a bun and a few tendrils hung down. The eye liner she wore made her look even more like a seductive temptress.

"Hey Connor."

Connor swallowed as his eyes swept over her. "Hi…Rockstar….Kira…wow."

Kira giggled as she stepped closer to him and kissed him softly. He smiled into the kiss wrapped his arms around her pulling her closer.

The former yellow dino ranger was enthralled with her handsome pirate. He wore the tunic unbuttoned showing off his muscular chest. She giggled at the tattoo he had put on on a heart with her name on it. His gold earring glittered in the light and he wore a red sash he hadn't worn before…and a pair of boots? He looked like a pirate…her pirate. Her heart skipped a beat when he pulled her close. His lips were firm and she melted into the kiss.

That was when she felt something hard press into her stomach. She didn't say anything but part of her felt pleased that she could evoke such a reaction out of him. It made her feel…powerful. She stepped back giving him a moment to regain his composure.

Connor closed his eyes and took a deep breath and then opened his eyes again smiling at her. One day soon Kira. I can't wait to make you mine.

"Shall we, my handsome pirate?" she asked before walking out the door swaying her hips seductively.

Connor grinned. He'd follow that sexy woman everywhere. He closed the door and led the way out to the car. She chuckled when she saw he flew a pirates flag from his antenna and a metallic skull hung from the rear view mirror. He walked to the passenger side and swept his arm out. "Welcome aboard the HMS Tyrro-Rex my lovely lady. We're ready to set sail on your command."

Kira smiled adoringly at him. "But I'm just a bar maid. You're the captain of this ship."

Connor closed the distance again. He kissed her cheek and then moved his lips down to her collar bone sucking on it gently and then he looked her in the eye and whispered, "Kira Ford, you were never just a barmaid. You're the captain tonight. My ship will take you anywhere. I await your command."

Kira smiled at him and kissed him full on the lips. "Let's get going then my handsome pirate. We need to pick up our witch and wizard before we visit the lair of the vampires."

"This is the weirdest conversation we've ever had." she added a second later.

Connor grinned. "It's Halloween. That's when all the weirdo's are out."

You got that from "Hocus Pocus."


Kira just shook her head and allowed him help her into the car pulling her skirt in after her.

Once Connor got into the driver's seat they took off for Ethan's house.

30 minutes later…

Tommy Oliver, or rather, Count Thomas Oliver sat on the recliner with his sexy victim on his lap…feeding his lust for the taste of human blood.

"Mmmm…my lord. You are the most sexy vamp…I love it when you do that." she said in a soft voice so her daughter didn't hear them. "Do I taste good?"

The sexy count grinned down at her with gleaming fangs covered in blood. He gently ran his hand on the side of neck over the little holes that he'd been sucking on previously.

"You taste divine my dear lady. I could get drunk on you."

His lovely victim moaned seductively. "Later my lord. The youngling is still in the room." she said nodding towards their daughter. "Once she's gone, you can feast on me all you want."

Count Thomas Oliver chuckled evilly. "I'll hold you to it, my lady."

The lady Oliver ran her tongue over her lips making her husband moan softly.

They were snapped out of their revelry as the door rang. Lady Oliver got up taking a moment to straighten out her burgundy colored skirt and smooth out her red bodice. She swayed her hips seductively as she walked over to the door. Behind her the Count groaned again. His lady was so damned sexy when she was in this mood. How could he keep his hands off her when she acted this way…could he hold himself off for the three hours of giving candy out before he could satisfy his own sweet tooth?

He groaned again absentmindedly rubbing the bulge in his pants…before he forced himself to stop. He had to hold it together for the next three hours after all!

Especially when his rangers walked in. He arched an eyebrow as he saw the odd group that had volunteered to take his little girl out to demand candy from total strangers.

They did look odd. A pirate, a barmaid, a witch and a wizard…and his daughter, the ninja would be joining them. He chuckled softly at them.

"Very interesting choice of costume. Let me get my camera… this is one for the family album."

Kayla groaned. "Daddy! You've been taking pictures all night! Can't we just go now?"

Tommy grinned. "Sorry little ninja. Taking pictures on nights like this is listed under the list of parental prerogatives. Just go stand by your big brothers and sister. This will only take a moment."

Kayla rolled her eyes and in the next second was scooped up in the pirate's arms. "Just hold still your ninja-ness."

Several pictures later they finally escaped from the vamps lair and made for the car. After checking to make sure the ninja was buckled in safely, Connor started the car, popped in the soundtrack for Pirates of the Caribbean,turned up the volume, and pulled out of the driveway.

They pulled up to Halloween Hollow. A neighborhood that was notorious for being the most festive. At the beginning of the street was an old rickety looking sign. In blood red words was the following message:


Your are now interring 'Halloween Hollow.'

Parents and guardians, please keep your kids with you.

We worked hard all year to decorate our yards for your entertainment.

Anyone caught vandalizing, egging or toilet papering will be personally escorted out by our resident Undertaker and dragged to jail.

You have been warned!!!!

Courtesy: The Neighborhood Watch

Connor eased his car into a parking spot, put up the hood and after everyone exited the car he locked the doors. He patted the hood. "You'll be okay my girl. We'll be back in a little bit."

Kira rolled her eyes. She'd gotten used to the idea that the Mustang was her boyfriend's favorite. She refused to be jealous of a car!

In the next second, she felt an arm around her waist. "Lets go Rockstar."

And so the motley crew of revelers began their little adventure.

The neighborhood had definitely earned it's name as it was more like a Halloween town. The haunts ranged from a land of fantasy to a mad doctor's laboratory, to a bar for drunk skeletons.

As a rule horror characters such as Freddy and Jason were not allowed as it was a safety issue. As an added precaution, a few adult and teenage volunteers dressed as ghostly characters roamed up and down the streets. They weren't hard to spot as they wore ragged clothing bleached white and wore white makeup in their face and hair.

"Whoa cool." Connor said in admiration.

Melanie grinned. "This is where I found my love for Halloween. This is the safest neighborhood in Reefside. My parents house is the headquarters for this entire operation and it's a 'safe house' Any kids get that happen to get lost are brought there. Its equipped for anything."

"Trouble makers and vandals are taken down to the undertaker's house. Where the police are called. Everything and everyone is watched.

"Awesome." Ethan said. "I can't wait to see what they have to offer."

Kayla looked around her with a hint of apprehension. The houses sure looked scary to her. But then she looked up trustingly at her pirate protector. Nothing could happen to her without Connor knowing. She hugged him.

"Are you scared?" Connor said kneeling down to her level.

Kayla looked up at him shaking her head profusely. "No, I'm a ninja! Ninja's don't get scared!"

Melanie smiled down getting to her level as well. "Do you remember the animatronic Ethan showed you at the shop?"

Kayla nodded.

"Well, any monsters you see here are just machines with good wiring and I know there will be a lot of them here. But you have nothing to be scared of. And it's an unwritten rule among haunters that visitors aren't to be touched."

"They can come running up to you or jump out at you or chase you but they can't grab you. It's also a rule that if you're scared of coming in the yard that you can ask them to come to you or disable their props so you can get the candy. All you have to do is ask."

Connor smiled at her. "So you see there's nothing to be afraid of okay?"

Kayla hugged him again. "Lets go! I want some candy."

Melanie chuckled. "That's the spirit! Come on!" Kayla grabbed her hand and they set off.

Kayla felt a lot better after hearing that…but in the back of her mind she was worried. "What if Marcus was here? She gulped and held tight to Melanie's hand.

Melanie was as good as her word. The people who lived in Halloween Hollow were really nice! The Ball and Socket lounge (the skeleton's bar) gave her a glowing necklace and a juice box.

The Mad Scientist's lab gave out small plastic beakers of tart candy. That place was so cool! Their were lighting balls every where! And glowing vials with science experiments laid on the table and Dr. Mandrake gave her another glowing necklace too!

With each haunt she visited she was getting braver and braver. She walked fearlessly into the UFO crash sight with its green vortex and flashing sirens.

And then into the Vampires Labyrinth with it's numerous vamps both tall and short…she didn't even mind the fog that filled the yard. She walked right through it! At the end of the maze sat the head vampires. A tall man and woman in full costume sat on thrones with a Rottie sitting next to them. But the dog was tame and walked right up to her and lowered it's head so she could pet it. The vampires smiled at her and gave her yet another glow necklace before handing her a pop corn ball. She thanked them and walked back out to the road.

By now her bag was getting full. It was already too heavy for her to carry and so Connor now held onto it for her.

The next stop was a foreboding place. It was an old spooky cemetery. Fog billowed out from between the realistic tombstones and creepy music came out of the hidden speakers. Spiders were everywhere as were crows. Spider webs covered the largest tombstone.

It was old looking with cracks all over it. The epitaph was caught her attention. It said:


You are entering Nightwing cemetery!

This ancient burial ground is guarded well by the cemetery guardian and her watchdog.

Those who enter to pay respects to the honored dead will leave the cemetery alive and well.

Desecrators will be taken down and buried alive!!!

You have been warned!!!

As if to emphasize the dangers of desecrating the cemetery, a dead body lay in an old rusty wheelbarrow next to a hole in the ground. A half empty egg carton lay next to it.

A clear pathway marked the way to the front door. Kayla looked at the body uncertainly…she just knew something was wrong with it. Though the figure looked dead, she could vaguely see the chest moving up and down. She crept closer to it.

Just then a chainsaw was heard. Kayla whipped her head around to see Jason running toward her. She looked up to see Connor. He was grinning and not doing a thing to save her.

Jason was nearly to her!

As he passed the body a figured jumped out in front him and yelled really loud.

Jason nearly jumped out of his skin. He dropped his toy chainsaw and fell backward onto the sidewalk.

Kayla burst out laughing as she realized who it was. Marcus sat up groaning and then gasped as the figure spoke in a dark raspy voice.

"Welcome to my cemetery! I have a grave dug just for boys like you!"

Marcus gulped and scooted backward leaving a tell tale wet streak behind him.

Kayla laughed.

Marcus glared at her and then got up running to his big brother who shook his head and walked away into the night.

The figure laughed and turned around.

It was a woman! She wore tattered black clothes held to getter with safety pins. Her short hair had been styled in a messy fashion and she wore white face paint with three blazing red scars going from her temple down across her nose to the other side.

Her eyes twinkled in merriment. "Greetings Melanie. I was wondering if you were going to show up tonight."

Just then the figure in the wheel barrel sat up. It was Micah!

Hi Kayla. "You look really cool in that ninja costume."

"I didn't know you lived here." Kayla said pulling down her face mask.

"I don't. This is my aunt Kristen's house. She needed a look out since the other helper flaked out."

"Why didn't you move when that bully came after me?"

Micah pointed to his earpiece. "I can hear my aunt through this earpiece. She told me to not move. So I didn't. I told her about Marcus. She wanted to teach him a lesson."

"That was awesome." Melanie said. Then she turned to the others. "This is my best friend Kristen we've been friends since we were in kindergarten. I've been helping her build this cemetery all year."

Then she turned back to her friend.

"This is Connor, Kira, my boyfriend Ethan and their little sister Kayla."

"Nice to meet you guys." Then she got down to Kayla's level. "I hope I didn't scare you too much. How about a glow necklace. Oh and here's some M&M's Happy Halloween!"

Kayla grinned and Kristen gave a silent signal and instantly a little Chihuahua pranced out dressed in similar attire as his owner. This is Bronx. He's my watchdog."

The spent a few more minutes talking before Kristen had to get back in hiding waiting for the next victims. Micah told her bye before he laid back down in the wheelbarrow.

They returned home about 30 minutes later with their loot and after it was checked it was time for the ninja to get into bed. But not before she hugged her brothers and sisters good night.

"Thanks for taking Kayla out." Count Thomas said as his wife…er…victim took the half asleep ninja up the stairs.

"It was a load of fun." Connor said. "You have got to visit Halloween Hollow next year. Its an awesome place. When Kira and I get married. We're moving there!"

The older vampire raised an eyebrow.

Kira came to her boyfriends rescue. "It's okay. We're not eloping to Vegas. We're taking our time."

"Good to know." said the count yawning…though he didn't look sleepy at all.

The visitors didn't dare ask any questions and they hurried to vacate.

Once they were gone, the count locked the doors, turned out the porch light and the living room lights and hurried up the stairs two at a time.

The wait was over!

Later on

Connor pulled up to the fords houses. He helped her out of her seat and walked her up to the door.

"You're the sexiest bar maid ever. I can't wait to find out what's under that skirt of yours."

Kira grinned and kissed him passionately. "One day my mysterious pirate. On our wedding night you can explore all you want."

Connor grinned. "It will happen Rockstar." He pulled a tiny ring from his back pocket. He gave his girlfriend a serious look. "I promise beloved, I will marry you. This promise ring is just a place holder."

His newly promised one kissed him again. "I love you Connor."

"And I you Rockstar." Connor said as he pushed the ring with the princess cut stone on her finger.

And to seal the deal they kissed again. The kiss seemed to go on and on till the lights of the Ford house came on.

Connor grinned. "See you tomorrow Rockstar."

Kira grinned. "I can't wait my handsome pirate."

Then she went inside.

This had turned into the best Halloween anyone had ever had.

The End

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