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For the Love of Emmett

Chapter 1—The Plan

It was amazing, really, how such little effort it took to silence an entire cafeteria. All he had to do was walk through the door, and the eyes of every female followed him with varying degrees of lust and admiration.

Two pairs of eyes, one brown and one blue, followed him as intently as everyone else's.

"God, he looks good today," sighed Brown eyes.

"He looks good every day. Do you think he got a haircut? It looks different today," responded Blue.

"No, I think he just styled it differently. See, he gelled it instead of leaving it messy."

"Right," sighed Blue. "He does look good today, but I think I miss the mussed look."

"I don't," Brown retorted, sullenly. "At least now he doesn't look like he was just making out with her." She glared at the blonde holding his hand. Rosalie. She hated her, simply because she was able to do what Brown desperately wanted to but was unable. She wondered if Rosalie even knew how fortunate she was to be with him. Judging from the smile that never faded, she did. Damn.

A boisterous laugh rippled across the cafeteria, shaking her out of her thoughts. Her eyes automatically shot to the object of her affection and the source of the noise. Emmett Cullen. Her heart clenched at the sight of his head thrown back in enjoyment over something said at his table. A longing to be the one to incite one of his laughs coursed through her.

"This has to stop, Bella." Blue suddenly said, firmly placing both hands on the table to emphasize her point. She looked over at her best friend in confusion, the conversation taking a dramatic turn.

"What do you mean?"

"We need to stop dreaming about him. We need to stop just staring at him and actually do something! It's senior year. If we don't do something now, we won't be able to once he leaves for college."

"Alice, it's senior year. He's been with Rosalie for the past three years. What can we possibly do now that we haven't tried before?" Bella attempted to voice some reason. She thought back to all of the attempts that they had made over the last four years.

The realization that they were both in love with the same guy tested their friendship during freshman year. It was only their loyalty and love towards each other that prevented a falling out. Instead, they decided that whomever Emmett chose, the other would do her best to be happy for her friend.

They began by simply gravitating towards him, trying to learn as much as they could through proximity as he talked to other people. They each tried to help the other shine by laughing and talking a bit too loudly about topics they knew he was in to whenever he was nearby. Their efforts were rewarded by the occasional instances of him sending a smile their way or picking up on their topic and discussing it further with his friends.

Their plan of slowly bringing him into their conversations was foiled midway through freshman year. That was when she transferred to their school. Within one week, she had Emmett wrapped around her little finger. By the end of the month, it was official. Emmett Cullen was off the market.

The girls responded with their first plan. If Emmett could be made to realize how truly unworthy Rosalie was, maybe his eyes would be opened to them. They started by subtly spreading around rumors that Rosalie was forced to transfer because she was expelled. They tried to slip in that she was expelled for delinquency, but finals proved that she was an exemplary student.

The next plan was to make Rosalie appear mentally unstable. They made up stories of seeing her flipping out at a store or restaurant, of her going off on her parents, and (their personal favorite), of witnessing her stalking Emmett while he was home or at football practice. Unfortunately, she was so sweet that the rumors were generally disregarded. They even saw Emmett laughing loudly out of disbelief one time after being told one of the rumors. After that, they decided to try another tactic. Fortunately, they both looked so innocent that no one knew that they were the generators of the rumors. A lifetime of practice had granted the girls the ability to subtly give out information in such a way that the hearer could never really remember where they heard their information; they simply thought that they had known it all along.

Their next strategy was to become associated with Rosalie. They both tried out, and made, the cheerleading squad at the beginning of their sophomore year. Rosalie was made team captain. Once again, she had beaten out the girls without even realizing she was in a competition with them. With a lot of practice, Bella and Alice were actually pretty decent at dancing, though neither could truly compare to the natural grace and ability embodied in Rosalie.

Making the squad was worth the effort, as Emmett would often come to watch their practice. Everyone on the team put forth a greater effort when he was there. Even Rosalie noticed, though she was oblivious as to the reason why. She assumed that it was simply having an audience, not the specificity of who was in the audience.

Despite their best efforts, however, they were never able to get particularly close to Rosalie. She tended to spend time with Emmett, and only a handful of others. Everyone else was simply an acquaintance in her mind.

Because of these and many other attempts to be noticed by the famous Cullen, Bella was not truly surprised when Alice announced that she had a new plan. She was, however, surprised at the next word that came out of Alice's mouth.


"What about him?"

"Edward is our in."

"Edward Cullen? How in the world is he our in?" Bella stared at her in confusion.

"Think about it. He's Emmett's little brother, and Emmett adores him. They are always hanging out together. Whoever dates Edward would probably spend a lot of time around Emmett too. With that kind of proximity, it would only be a matter of time before he realized how much better she is than the skank he's with now."

"Why would Emmett go for Edward's girlfriend? And who the heck would date Edward anyway? Have you seen him lately? Yech!"

"I know, he's not the hottest thing around, but he may have some potential."

They both looked over at Emmett's table at the smaller male next to him. His hair was long and shaggy, as if he hadn't bothered to brush or cut it in much too long of a time frame. His clothes were baggy, likely hand-me-downs from his muscular brother. Square black frames hid his one redeeming feature as they obscured the brilliant green that hid behind them.

"Potential?" Bella quirked her eyebrow. Edward was everything that Emmett wasn't. Why would any girl in her right mind want to go out with him?

"At least he has pretty eyes," Alice shrugged. "But that's not the point right now. The point is, one of us needs to get him to go out with us. Then, the other can tag along whenever Emmett is around. He's bound to start getting interested in one of us."

"Okay, assume for a minute that we try this. How do we decide who has to date the nerd?"

"Same way we always do?"

Bella sighed. "Fine. You know, we really need to think of a new way to do these things. We might be getting a bit too old for these games."

"Who said this was a game?" Alice quipped, as they both settled in for their contest. Brown eyes met blue as each willed their lids to stay open. After a few minutes, which felt like hours, their eyes were beginning to tear. The image of Emmett's little brother gave Bella the will to keep here eyes open past the point when her body ached for her to close them. A sudden gust of wind hit her eyes and she blinked reactively.

"Hah! You blinked!"

"No fair! The wind hit me! Come on, best two out of three?"

"No way, Swan! You know the rules." Alice leaned back and folded her arms in victory as Bella hung her head down in defeat. The rules of the staring contest were as simple and concrete as when they were first established in second grade. First one to blink loses. No exceptions, no do-overs.

"Fine," she huffed. "So what exactly do I need to do?"

"Simple. Just get Edward to start dating you. Then, hang out with him and Emmett a lot, and have me hang out with you too, of course."

"Irritating pixie. You are so lucky you're cute."

"You love me and you know it. Now, put on your 'Swan charm' and go knock the socks off of that boy."

Bella assembled her face into a cunning smile as the bell rang, signaling the end of lunch. Time to head to Biology, which she just so happened to have with Edward. "Look out, Eddie boy. You are going to have no idea what hit you."