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longing – a deep rooted desire to touch what is out of reach

Senbonzakura longed for Sode no Shirayuki. When the desire started, when it rooted itself deeply into his soul, such an answer eluded him. But Senbonzakura knew this emotion within him was no shallow, petty feeling. It was vast and it was solemn.

If only, he knew what Sode no Shirayuki thought of him…

If only, he could reach out with his own arms to hold her solitary form.

But Sode no Shirayuki was unreachable. She was a shadow in the distance, always beckoning him and always dancing just beyond his grasp. And if he did ever catch her, would she be too cold, too unfeeling?

"Scatter, Senbonzakura."

His partner was calling for his shikai form and Senbonzakura released himself to the sensation of fracturing himself into a thousand tiny pieces…

"Dance, Sode no Shirayuki!"

Senbonzakura swirled at a leisurely pace, circling around Byakuya and Rukia and the gleaming white beauty that was Sode no Shirayuki. This was the only moment he really had the chance to interact directly with her. All the other times, all he could do, was admire her from afar.

There was no other zanpakuto he wanted to converse with – only Sode no Shirayuki!

Senbonzakura easily evaded Sode no Shirayuki's attacks, which were too slow, even if there was power beneath the icy beauty. He wouldn't say it was child's play to keep her at bay, but there was a difference in their abilities. He was stronger and definitely faster.

He could feel her annoyance, her desire to prove a challenge to him.

But Byakuya had a century on Rukia and he always would.

Senbonzakura floated back, solidifying in Byakuya's grasp as Sode no Shirayuki faded in Rukia's hand. The power of shikai had left and it left Senbonzakura feeling lightheaded and exalted. He wondered if it was the same for Sode no Shirayuki, or if it was entirely different. Who knew?

Maybe one day, at some moment, Sode no Shirayuki would dance with him as his equal. When that time came, Senbonzakura would finally speak to her, to share all his thoughts, and to let her know that even at her rawest self she was still utterly lovely. And maybe when that happened, Byakuya would come to terms with his own feelings for Rukia.

Some day… one day… in the not so distant future.


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Released on October 26, 2009.