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He didn't know how long he'd been there and frankly it didn't really matter anymore. Dull green eyes stared unblinkingly out at the grey sea from the small window before their owner turned away and slumped onto the rickety cot. If the bars were just slightly further apart he would have left years ago but even with how thin he had become the gap was still too narrow for him to slip through.

He shivered as the usual cold presence made itself felt but it no longer affected him like it did the other prisoners. He didn't know why, even in his other form it should have some affect but it didn't and he knew he wasn't completely insane, yet. He huddled in on himself as the screams began all around him.

What had he done to deserve this fate? He snorted softly, watching as his breath turned to steam. He'd done what he'd been made for. He'd fulfilled their precious prophecy and saved them all and for what? He hadn't even been conscious when they'd thrown him in here, there had been no trial, no chance for escape, nothing but the cold hard stone floor of his new room.

He knew he'd been there for more than two years only because he'd gained his inheritance, it was only then that the Dementors had stopped affecting him. Before that...he shuddered to remember what he'd been like back then. He didn't even know if he could still talk after screaming his throat bloody so many times.

He'd never even had a single visitor the entire time he'd been there which was kind of odd. He'd expected someone to come and gloat, Dumbledore or some Ministry idiot. It would have been nice if one of his friends had come to visit but he didn't really blame them for not wanting to, Azkaban wasn't exactly a holiday destination and the high security wing made the rest of the place look like a resort. That was of course if any of them still considered him a friend, who knew, maybe they had finally bowed to Ministry pressure or the wisdom of the all knowing Albus.

Being locked in a cell was good for one thing; it had given him a lot of time to think about things. One of those had been the prophecy, more importantly its wording. After going over it mentally many times he had performed a little test, not caring too much if he were proved wrong at the time. Unfortunalty, or maybe fortunately, he had been proven right. "And either must die at the hands of the other for neither can live while the other survives". Thanks a lot Trelawney, like he wanted immortality? He wondered if they'd let him out in a couple of centuries when they'd forgotten all about him and dear old Tom but he doubted it.

He made the choice then and there, one way or another he was following Sirius' example and escaping.