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Chapter 9

Sam stood in the doorway, staring at Harry's unmoving form and his older brother fast asleep in a chair beside the bed. It had been two months since Harry had collapsed and there had been no changes at all. Something was keeping him completely healthy and fit despite the fact he hadn't eaten, drunk or so much as twitched in all that time. Dean shifted and started awake, hand going for his gun.

"Just me Dean." Sam called and Dean relaxed, blinking sleepily at him and Sam moved into the room. "How long have you been in here?"

Dean shrugged and looked at his watch, blinking in shock. "Uh….."

"Come on Dean, go grab a shower and actually eat something. Then sleep in an actual bed." Sam tugged him up and Dean stumbled groggily but then looked at the bed and Sam smiled sadly. "I promise I'll get you if anything changes. Killing yourself isn't going to help Harry and he'll be pissed when he wakes up if you've made yourself sick." Sam explained and Dean nodded sleepily before leaving the room. Sam sat in the chair Dean had vacated, settling in to keep an eye on Harry, grabbing his book from where he'd left it. Several hours later he paused and lowered the book, staring at Harry and then he froze as he saw….was he really seeing that? "Harry?" He called, reaching out to touch Harry's hand, feeling it twitch. "Come on Harry, you can do it." Sam pleaded and Harry's hand moved as if searching so Sam took it. "Dean! Bobby!" He called out loudly. Deans tumbled in, wet from his shower and Sam looked at him. "He's moving."

"Harry?" Dean whispered and Sam moved away. Harry moaned, head tossing slightly, hand searching ad Dean grasped it. "We're here Harry, wake up please." Dean begged. Ever so slowly emerald eyes fluttered open to stare at him and Dean smiled. "Hey. You've been out for a while so don't try to talk." Dean looked around and Sam handed him a glass of water. Dean held it to Harry's lips and Harry sipped.

"De'n." Harry coughed and Dean nodded.

"You scared us." Dean whispered, staring at Harry. Neither of them noticed Sam joining Bobby in the doorway or the two men leaving them alone. Harry just looked at Dean, feeling a bit out of it but feeling the contract pulsing in his magic. He'd saved Dean. "The Hounds….they never came. You did it, didn't you? You saved me." Dean whispered and Harry nodded. "You stupid crazy wizard." Dean grumbled and Harry smiled tiredly. Harry squeezed his hand and Dean sighed. "Thank you." Harry smiled at him.

"How long?"

"You showed up and passed out…two months ago. Scared us." Dean admitted.

"Sorry. "

"Shh, go to sleep, you can explain when you're more awake." Dean told him and Harry nodded, eyes already slipping shut but he didn't release Dean's hand.

Dean hovered as Harry made his way downstairs, much to the amusement of his brother and Bobby. Harry smiled at Dean and sat down on the couch, he was still tired, his core almost back to normal, but he was still physically fit thanks to his magic sustaining his body while he was out. He lean back against the cushions and smiled when Dean put a plate of sandwiches in his lap. He wasn't sure why Dean was pretty much refusing to leave his side, he hoped it was because Dean liked him a lot and prayed it wasn't because Harry now held his contract.

"So you gonna tell us what the hell you did to put yourself in that state?" Bobby demanded and Harry sighed.

"We already know you did something to keep the Hounds from Dean…."

"Tell me you didn't make a deal to trade you for me." Dean pleaded when Sam trailed off and Harry smiled.

"No deals, promise. I just….had a bit of a chat with Lilith." Harry hedged. Bobby just stared at him and Harry sighed. "Fine I summoned the bitch, we had a 'chat' involved a lot of stuff you don't wanna know, she gave me Dean's contract and I sent her as deep into hell as possible in return." Harry snapped and all three hunters stared at him in a mixture of shock and confusion.

"You….you have my contract?" Dean whispered and Harry stared at him before nodding. "What does that mean? Shouldn't Sam have died when the hounds didn't come?"

"Not unless I enforce the terms of the contract, so Sam's safe. What it means….technically? I own your soul though what I'd do with a soul…." Harry babbled and Dean slowly took his hand, making Harry stop.

"You own me?" Dean asked and Harry shrugged.

"Technically just your soul.

Harry looked up as Sam joined him sitting on the porch steps.

"Thanks." He whispered and Harry shrugged. "You love him, don't you?"

"What?" Harry stared at Sam in shock and a little fear and Sam smiled.

"I saw you….the night you left I was awake. Dean…when we realised you had done something to save him, he doesn't understand why. But it's because you love him."

"Sam I….." Harry trailed off and looked away.

"Harry you're my friend, you've saved my life…..and I think you'll make Dean happy." Sam finished and Harry turned to stare with wide eyes.

"Sam, you…."

"Don't mind you with Dean as long as I don't have to watch." Sam teased and Harry smiled slightly.

"Do you think he?"

"I think he does but doesn't realise it yet." Sam admitted. "He barely left your side while you were out after all."

"Sam he…I…I'm immortal and I hold Dean's contract….." Harry whispered and Sam frowned in confusion before staring in shock.

"You mean…..Dean's immortal too?" Sam choked and Harry nodded, hugging his knees.

"It was the only way to keep the contract safe so no one else could use it. My magic absorbed it to keep it safe so he is tied to my magic." Harry admitted and Sam looked down.

"You'll….you'll look after him for me? He sold his soul within a day last time I died; he'll need your help." Sam whispered and Harry nodded, pulling Sam into a hug.

"I'll look after him forever. But you don't have to worry for years; there are ways with magic to extend even a muggles life." Harry promised and Sam blinked in shock before nodding. They both looked up as they heard a familiar engine approach and Sam slipped back inside to give the two some time alone.

Harry watched in amusement as Dean proceeded to rob the poor players' blind, Sam nearby on his laptop. Sam glanced up when Harry snickered and grinned at the wizard. They both tensed when some rather large men angrily approached Dean, ready to back him up when the fight started. Sure enough not a minute later they were ducking punches while throwing their own until they got to the door and took off. Sam split form them when it looked like they might be followed but Harry stuck with Dean. They finally stopped in an alley, both breathing hard but grinning. Dean stumbled slightly, the alcohol he'd drunk making its presence known but Harry steadied him. Dean stared at him intensely and Harry stared back, heart pounding. Dean moved closer until their lips brushed and both gasped as Harry's magic, and therefore Dean's soul contract, reacted. Dean moaned and pulled him closer and Harry willingly complied, wrapping himself around Dean. They parted for air and Dean stared at Harry in shock.

"Dean?" Harry whispered, scared that Dean would run.

"I…." Dean was panting for air and looked so confused. Harry reached out to gently stroke his face and Dean shivered but slowly calmed down. "I can't…..we shouldn't…" Dean stuttered.

"Why not Dean? I…I love you, have for a while. You think I'd take on a demon like Lilith for just anyone?" Harry whispered and Dean stared at him in shock. Harry loved him?

"Love me….Harry I…"

"Shh, it's okay Dean, don't expect you to say it back." Harry assured him. "I know you like me, that you're attracted to me." Harry whispered and Dean shivered again, unable to deny it. This time it was Harry who leant in and Dean froze before slowly responding, holding on to Harry tightly as they kissed. They parted again and Harry grinned at Dean who slowly grinned back. "Hang on." Harry whispered and Dean tightened his grip as Harry apparated back to the motel room to find Sam waiting with a knowing smile.

Dean held Sam while Harry forced potion after potion down his throat, Dean massaging to make Sam swallow. Dean couldn't stop his hand from shaking though as he stared at his brothers too pale face, Sam had lost way too much blood but Harry seemed confident he could save him. Things had been so calm in the year since Lilith had been sent back that the sudden attack had taken them all by surprise. Sam had dodged too slowly, the blade lodging in his stomach even as Harry's magic destroyed their attackers. Now Sam was fighting for his life, unconscious in Dean's arms. Finally Harry stopped and peeled back the blood soaked rag over Sam's stomach to reveal what looked like a newly formed scar and they both relaxed.


"He'll be okay when he wakes up." Harry assured him and Dean shuddered, leaning his head to rest against Sam's. 'Come on, let's clean him up and then get some sleep." Harry whispered and Dean nodded, lowering Sam to the pillow. Harry let him do the actually cleaning, handing whatever he needed. Once they were down they fell into bed together, Harry wrapped around Dean who clung to him silently, dealing with how close he'd come to losing Sam again.

The three men stood in front of the pyre, watching sadly as the body upon it burned. Harry turned and buried his head against Dean who held him tightly. Sam stood slightly behind them, one hand on Dean's shoulder as they watched Bobby's funeral pyre until the sun came up. Bobby had gone out how he'd wanted, fighting demons. He'd made it to an incredible age for a hunter; seventy six was a good age really for anyone. Sam was pushing forty now but thanks to Harry's work didn't seem to have aged a day form when they'd first met, his lifespan now extended beyond muggle normal. Bobby had left them his house and business, knowing they needed a base of operations, especially for when Sam eventually got too old to hunt.

As the sun rose and the pyre burnt out they headed back to the house, Sam to the room he used to share with Dean and Dean and Harry to the master bedroom. They stripped off and fell into bed, kissing and touching, needing to confirm that the other was alive and well.

Harry chuckled as Sam awkwardly held his son, not quite sure what to do with the baby. It had been Sam's idea, to make sure Dean always had a family member to watch out for. Dean and Harry obviously wouldn't be having kids so Sam had found a woman willing to have his kid and in exchange Harry had set the woman up for life in New York. The newest Winchester was the spitting image of his Dad but with his mothers' curls.

"You gonna name my nephew before he turns three?" Dean teased and Sam rolled his eyes.

"I was thinking Robert John." Sam admitted and Dean stared in shock before blinking and leaning over to gently stroke the baby soft curls.

"Welcome to the family little Bobby." Dean whispered, helping adjust Sam's grip on the baby. "Hopefully you won't inherit your Dad's height." Dean added and Sam laughed. "You made one cute baby Sammy, I'm proud of you." Dean told him and Sam smiled, cradling the baby close.

Dean watched his brother and nephew as they bonded. He knew why Sam had sought Harry's help to find someone willing to give him a baby, Sam was setting things up for when he eventually died. He knew how badly Dean had taken his death the first time so he was making sure Dean had as much to live for as possible. It was sweet of him but no child or grandchild of Sam's would ever take Sam's place in his heart.

Sam laughed as Harry chased a nine year old Bobby around the yard, shoving a slowly greying strand of hair behind his ear. Considering he was sixty three today the fact that he was only just starting to get grey hairs was incredible. Harry guessed Sam had maybe another forty to sixty years left, plenty of time to end up a grandfather and to be with Dean and Harry. Sam hadn't hunted much since Bobby had come along, the kid needed a parent and Dean and Harry made a very formidable team. Without the stress and injuries of hunting Sam was hoping he could last the sixty years, he loved his family and didn't want to leave them ever but he was mortal.

"Happy Birthday little brother." Dean whispered and Sam turned to smile at Dean who hadn't changed at all since Harry had taken his contract. Sam looked down as Dean studied him, knowing his brother was taking in the changes age was making on him but then he was in Dean's arms, his young, healthy brother hugging him tightly. Dean had become a lot more open with his emotions since getting together with Harry and Sam loved it. Sam hugged him back, relaxing in his brothers arms, it was the place he'd always felt safest.

"Daddy!" Dean let Sam go so he could turn and catch Bobby as he ran to them, Sam hugging his son close.

"Hey kiddo, having fun with Uncle Harry?"

"Yep. Cake now?" He asked and the adults laughed.

"You bet kid." Dean answered.

Dean held Sam in his arms, talking softly to his brother as his breath wheezed in and out slowly. They both knew but that didn't keep Dean from pleading for Sam to stay with him. Sam weakly grasped Dean's hand in his age spotted one, his son and granddaughter sitting on chairs around the bed. Harry was sitting with Dean on the bed, holding Sam's other hand as the one hundred and twenty six year old clung stubbornly to life.

"I love you Sammy." Dean whispered, kissing Sam's forehead and Sam smiled at him.

"Love you." Sam breathed, his eyes falling closed. Dean hugged him tight as Sam took his last breaths, tears falling as his little brother went still in death. Dean clung to the body and sobbed, feeling Harry's arms wrap around him in support before his lover left to prepare things.

Two hours later the small family stood in front of the burning pyre, little Mary in her great uncles arms as she watched the fire in awe.

The End

Any of you hate me for making Dean live forever without Sam? At least the Winchester family will live on in Sam's descendants!