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Chapter 1 – Feels Like the First Time


Shit! Almost 7:30. Gotta hurry or I'm going to be late for my date.

I anticipated Wednesday nights with the desire of a strung out crack whore. I lived for them, and heaven only knew I needed the release after the shitty day I'd had. Learning that one of my favorite patients was back in the hospital had really upset me, and I needed to get rid of my pent up frustrations. There was definitely something to be said for getting nasty, sweaty, and being worn the fuck out as a means of expelling one's stress.

I felt confident in saying that no one, and I mean NO ONE, could make me sweat more or wear me the fuck out like Edward could.

Damn, Bella. You really make it sound so much more exciting than it actually is. You don't even know Edward's last name. The fact that you lust so hard for someone you have never spoken to, and only spend an hour a week with – in a room full of other people at that – really gives a new meaning to the word pathetic. Angela is so right. You need a life, sister.

With that thought I tied my bandana around my head durag-style and grabbed my water bottle and a towel. Flinging my gym bag over my shoulder, I trotted out of the women's locker room and made my way over to the cycle room.

I wanted to make sure my favorite bike at the back of the room was free. It was my spot of choice for many reasons, the most important being that I could eye fuck Edward with little chance of being caught. It was comforting to know that should he make random eye contact with me, I could always attribute the mad blush on my face to being flushed from exercise.

Being in the back had other advantages as well. There was always the possibility that Edward would try to strike up a conversation if I chose a bike in the front, and I simply couldn't have that. He frequently made small talk with the punk-ass-teacher's pets that sat in the first row before he started class, and I had absolutely no desire to demonstrate how fast I could morph into drooling-blithering-idiot Bella if Edward decided to speak to me.

Yep, obscurity was my middle name.

Cycle class, or "spin" as it was otherwise known, had become my new religion over the past three months. And bless me father, Edward was my new preacher. The fact that God himself had placed such a perfect, beautiful, sculpted specimen on this planet was proof that there was indeed a higher power.

Oh sweet Jesus. Those magnificent green eyes, the beautiful lips, that GQ jaw. Damn. Arms cut and defined, not overly bulky… I could only imagine his pecs and abs - probably a six-pack; no, screw that, an eight or ten-pack … I'd bet my life on it…

I hadn't missed one of Edward's classes since I joined the gym. Having just transferred from the respiratory therapy department at Seattle Children's Hospital to Dr. Cullen's private practice, I now actually had more time to go. It was a much needed change.

I had become far too attached to my patients and took it as a personal failure when their conditions worsened. Since I was no longer working crazy ass hours at the hospital, I broadened my horizons with a gym membership. I figured it would be a great way to meet new people and to get my ass tight enough to bounce quarters off of in the process.

Immediately spotting my coveted bike in the back corner, I scurried like the mouse I was past Edward who was flipping through his music. Once I got my bike adjusted, I hopped on to begin my ritual of warming up while simultaneously visually molesting Edward.

Ah, Edward. I love it when you wear your ball cap all turned backwards like that. Sigh. In no time, your shirt's gonna be soaked with that sweet Edward sweat. Dear lord but it makes my nether-regions achy seeing your muscles flex and contract. I bet being in between those glorious thighs would be like being caught in a fucking vice…

"Okay everybody; it's time to get started!"

The sweetest, most melodic voice on earth snapped me back into the present. "Welcome to indoor cycle. My name is Edward and I will be your instructor on this fine Wednesday evening." He began his usual pre-class explanations of proper bike set-up, general tips for first timers and a rundown of what drills he would be doing.

With the music now radiating from the sound system, it was time to get down to business. I let the rhythm engulf me as I concentrated on keeping pace with Edward's cadence. One of the things I loved most about spinning was the simplicity. I was one of the most uncoordinated and rhythmically challenged human beings in existence, and even I couldn't jack up peddling one foot in front of the other. If it were possible, I would have.

"Hit-hit-hit-hit-hit-hit-hit! That's your cadence guys. Just try and follow the beat of the music and stay with me. Focus on feeling the ride. Okay, in five, everyone up out of the saddle - five, four, three, two, one, everybody up!"

Yes, I would for sure hit-hit-hit that right there. Repeatedly and with much vigor would I hit that…..

"Everyone see the red knob just below the handle bars? Turning it to the right increases the tension, to the left decreases. Now, let's all reach down and add some love with a full turn to the right…"

Oh yeah, add tension. When he says "love" he means tension. Jeez, I hear the word love leave his lips and my wheels shoot off…focus Bella, focus. When did everything turn into a sexual innuendo with you? Well, maybe if you got laid, your mind would stay out of the gutter. I mean really, it's been so damn long since Garrett in radiology, you are probably a born-again virgin. Not that the sex was all that earth-shattering anyway. I mean, I thought it was nice; maybe it could have gotten better. What was it Garret said he was looking for again? Oh yeah, 'a woman that made him fall to his knees with her electric touch,' like there was such a thing. Although, last I heard he was seeing Kate from the ER…..

I was pulled out of my rambling thoughts yet again. "Alright, everyone have a seat, but don't touch the knob, keep the tension where it is," he called out in his clear, deep voice. "We have a seated climb for the next two minutes, followed by a three minute standing climb. Your legs will feel like jell-o, and that's exactly why you're here, guys. So, stay with me and push-push-push-push-push..."

I will push-push-push for as long as you want me to….jell-o legs, huh? I'm quite sure you could turn my whole body to jell-o, magic man.

In some of my favorite fantasies I had been locked between those glorious appendages. Just imagining being buried beneath Edward in all his glory had made my moments of self-loving so much better than it had ever been before.

Wait - self-love? Really Bella? I take pathetic back. Seriously, you are downright pitiable. I know it's psychologically sound to love yourself, but you give a whole new meaning to the term there lately, B.

It was all I could do to keep from bolting to the locker room to change my panties when his voice began to get husky over the headset.

"You should be getting breathless about now…"

Breathless, we surpassed breathless a long time ago, dude. We are now full-on fucking hyperventilating, my dear sweet spin god.

It was only then that I realized that Edward had hopped down off his bike and was checking on some of the participants during the mid-class recovery. Clearly I had been so lost in my Edward Happy Place that it had escaped me that it was half over. "Go ahead and take a minute to towel off a bit, and please make sure to drink some water. At this point your heart rate should come down slightly," he said, continuing to make his way around the room.

He chose that moment to walk towards my tucked-away corner of the room, briefly pausing in front of others asking them how they were doing. Suddenly, he stood before me, touching my handlebars, his hand just a few inches from mine.

"How about you? Are you doing alright? Heart rate beginning to come down a bit?" he asked me.

Shit! I think my heart has just fucking stopped altogether.

All I could do was dumbly nod my head in response. I was quite sure that the expression on my face was equal parts shocked and awed. Edward cocked his head to the side, shot me the cutest little lop-sided grin, and patted my handlebars. He then turned on his heels and walked back up to the front of the room to move on to the next set of drills.

Now, to the casual observer, I was sure that I looked like I was in full participation for the remainder of the class. My body continued to move and I was successful in keeping my legs peddling in succession to the music. In reality, I was on autopilot, because my brain had definitely checked the hell out on me. Yep, Bella went bye-bye. I was in a complete and utter fog at having been in such close proximity to the star of all my naughty daydreams.

And who knew that apparently having one's brain stunned caused a complete lapse in time, because the next thing I knew, class was nearly over and we were well into cool-down. Getting off the bike, I stretched my quads, hamstrings and calves just like Edward always demonstrated in front of the class. I concentrated on breathing deeply and enjoying stretching my muscles out. I could tell that I had been much tenser than I had originally thought.

"Good job everyone! I hope to see you all next Wednesday night," the delectable hunk of man meat at the front of the class said. "If anyone has any questions regarding any of the drills, please feel free to ask me. Also, please make sure that you continue to drink plenty of water. Dehydration can cause some pretty nasty muscle cramps," he explained. "Thanks again for coming. I hope all of you have a great week."

I grabbed my gym bag and water bottle. Looking around, I noticed that I was the last person left in the room. It would be a snafu of cataclysmic proportions if Edward were talk to me again, as I was sure that I would be unable to utter an intelligible word. Thankfully, he was crouched in front of the sound system putting his music away. I was fairly certain that I could just sneak out without him taking notice.

My eyes trained on the door in front of me, I walked with focus as though reaching the other side of that door held the key to my very salvation. But I was a weak-ass bitch who couldn't help but sneak one last glimpse of Edward to last me for the rest of the week.

This is where I fucked up, because I turned my head slightly in his direction at the very same moment that he lifted up his head. And he looked right at me. And then he smiled.

"Hey, thanks again for coming tonight. Did you get a good workout?" he politely asked.

"Um, yeah, I did thanks. It's a great class," I forced out of my mouth. Willing my feet to move, I left the room without a backwards glance as I heard him tell me to have a good night. It was moments like this where I truly wondered if I were born without a semblance of a spine whatsoever. Why couldn't I even engage in something so simple as small talk?

There was obviously a malfunction in my brain that rendered me incapable of forming coherent sentences in his presence. I was fully aware that most of the women that took Edward's class went out of their way to chat with him. Hell, some of them were absolutely shameless; they took every opportunity possible to put their sweaty mitts all over him. While I had no desire to be so unabashed, I did wish deep down that I could be a little bit braver where Edward was concerned. At the very least, I wanted to not lose my shit when he decided to acknowledge my existence.

I was still a little wound up from my face time with Edward, so I went to the sauna to try and relax a bit. There were very few people left at the gym due to the late hour, and I decided that some quiet "me time" was certainly warranted. I needed to settle down and hopefully get my nerves to untangle from the jumbled mess that they were currently in.

I was really happy to see that I was the only soul in the sauna. I figured that my sports bra was pretty much the same as being in a bikini top, so I didn't feel self conscious when I took off my sweat-soaked shirt. Even though the sauna was co-ed, I didn't want to have to worry about someone strolling in with me wearing nothing but a smile.

As long as I was getting comfortable, I figured that I would take off my shoes and socks, which felt really good. After getting myself semi-stripped down, I grabbed a towel out of my gym bag and plunked my sore gluteus-maximus down on the bench. I drew my knees up to my chest and draped the towel over my head. I allowed the warmth to envelop me as I did my best to empty my mind. I relished the peacefulness and concentrated on my steady breathing, the only sound filling the room. I decided that I needed to take advantage of the sauna more often.

Ahh, this is greatness.

My thoughts began to wander when all of the sudden the image of one of my patients, Seth Clearwater, popped into my head. I couldn't help but worry about the little guy. I knew we weren't supposed to have favorites, but Seth was my boy through and through. I loved that kid. I thought of calling the hospital just to check and see how he was doing: how his x-rays were, how frequently he was getting breathing treatments, what sort of meds Dr. Cullen put him on. I thought about trying to pick up an extra shift or two over the weekend so I could keep a better eye on him.

And that, ladies and gents, was the reason Bella Swan had no life. I was just too close to my patients. I adored Seth and his family with all of my heart. He had cerebral palsy and suffered recurring bouts of aspiration pneumonia, and because he was wheelchair bound, the immobility caused all sorts of junk to just settle in his lungs. Seth was known as a "frequent flyer" at Children's because he had a tendency to be in and out a lot, especially in the winter months. I always promised his parents that I would watch him like a hawk when I was working.

Seth was such a cool kid too. He didn't let his situation get the best of him. He always had the biggest smile for me no matter how sick he was. He really was an inspiration. Whenever I started the whole "woe is me" song and dance, I thought of Seth and how brave and strong he was. His big puppy-dog eyes would light up when I called him "my little trooper".

"I believe I was clear on the importance of hydration at the end of class," a plush-cushy voice suddenly spoke, bringing me quickly out of my musings.

Ripping the towel from my head, I blurted, "Christ almighty! I thought I was the only…." I stopped shortly as my brain and eyes synced up.

None other than Edward was sitting against the corner merely a few feet from me. And shirtless. And sweaty. Well fuckity-fuck-fuck-fuck!

"I'm sorry, wh-what?' I stammered.

"You know, water, make sure you keep drinking it? Good thing I decided to come in here," he continued. "Someone needs to make sure you don't pass out from heat exhaustion. Normally, you always bolt right after class, but I know you heard me this time, seeing as how you were the last one to leave the room. Can I ask your name so I make certain to single you out next week to make sure you listen to my instructions?" he reprimanded me teasingly.

"Um, Bella, Bella Swan. And you're Edward the spin teacher." Wow, you're quick there, B. Way to dazzle him with your intellect. I picked up my water bottle and took a big swig. "There, happy now?" I attempted as non-nervous a smile as I could conjure up, feeling quite certain that I had failed miserably.

"Very. And for the record, the surname is Cullen, not 'the spin teacher'. It's a pleasure to meet you, Bella." Edward leaned closer to me offering me his hand.

I extended my own hand out to him, all too aware that I was about to have actual physical contact, praying to whatever deity was on-call that I didn't piss myself. Or faint. Or drool. Or all three at the same time. When our hands met, I felt a slight jolt of energy or something that seemed to reverberate through my body, causing my heart to palpitate wildly. Maybe Garret was on to something about that whole electrical touch thing…

Suddenly, I realized the possible signifigance of his last name. "Wait, your last name is Cullen? Are you related to Dr. Carlisle Cullen by any chance?" Surely the world was not this freaking small. What were the odds?

Edward let go of my hand and scooted back to his position against the corner wall. "Indeed I am. He's my dad. Why? Do you know Carlisle?"

"Yes I do, he's my boss. I've been working with him for the last three months or so." Although my voice seemed calm, I was an internal mess - completely astounded that the very person I wished to do naughty, naughty things to was none other than my boss' son. Seriously, you couldn't write shit like this.

A look of understanding appearing on his face, he said, "Bella, short for Isabella, yeah?" I nodded. "So, you are the new therapist that my dad finally convinced to transfer to his office?" He looked incredulous as he continued, "To think, you have been right under my nose this whole time. Turns out I didn't need my dad being such a yenta after all," he mused.

"I don't follow. What do you mean, under your nose?" I curiously asked.

"Well, my dad told me a while back that he had persuaded a very sweet, intelligent, and beautiful respiratory therapist to jump ship from the hospital to work for him. I can only assume he was referring to you. Since then, Carlisle has been hounding me on a weekly basis to come up to his office and meet him for lunch so I can meet 'the new girl'. Dad is not one for subtlety I must admit." Edward's face broke out into a lop-sided grin, his explanation leaving me stunned.

"You've had conversations about me with your dad?" I wondered incredulously. "Oh dear God, how embarrassing!"

I was beyond mortified, although I had to admit that the revelation that Carlisle had mentioned me to his gorgeous offspring was making me tingle. "I had no idea that he was … I mean, Dr. Cullen never once mentioned … I mean he's has never said much about his family, really, although I have talked to your mom on the phone a few times. Esme's really sweet. But your dad! Ugh! He's been trying to what, set us up? Ugh, I'm gonna strangle him with his stethoscope when I see him in the morning…..please just kill me now!"

Forcing myself to stop babbling, I grabbed my towel and threw it back over my head. I now totally empathized with the poor schmucks from the Southwest Airlines commercials, just waiting to hear the 'ding' and voiceover of "wanna get away?"

Mirthful laughter suddenly filled the sauna. Edward slid over next to me and pulled the towel from my head. I could not bring myself to look at him, so I just sat there staring at my feet chewing my bottom lip. "I have a feeling far too many people would miss you, Carlisle included. He speaks very highly of you, Bella. While embarrassment isn't necessary, I must say that particular shade of it suits you."

I looked up at him, noticing that he was grinning from ear to ear, obviously enjoying my humiliation. Even though I was desperate to change the subject, I was very interested to learn more about Edward. I decided that I would pull a page from Seth's book and be a "brave little trooper." I was going to have a bona fide, non-panic-ridden, coherent conversation with Edward "the spin teacher and Carlisle's intensely hot son" Cullen.

Seeing as how we were confined in a small, heat-filled room, I took a deep breath of resolve. "So what is it that you do Edward, for gainful employment, besides teaching spin once a week?" I asked him.

"I'm a professor at UW. I teach classes in Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology for Rehabilitation Professionals. I know it's a mouthful, right?" Calling attention to his mouth, Edward took a drink of water from his sports bottle. I noticed a dribble sliding down his chin, falling seductively onto his perfect chest. I battled the urge from within to lean over and lick said dribble from said chest. Not an easy feat on my part.

"Totally makes sense, you being a teacher I mean. You have a gift for instruction." I stated. I pondered the dorkiness of my comment for a moment. I quickly added, "You're a really good teacher. I can see why it's your chosen profession."

"Well, Carlisle wanted me to practice medicine like him, but really I'm much more of an academic. I also wanted to have a life outside of work, so teaching just seemed the way to go." Edward grabbed his towel and wiped the beading sweat from his face and chest, thus saving me from the urge to just lick him in general. "So, Bella, what made you leave the hospital to go to work for my dad?"

"To be quite honest, like you, I wanted to have some sort of social life. I was working crazy hours, especially during winter months when the kiddos are the sickest. That time of year the hospital is so overrun and the staff is so slammed, I practically lived there. Coupled with the fact that I have a tendency to be a bit over protective with my patients, I found myself working so much that I didn't have time for anything else." I explained.

"Your decision to change jobs must have made any significant others happy to have you around more, yeah?" He asked in an odd tone casting a sideways glance. Wait, is he asking if I have a boyfriend?

"Umm, I'm able to go visit my dad more often now. Charlie is Chief of Police in Forks, a small town about three hours from here. It's easier for me to make weekend visits now that my work schedule is normal. My best friend Angela was pretty excited because we can actually hang out now. As far as any significant others are concerned, well there is no one who falls into that category at present, so…" My voice trailed off.

Leaning over and resting his forearms on his knees, we were now sitting shoulder to shoulder, mere centimeters separating us. Edward then gave me a playful bump and said, "Well, well, well. Isn't that a shame Ms. Swan?"

Hold the fuck on! Is he flirting with me? There is no way this is happening right now. Shit like this does not happen to me, Bella Swan. I am the wallflower in the back, not the vapid, hot-bod-bitch that gets noticed by gods like Edward.

And even though I was staggering in disbelief at my good fortune, I threw caution to the wind, because really, what were the odds that I would EVER have an opportunity like this ever again? Zero times infinity, that's what. With a new 'what have I got to lose' attitude, I just rolled with it. If he was indeed flirting, then I would enjoy the shit out of it and flirt right back.

To my surprise, our continued exchange flowed easily. He inquired about my career choice of respiratory therapy over nursing. That was easily answered: I did boogers, not blood, pure and simple. The rust and salt smell of blood made me retch like mad. He laughed at that, stating that he was unaware that blood actually had a smell at all.

We talked about our families, childhoods, and friends, basically all of the typical getting-to-know-you small talk. It was nice. Really, really nice. Edward was interesting. Edward was intelligent. Edward had a great personality. I was suddenly aware that any attraction I previously had to Edward was a tad more than physical now.

I liked him. I could like him a lot…

"Hey, I am about out of water. Want me to refill yours for you too?" He grabbed his water bottle and motioned towards mine.

I handed him my own and thanked him. I couldn't help but marvel at the perfection that was Edward's ass as he walked out of the sauna. I leaned back against the wall and gave myself a mental "atta girl" for finally finding a backbone and just talking to the dude. I wasn't going to worry about whether this little "tête-à-tête" would lead anywhere. I resolved to enjoy the ever-loving shit out of the moment and embrace it.

Yeah, I could do that.

I lolled my head to the side, trying to work out the stiffness in my neck and shoulders. I must have been carrying a shitload of stress up there, because they were always tight. There was this one spot, right on my shoulder blade with a knot the size of Rhode Island that always irritated the fuck out of me. I threw my arm over my shoulder, attempting to rub some of the soreness out, which was a bit futile on my part. I could never quite reach it…

"Here you go. The water is nice and cold." Edward paused, looking at me rubbing my shoulder. "Are you hurt?"

"I sort of have a perpetual knot right here that I can't ever get to," I said with a gesture. "It must be the way I sleep, I don't know, but this dammed thing bothers the hell out of me sometimes."

"Would you like me to try and work on it for you? I can be pretty good with my hands, or so I'm told." And then he flashed me the sexiest grin I had ever seen in all my life.

Edward is offering to put his hands on me? Edward wants to rub me? What are the odds that this gym has a portable O2 tank? I am failing miserably at converting oxygen to carbon dioxide at this juncture.

"Well, are you sure you don't mind? I mean that would be great, thanks," I somehow manage to stammer.

"I offered, didn't I?" he quirked. Resuming his position leaning against the back corner wall, Edward propped one leg on the bench and rested the other leg on the floor. He motioned for me to come and sit in front of him. It did not escape me that although my back would be turned to him, I would be nestled in between the very thighs that I had been fantasizing about not all that long ago.

Ironically, the tension in my body multiplied a hundred-fold as I sat down in front of Edward. My brain kept repeating to my lungs breathe, Bella, breathe over and over again. My body gave a slight joltas Edward placed his hands on my shoulders, kneading gently and causing my body to rock ever so slightly.

"Wow! You are so tense, Bella. These knots you have in your shoulders are horrible."

Edward increased the pressure of his ministrations, which caused me to lurch forward, tensing up even more.

"Bella, you really need to try to relax if this is going to do you any good," Edward advised. "Here, I want to try something. Do you trust me?" he asked.

"I guess I do, yeah. Why? What did you have in mind?"

Taking his iPod out of his gym bag, he placed one ear bud in my ear, the other in his. Selecting something to listen to, he said, "I just want you to sit back, relax, and listen to the music, okay? Try and focus on letting all of the stress and tension go. Think you can do that for me?"

I nodded, so he gently pulled me back to him. Only this time, my back was resting against his chest, my head against his shoulder. My lower was back positioned flush in between the Promised Land as both my legs rested on the bench, bent at the knees. Edward took my hands in his and gently massaged them. Poe's "Hey Pretty" suddenly filled the ear bud and I did just as Edward asked and listened to the music.

I felt the vibration from Edward's voice as he told me to deeply inhale and exhale, encouraging me to synchronize my breathing with his own. My body slowly began to relax with each squeeze, Edward having gradually moved from my hands to my forearms.

His hands felt so divine against my skin, it didn't even matter that we were both covered in sweat. I could have been grossed out, but honestly, it just made it seem more sensual, at least to me anyway. With closed eyes, I was completely enveloped in heat and sweat and Edward, and relishing how his hands and fingers were now working my shoulders. I was so totally lost in sensation that my body didn't even register the discomfort anymore.

Edward shifted ever so slightly behind me, bringing his lips within mere millimeters of my ear. I could feel his breath against my skin and if it weren't for the room being 140 degrees, I would have fucking shivered. I felt my own breathing quicken ever so slightly.

Hands down (pun fucking intended,) this is the single-most erotic moment of my life. I am absolutely certain that my undies are drenched with more than just sweat right about now.

Simultaneously, Edward's chest vibrated against my back, his voice tickling my ear with sounds, as he softly started to sing:

"Hey Pretty

Don't you want to take a ride with me?

Through my world

Hey Pretty

Don't you wanna kick and slide?

Through my world"

And then I fucking did it. I moaned.

I immediately tensed; embarrassed by the noise that had just left my lips. Praying that Edward didn't think I was some sort of perv, I moved to sit up and apologize. Keeping me pinned against him tightly, Edward whispered, "Relax Bella. I want to make you feel good. Mmmm … that moan was incredibly hot by the way. Maybe I can elicit another one?"

Um, yes, please and thank you?

Edward moved his lips from my ear to the skin on my neck just below the lobe. He placed a gentle kiss before slightly parting his lips, the tip of his tongue making small circles beneath my ear. His hands never ceased rubbing, except he had moved them from my shoulders to the skin just above my breasts, below my collarbones.

I sucked in a sharp breath and arched my back. And Edward got his wish.

My body had never reacted this way to mere massage. And sure, that sweet spot on my neck was one of the all-time favorite places that I loved to be kissed, but this was different. I felt energy coursing through me, an endorphin rush like no other I had felt before.

I really wasn't sure how I should proceed. There were so many firsts happening to me. I had never allowed someone I barely knew to touch me in such an intimate way. I had been to a spa before for a professional massage, but what they had done to me wasn't remotely close to what I was experiencing here in the sauna with Edward. I knew we were behind closed doors, but someone could walk into the sauna at any moment. The realization that we were in a semi-public place both excited the hell out of me and scared me all at the same time.

I decided to go with another first for me. I wasn't going to over think and overanalyze. I was going to make a move. I figured that Edward's action deserved a reaction.

I moved my arm around Edward's neck, the bill of his backwards ball cap blocking what my hands were searching for. As I turned my face towards his, I removed my obstacle, tangling my fingers in his hair. Pausing for a nanosecond, my eyes searched his for one single reason why I shouldn't. And I couldn't find one. So I did.

I pulled his face to mine, our mouths melding together. We didn't even bother with a chaste-closed-lip-lock-first- kiss. Our tongues danced fluidly, as if we had done this a thousand times before. No awkwardness, no hesitation. It was passionate, it was intense, and it made me never want to stop.

Edward's hands slowly migrated to my sides. I sensed his hesitancy of what to do with them as he traced circular patterns on my ribs, his fingertips moving closer and closer to my breasts. As our kisses grew in intensity, I took his hands in my own and placed them right on my tits because that's exactly where I wanted them. My boldness obviously startled Edward because he broke our kiss and sucked in a sharp breath.

"Bella, are you sure you're okay with this?" He questioned.

"Would I have put your hands on my tits if I didn't want them there, Edward?" I smiled.

My rhetorical question gave him all of the answer he needed as he began kissing me into oblivion and went back to kneading and squeezing my breasts. My nipples puckered under his touch as I took his thumb and forefinger into my own so he could roll and pinch them. I arched my chest even further into his touch as the pinching and rolling grew harder and more intense, sending shockwaves through my body.

And then I felt it. I felt the swelling of Edward's dick against my lower back and rejoiced that I was turning him on too. It was astounding that I could bring forth this sort of reaction from a specimen like him. And because I was two-for-two in the brashness department, I was going for a triple. I maneuvered my arm behind me so I could get a better feel for myself.

.. Even though I couldn't see it and it was covered by his gym shorts, there was no doubt in my mind that Edward was totally packing. Endowed. Blessed. Gifted. Any way you put it, the man was hung. No two ways about it. How fitting that at this very moment Poe was gently singing in our ears "Hey now, can't you feel me longing" in the sultriest of voices.

Taking Poe's words quite literally, I felt his longing, and quite thoroughly if I did say so myself. I stroked him as best as the awkward position would allow, because now that I was touching him, I didn't see how I would be able to stop. And my action caused the exact reaction I was hoping for. "Ung, Bella," he breathed into my open mouth and bucked his hips into my hand.

This was a precarious and unfamiliar juncture for me. I had never been so bold in my entire life. I glanced toward the door knowing that someone, anyone could walk into the sauna and see the somewhat compromising position Edward and I were in. Scary as all hell, but erotic and such a fucking turn on. What to do?

As if he could read my mind, Edward very slyly admitted that he had placed a sign outside the door indicating that the sauna was currently not working or some BS when he had gone to refill our waters. "I wanted some privacy with you," he very blatantly divulged.

"Confident much?" I asked, trying to regain control of my breathing.

"Yes, but this wasn't really the objective. I would be happy with whatever happened as long as there were no interruptions."

"So you would be totally cool if this stopped right now and all we did was talk? Something tells me that isn't what you want…." I whispered as I continued to stroke his rock-hard erection.

"The question is Bella, what do you want?"

My mind raced as I pondered his question. I wanted to be brave and daring. I wanted to look back at this very moment and be able to say I fucking did it and had no regrets whatsoever, no matter what came of this little tryst. I was stroking my own personal Power Ball lottery ticket and I was going to lump-sum claim this bitch. Carpe diem and all that jazz. It took me about three heartbeats to launch myself into action.

Never breaking away from his steely gaze, I turned my body to face and straddle him, the ear buds falling from each one of our ears, the iPod falling by the wayside. Squashing every last bit of insecurity threatening to kill my newfound assertion, I pulled the front of my bra down, exposing my very taught and needy breasts. Just as Edward started to grab them with his glorious hands, I decided that I wanted something else touching my tits. Diverting them from the desired target of my chest, I took his hands and placed them on my ass, in effect pulling his upper body closer to mine. Obviously, this was a tad puzzling to Edward so I thought I would make myself clear.

"I want your hands on my ass, Mr. Cullen," I panted. "I want your mouth right here."

I instructed him, entangling my hands in his hair and guiding his head towards the breast that was closest to his mouth. And holy hells bells. The feel of his tongue as he sucked and kissed my nipple was like a bolt of lightning to my nervous system. Luckily, I was not scared of lightning. Desperately needing something more, I gyrated my hips against his, trying to create some sort of friction that might quell the intense throbbing that was about to kill me. Not wanting my other tit to feel neglected, Edward licked his way across the valley of my chest and took the other nipple between his beautiful lips, all the while kneading my ass, and thus causing my persistent grinding against him to become harder and more forceful.

"Bella," Edward moaned as he pulled his face up to my mine. Breathing raggedly, he placed his lips right up to my ear. "As long as we are being blunt about hand placement, may I tell you where I want my hands?" To be perfectly honest, I didn't care where his hands were, as long as they were somewhere on my person. "Please, Edward, tell me where you want your hands," I whispered, excited at the possibility of where else he wanted to touch me.

"I want to feel you right here," he murmured, placing his hand over my incredibly achy center. "I have a pretty good idea that you're soaking wet, but I need confirmation. I'm all about fairness, you see. You know exactly what you're doing to me; turnabout is fair play after all."

He looked at me, his green eyes blazing. "I have to ask, though. Have you ever been finger fucked in a sauna before?" The questioning look in his eyes was laced with wicked desire.

Holymarymotherofgod. I was only concerned with his hands being on my person, but obviously he wanted them, or one of them anyway, in my person. I wasn't sure if the question was rhetorical, so I shook my head in response. My brain would not allow my mouth to form words at this point. All I could think about was that Edward wanted to finger fuck me. In the sauna. At the gym. Clearly, getting the membership was an Einstein move on my part.

"Well then, Bella, do you want me to?"

This was really happening. To me. Right now. So I willed myself to speak. "Oh God, yes Edward," I pleaded.

Keeping one hand cupped firmly on my ass cheek, he ever so gently glided his other hand over my sweat-drenched skin to my inner thigh under my gym shorts. And thank fuckingfatherchristmas I didn't wear spandex tonight. His eyes fixed on mine for some sign of uncertainty; I leaned forward, touching my forehead to his and moaned. "I need you to touch me Edward."

And touch me he did. The feel of his fingers as he delicately grazed my slit caused my skin to tingle all over. "Bella, you are so fucking wet right now," he choked out. I don't think he fully realized the effect he was having on me until that moment. I didn't answer, because I knew I had a puddle forming in between my thighs.

I gasped as he slid two fingers inside me, where I so desperately wanted them. "God, Bella, you are so wet and warm. Does it feel good to you? Do you like the way my fingers feel inside your pussy?"

He began sliding his fingers in and out, very slowly at first. My breathing picked up as I pushed my hips into his hand. I needed more. I knew it wouldn't take long given that I hadn't had an orgasm that wasn't self induced since…well, I really couldn't remember.

"Shit, aahh, it feels so good." I bent my head down into the crook of his neck, kissing and sucking as my hips began to grind faster against his thrusting hand. "Faster, harder…please….more…"

Sensing I was getting close, Edward found the magic button, rubbing my clit, which was really fucking sensitive because I was literally on the edge. I dug my nails into his shoulders and yelped, "Fuck yes that's it!"

"I want you to cum Bella," he growled. "I want you to cum all over my fingers. Let go, just let it all go."

"Fuck….yes…right there…aaahhhh…I'm cum…AHHH SHIT EDWARD!" I yelled, my chest heaving in labored pants, doing exactly what Edward wanted. I let it all go. All the tension, all the stress, apprehension, and fear drained out of my body along with the beading sweat as I came down from my orgasmic high. I felt weightless and free, like my body had been filled with helium and if it weren't for Edward tethering me to him, I might levitate. So I clung to him as I tried to right my brain, which was currently clouded in fog from one of the most intense climaxes my body had ever experienced. Now what?

While I focused on regulating my breathing, I pondered his comment about turnabout being fair play. I was just as equal opportunity as the next girl. I thought I would inquire as to how he felt about some reciprocation. He had a point; fair was fair. "Edward," I whispered in his ear, "that was….amazing."

"Glad you enjoyed it; I know I did," he chuckled.

"Remember your remark on turnabout being fair play? Well, I think in the spirit of fairness, I owe you."

"Bella, you don't have to, I mean, that's not why I…"

"Shhh," I interrupted, "I'm not the type of girl that likes to be indebted to someone. Besides, it would be terribly rude for me to leave you with such a huge problem on your hands. I was brought up better than that."

I smiled seductively at him. "So now, I have to ask you; what are your thoughts on hand jobs in the sauna, Edward? Ever had that done to you before?" I returned my hand to the bulge in his shorts, gently rubbing my hand over his crotch.

"Never," he panted. "That would definitely be a first and erotic as fucking hell, Ms. Swan."

I increased the pressure on his cock just slightly, which caused him to grind his hard-on against my palm.

"Well, then, Mr. Cullen, it's your turn to sit back and relax." I crashed my mouth into his and slid my fingers over his pectorals, over his washboard abdomen and finally beneath the waistband of his gym shorts. As I took his very lengthy and thick member in my hand, I angled my head sideways and plunged my tongue deeper into Edward's mouth. Starting at the tip, I wrapped my hand around his cock and pumped downward toward the base, squeezing just enough that Edward sighed "aahhh….ffuuuuccckkkk" into my mouth.

Up and down, I began stroking, twisting and squeezing his shaft in my hand. Our foreheads touching, I cast my eyes down to see in the flesh what felt so damn good in my grasp. Fuck. It was beautiful. Just like the rest of him, Edward's dick was absolute perfection. And the sight of it in my hand was exactly as Edward had said it would be - erotic as fucking hell.

I paid careful attention to his breathing, noting when it began to speed up. I increased my movements to match, once again keeping in synchronization with him. "Does it feel good Edward? Do you want me to go faster? Tell me what you want." I would give him anything, as long as it made him scream my name.

"Faster Bella, please…feels fucking incredible….mmm, yeah just like that….."

"You feel incredible in my hand Edward." I moaned as I moved my lips to his ear. "And I know you would feel fucking indescribable inside of me," I exhaled just barely above a whisper. I wanted to make those fantasies of our entangled bodies come true. Maybe not today, but soon.

"Oh God, Bella. Fuck, that's hot hearing you say that."

'Well, it's true," I purred. "To have your huge cock in my wet and tight pussy….well, that would be beyond words."

"Dammitfuckinghellsonofabitch! I'm….I'm so close….just like that…AAAHHHH BELLA! UGH!"

I quickly grabbed his towel for cover as Mt. St. Edward began to spew all over his chest. He gasped and bucked his hips as I continued to pump him feverishly. I had to marvel at how absolutely beautiful he was, especially while he was having an orgasm. Some men make weird contorted faces and grunt like some wild animal. Not Edward. The exquisiteness of his perfect features became even more so while in the throngs of pleasure.

Both of us gasping for air, we sat staring at each other in somewhat of an awkward silence for a few moments, neither one of us knowing quite what to say in regards to what had just happened between us. I readjusted my sports bra as I tried desperately to decipher what he must be thinking.

There were a thousand different questions running through my haze-filled mind, the most important being, what did this mean? I knew it didn't have to mean a damned thing. The events of this evening could forever be kept a secret with no one, especially Carlisle, ever finding out. We didn't have to tell a soul and Edward could go back to just being the spin teacher I lusted after. Except now I sort of knew him. I had actual events to relive, not just dreams of things I wished would happen. Yeah right Bella, keep telling yourself that. Just who the hell are you trying to kid anyway?

"That was just, unbelievably…" Edward began to speak, finally breaking the silence.

"Brazen on my part, I know. I don't want you to think that I'm the type of woman that engages in spontaneous sex acts with random men I'm barely acquainted with, in a semi-public place no less," I rambled wildly, my earlier confidence being shaken by sudden guilt. "Here your dad had you thinking that I am some sweet and innocent lady and I practically assault you the first time I get you in a room alone. I have blown his image of me all to hell." The more I thought about what had just happened, the more mortified I became.

"Bella, please, let me finish." He stopped me and took my face in his hands.

"What I was going to say before you went off was that what just happened was unbelievably amazing. What we just shared was unexpected yes, but Jesus, everything about it felt so right. I see the look in your eyes right now; the compunction is etched all over your face. Please don't regret this for one second, because I sure as hell don't. We are on to something here, I can feel it. I don't want us to walk out of here and pretend that it never happened."

"You don't? What does that even mean, Edward?" I questioned.

"It means that I want to see you again, and not just in class. I want to take you out, get to know you, see where this goes." He said gesturing his hand between us. "That is," he added," if you're interested, too."

"Are you kidding me right now? Of course I am! I would love nothing more than to spend more time with you." Someone could have told me that the gym was on fire and it would not have erased the Cheshire-cat grin plastered all over my face. Again I had to remind myself that this was real and happening to me, Bella Swan.

"I'm so happy to hear you say that, because tomorrow I'm paying a visit to my dad's office around lunchtime to meet the 'new girl'. But I want to Carlisle to think he's a genius for the time being, okay?" he asked with an evil glint in his eyes.

"You lost me, Edward."

"What I mean is I want us to act like we're just meeting for the first time. I don't want him to know that you have been taking my class all this while. Let him be impressed with his matchmaking skills. He'll be so proud of himself when he sees how taken I am with you, especially when I take you for lunch instead of him. My dad won't be able to get to the phone fast enough to tell my mom and brag how he's been right all along. Hell, Carlisle will probably want to quit medicine to start his own dating service." Edward laughed as he concocted his ruse.

I laughed, my earlier embarrassment and regret wiped away. "I'm game. You bet I want to get even with Carlisle now that I know he's been trying to set us up all this time. I can't wait to see the look on his face when he finds out the truth - well, maybe not to the full extent - but yes, it will be nice to steal his thunder. So, how long before we come clean?"

"I don't know," Edward shrugged," maybe after our first kid is born?"

Ohmygodinheaven! He did not just get my hopes up about being his babymamma! His words had rendered me stunned and speechless. Dammit, I was doing so well, too…

"Bella, don't look so shocked. I'm teasing, well not really, but….damn I'm rambling. Look, I want to see where this leads and I am open to all, and I do mean all, possibilities where you are concerned. I mean it. So are you in?"

"Yes, Edward, I'm all in."

"I'll see you tomorrow, okay?" I nodded my head. Edward wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me softly.

I got dressed and we gathered up our things to leave. Edward, being a complete gentleman, walked me to my car since it was so late in the evening. Once I was safely inside, he kissed me again. He programmed his cell number into my phone insisting that I call him to let him know I had made it home safely.

How did I get so lucky? I couldn't predict the future, but something told me that I was in for one hell of a ride.

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