DISCLAIMER: Harry Potter was created by JKR, I do not own the rights to any characters, nor do I pretend to.

Warnings: There may be some references to biblical events, various video games, secret enclaves of hidden societies that never existed, and boobs.

Rated M for violence, gore, and sexual content. And language. I won't be holding anything back, I want blood, gore, and intestines in my teeth! And who doesn't like smut? Especially when it involves the lovely Miss Daphne?

Harry Potter and the Revolution. –Sequel to Harry Potter and the Unexpected Changes.

Summary: There are many forces at work in the world; the most obvious ones are not always the most dangerous ones. Is there a greater Evil than the Dark Lord at play here? Who are our allies, and who are our enemies? Not everything is as it seems as many hidden factions make their move to gain a foothold over the magical world.

Staring: powerful!i-found-obscure-ancient-magic!Harry

Also staring: powerful!i-studied-with-Harry!I-managed-to-not-call-her-"Ice-Queen"!hot!Daphne

Guest appearances from the lovely miss eccentric!-I'm-not-a-seer-(really!)!Luna

And Viktor-i-actually-got-a-decent-part-in-a-fanfiction-Krum

Also Antagonist!Fuck-You-Potter!!Voldemort


Seconds; senile!dumbledore bashed!ron various!deatheaters dead!umbridge I-wasn't-sorted-into-ravenclaw-for-a-reason!Hermione. Bellatrix-must-pay!Neville I-will-not-be-written-in-this-story!ginny maybeiwontforgetabouther!tracy

Plot mechanics borrowed from canon: Hallows. Horcruxes. No prophecy/DOM incident. There is no DA per se, just a continuation of the small group from the first story.

(some) pairings. Main- HP/DG. Minor- HG/VK SB/AS RL/NT (others TBD) I hate writing Malfoy and Ginny, so maybe I'll pair them together and forget about them?

Final Note: I ramped the rating up to M. Harry and Daphne are now 15, so I feel they are old enough to finally have screen time 'messing around'. Honestly how can anyone write about DG and not have her hot? There are some crude attempts at humor, I leave it up to you to decide if it's worth a few chuckles or a smile.

"Vell I am not good ov a teacher. My mutter however is teacher at Venezia Academy ov Mages. One ov first lesson she teach me is human nature ov magic. Here in Britain you have problems wiv Dark Lords. In Italy vey have opposite."

"Light Lords?" Hermione asked incredulously.

"No Hermyknee. Light magic is not opposite ov dark magic. Vere is magic maybe even more obscure and dangerous than ze dark magic. " Viktor replied. For the first time Hermione was at a loss of words.

"Holy magic."