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She stood on the side of the road, the hood on her vintage 67 mustang open, smoke pouring out of the engine. "Son of a bitch!" She groaned as she checked her phone, 20 miles from Charming and not one damn bar of cell service. She shook her head, her shoulder length auburn hair swinging in the wind. "What a fucking fantastic way to start my day. Hi I'm Brina, and I'm looking for my daddy. Jesus I sound like an afterschool special." She muttered to herself, caught up in her musings she didn't hear the sound of the motorcycle pulling up behind her car.

He watched her from his bike, chuckling to himself when she called herself an afterschool special. At the sound of his laughter, she jumped looking around wildly her Colt 45 pointed directly at the blonde on the bike. "Hold up sweetheart I'm not going to hurt you." Brie lowered the gun fractionally seeing the cut he was wearing, she sighed as she lowered her arm, her left hand sweeping back her hair.

"Sorry, I'm a little jumpy these days." She smiled, tucking her gun back in the waist band of her jeans. "I'm Brie." She held out her hand, rolling her eyes when he made no move to greet her. "Okay, well. Unless you have a working cell and can call a tow, why don't you leave?"

"Sorry, I'm Jax." He got off the bike and walked over to her. "I'm just surprised to find anyone out here, and the colt really caught me off guard." He held out his hand and Brie took it, her grasp was firm. "I can give you a ride to the shop, and send Half-Sac to tow your car into town."

"Town?" Brie asked unsure is she should trust the handsome stranger or not.

"Charming, to the Teller-Morrow Garage." Jax supplied, knowing she didn't trust him.

Brie studied him with green eyes full of suspicion. "Okay." She closed the hood, reaching inside the car to get her bag, glad she had decided on the large shoulder bag, slinging the strap over her shoulder. Jax sat astride the bike, holding out an extra helmet. She took it and sat behind him on the bike, her hands wrapped around his waist. Jax speed down the highway curious why she was packing heat, and why was she on her way to Charming.