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"Hollow Talking"

'Hollow Thinking"

Zanpakuto Talking/Thinking

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This is not a canon Naruto timeline, so somethings will be different.

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Chapter I : Endless Void, New Destiny


'Torrents of sorrow transcend space and time, rising above the gods, only to be met with ones resolve and crushed under its weight.' were the thoughts of a boy, who looked around fifteen with blond hair, and ocean blue eyes as he floated through what looked like an endless black void.

He went by many names, Demon, Monster, Freak, but the name given to him by the two who were responsible for his existence was Naruto Uzumaki. Fate played a cruel role in the boy's life. On the day of his birth, the nine tailed fox spirt, the Kyuubi no Kitsune, attacked his village, Konoha. Facing imminent destruction, his father, Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage, sealed the great beast into him, condemning him to a life of hatred.

Even though nearly the entire village despised him for the demon he carried, he persevered, and eventually became a ninja. At the age of twelve, he graduated the ninja academy and became a genin ranked ninja and joined Team Seven which was comprised of himself, Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha under the teacher Kakashi Hatake.

The team was, well, dysfunctional to say the least. They did the necessary number of missions and were soon entered into the chuunin exams, but that didn't mean they got along. Naruto would be the first to admit that he was a hyperactive idiot in his younger days. Sakura was a whiny fan-girl and Sasuke was the worst of all three, he was a power hungry fool. As the final part of the chunnin exam took place, Suna and Oto took Konoha by surprise and launched an attack. Many good ninja died that day, but no lose was felt harder than the death of the Sandaime Hokage, who was killed by his former student, the snake summoner, Orochimau.

After the battle, Naruto left with the Toad Sannin, Jiraya, to located the Slug Sannin Tsunade in order to convince her to become the Godaime Hokage. During the journey, he learned a new jutsu, which would soon become his favorite, called the Rasengan.

After finding Tsunade, and battling Orochimaru, who too wanted Tsunade's survives, they departed back to Konoha and Tsunade was named Hokage. Soon after, with the threat of a group of nine S-ranked missing-nin called Akatsuki, he and Jiraya left the village on a three year training trip.

The trip helped Naruto's skills immensely. The first couple months beat Naruto's idiotic nature out of him. A few months later and he had learned all the basic that he should have learned in the ninja academy but was never taught. The rest of the time was spent learning new jutsu and other ninja techniques.

Once the three years had passed, Naruto was undoubtedly jounin level. His chakra control had stabilized and his reserves only grew more massive as the time went by. He had finally hit his growth spurt and stood at a more respectable 5'10.

The most profound change however, was in his attitude. Reflection is a powerful tool, after thinking about the months he spent in Team 7, he could conclude one thing, it sucked. An avenger, a fan-girl and a clueless sensei, it was a bad combination. Sasuke has tried to kill him in cold blood, and he would have succeeded if not for the instance healing factor granted by the Kyuubi. He no longer felt the need, nor inclination to go after the traitorous Uchiha, at least in terms of bringing him back alive. No longer did he yearn for attention, he had his select group of friends and precious people, and as he thought about it, Sasuke had never been anything more than a condescending, verbally abusive team-mate. Sakura had never shown any care for him, and was often physically abusive to him. Sure he had promised her to bring him back, and if he ever found him then he would bring him back...in a body bag. As he learned in his travels, promises mean nothing in the ninja world. Kakashi was another matter altogether. He never did teach him anything, but then again, he didn't teach any of them. He was a elite ninja, no doubt about that, but he was also a terrible teacher. Sure he has ditched Naruto for the last stage of the chunnin exams, but with who Sasuke had to face, you couldn't really blame the guy to much.

Naruto gave a chuckle as he continued floating through the seemingly endless void, he felt so nostalgic, thinking about the past. With a sigh, he recalled the annoying events which brought him to his current predicament.


"Uchiha" Naruto said calmly, standing on the Shodaime Hokage's head in the Valley of the End, wind whipping around him. He was wearing a pair of black shinobi pants, with a green chuunin style protective vest over it. Over said vest, he word a rush orange haori with red flames embroidered at the bottom.

"Uzumaki" the raven haired teenager across from him, who wore an open light blue shirt, growled back, his black eyes turning red and three black commas appearing. "Out of my way" he ordered "I will destroy Konoha." he yelled in insanity.

While the two figures looked physical fine, they were both exhausted. Sasuke had had to get through the Raikage just to get to the border and in doing so, had drained about half of his chakra reserves. Luckily for him, Karin had been lurking around to heal his wounds, and with her chakra sensing ability he was able to avoid the Tsuchikage and the garrison of ninja he brought with him.

Naruto on the other hand, had had a slight different fight. The Yonbi, the Four Tailed Demon Ape, a force of nature itself, Naruto attribute luck, as well the perfect elemental combination as the only reason he had scraped by. The Yonbi has the ability to use Youton, Lava Release jutsu. Seeing this, Yamato, who had been accompanying Naruto, had no choice to retreat, his Mokuton justu ineffective, leaving Naruto to face the foe alone.

Naruto gave a sigh as he saw the insanity in Sasuke's eyes. In an incredibly quick set of moments, he appeared on the statue across from him and with with a strong punch, send the avenger down into the river.

As he dropped down and stood on top of the water, Naruto caught sight of Sasuke pulling himself out and wiping some blood from his mouth.

"You'll pay for that" he hissed, sounding like the snakes he could summon. Drawing his chokuto from his back, he quickly charged the blond, insanity ever growing. "DIE!" He screamed as he pushed electricity through the blade, causing it to chirp with power.

In a flash, Naruto drew two kunai from his pouch, held them up in a defensive position and sent wind chakra into the blades.


The sound of metal on metal resonated through the valley as both figures fought for dominance.

"You've gotten stronger dobe" Sasuke grunted out, trying not to show the strain he felt. Most of his time was spend on learning and refining his Sharingan techniques, his physical abilities were somewhat lacking.

"Heh, maybe you've just gotten weaker." Naruto stated calmly, showing no visible exertion. Indeed, he didn't have to try very hard, the Uchiha in front of him was obiously ninjutsu type and it looked like he had neglected his physical abilities. It didn't really surprise him, Sasuke was always one who copied, but never learned. Lee's taijutsu style during the chuunin exams were a prime example.

As those words left his mouth, an intense surge of black chakra emanated from the black haired boy. His skin turned purple, and a set of large grotesque wing sprouted from his back. Sasuke obviously didn't take to well comment.

Leaping back before he got overpowered, Naruto shook his head as he saw what his former teammate had become. Running through a set of about five hand signs he began his counter attack.

"Futon : Renkudan" he said as he opened his mouth and fired a salvo of wind bullets at the demonic looking figure.

With what seemed like ease, Sasuke used his large wings to cover his body and absorb the wind bullets.

"Katon : Gouryuuka" Sasuke roared back, winds spreading open and mouth wide opened as a large dragon head shot out, towards his opponent.

"Suiton : Suiryuudan" Naruto responded back, running through a fairly lone sequence of seals. As the words left his mouth, the water below rose up and took the form of a dragon. Charging forward, the water dragon impacted the fire dragon, and an explosion of steam was the result.

As the steam cleared, Naruto caught sight of an unharmed Sasuke standing, glaring at him and breathing fairly hard,

'Hmmm' he thought, being careful not to look into the Uchiha's eyes. 'He must have put a lot of chakra into that attack to defeat a water element of the same level.'

Sasuke snarled as he saw Naruto still standing there, looking calm and composed. 'He should be ashes' he thought angrily 'How dare he defy me!?'. Surging nearly all of his remaining reserves into his right eye, he prepared for last next attack.

Naruto's eyes widened as he felt the intense surge of chakra coming from the demonic looking figure. Sneaking a quick peek, he noticed Sasuke's eyes, they had changed. His eye had become black, and a red six pointed star was prominently displayed in the middle. 'Mangekyou Sharingan' Naruto thought, a bit of dread pooling in his stomach. The final stage of the Uchiha bloodline was an extremely powerful tool and an equally fearsome adversary. Quickly jumping to shore, he tried to prepare himself for the incoming jutsu.

"Amaterasu" Sasuke screamed, his right eye beginning to bleed. Black flames materialized in the air, and upon his command, quickly shot towards the blond ninja.

'Crap' Naruto mentally swore. He knew all to well the power of the black flames. 'There is only one thing I can do' he thought, unconsciously placing his hands in a cross hand sign. "Kage Bunshin" he said as a clone poofed into existence at his side. Holding out his hand, he began to gather chakra and rotate it into his palm. As soon as the sphere began to take shape, the clone place its hands over the ball and pushed wind chakra into it.

"Futon : Rasen Shuriken" he called out, now holding the normal form of the Rasengan inside what looked like four shuriken like blades jutting out of it giving it a diameter of about 3 feet.

Placing his post powerful jutsu in front of the black flames, Naruto could only thing one thing. 'I hope this works.'

Sasuke began to laugh as he saw the flames hit the blond. "HAHAHA" he screamed into the heavens, curse seal retreating and falling to his knees in exhaustion. "You thought a pathetic wind jutsu would defeat the Sharingan; Uzumaki, you fool!"

"W-Wha..?" He stuttered taking in the sight in front of him. The black flames were disappearing, as if they were being destroyed by some sort of unseen force, and in the middle was Uzumaki Naruto, missing his right arm and blood dripping from all points in his body.

"H-HOW?!" Sasuke yelled in anger, and no small amount of fear as he gaze fell upon his opponent, who was not turn to ash by his jutsu.

"Simple" Naruto began in a strained voice, forcing his body towards the downed Uchiha. "Rasen Shuriken attacks at the cellular level. I've seen and studied a sample of Amaterasu's flames that Jiraya-sensei collected. In essence, I broke the flame apart, and forced all oxygen out of the area, rendering the flame useless." he finished. "Though as you can see" he continued, idly motioning towards his missing right arm and profusely bleeding body. "Rasen Shuriken was not designed to be used like that." With a visible effort, Naruto came close to the Uchiha, who by now was far to exhausted to move. "Sasuke" Naruto began, drawing his last kunai, and bringing it towards the cowering Uchiha's neck. "You have betrayed Konoha, allied yourself with Akatsuki, and declared was against the five shinobi villages, I sentence you to death." With a quick slip of his wrist, the kunai sliced through flesh, and Sasuke Uchiha was no more.

The kunai clattered against the rocky shore, as a thump echoed throughout the valley.

"Ugh" Naruto moaned in agony, his body betraying him and blackness creeping into his vision.

'Rasen Shuriken is a double edge sword' he thought, breathing becoming difficult, 'I had to encompass my entire body with its blades, and the wind ravaged my organs, not even the fox will be able to heal this amount of damage. At least the village will be okay.' he thought as he struggled to flip himself over, there would be no way he would die face in the dirt after all.

'The sky sure is beautiful' he thought, as darkness overtook him 'As Shikamaru would say, dying sure is troublesome.'

--(End Flashback)--

"Boy, isn't that right" Naruto complained to nobody in particular. "Being dead is SO boring" he screamed into the blackness.

"Must you be so loud? Your going to give me indigestion." a voice from behind him said.

Quick as a flash, Naruto turned around and got into a fighting position, ready to face his foe.

What he saw frightened him to his very core. The figure was tall, at least eight feet in height. It had a purple face with red horns jutting out on either side.

"S-Shinigami" Naruto stuttered in fear. It was one of the things he remembered from the scroll of sealing, the demonic face of the god of death.

"Naruto Uzumaki" The Shinigami acknowledged. "Normally I would..discipline... someone who causes such a ruckus, but you are a special case" it said, feeling some glee as he saw the blonds rapidly paling face and frantic heart rate.

"H-How so" Naruto stuttered out, trying to regain his bearing. It was not everyday one meets the one responsible for a lifetime of suffering, and then there was the fact that said being was a god.

"A soul for a soul. That was the contract between myself and and your Yondaime Hokage." the Shinigami began, an unreadable look in its face. It looked like it was reading a pre-written script. "Since I have limited control over the powers of hell, it has taken two hundred of your years to purge the Kyuubi no Kitsune from your system. Now that the contract has be fulfilled I have to decide what to do with you." it finished, gazing into Naruto's eyes.

Naruto fidgeted as the deity's gaze met his eyes, he felt as if his entire being was being judged, and his soul was in front him, left for all to see.

"I see" the Shinigami mused as he weighted the boy's soul. Never before had it seen such a radiant soul. "Because of my influence, you cannot return to your own world, such is divine law. On the other hand, I am also partially responsible for you, again, part of divine law. What to do, what to do.."

Naruto, while this was going on was panicking. While he had wished something would happen to brighten his life, this was far more than he bargained for.

"That will work" the Shinigami finally said after several seconds of contemplation. With a quick snap of its fingers the Shinigami watched as the protesting blond was carried away in a flash of light.

"Maybe now my stomach ache will stop"

--(With Naruto)--

Naruto cracked open his eyes and felt the hard ground beneath him.

'Where am I' he thought, as he blinked his eyes, trying to clear his vision. 'And what exactly happened to me, there was Sasuke, black flames...and then just blank.'

Vision finally clearing, he looked around and caught sight of a cluster of houses around him, with other, commercial looking building scattered about. Quickly getting to his feet, he hurried to a house and knocked on the door.

"Yes" the voice of a women said, answering the door. She was rather plain looking, with brown hair and a mildly attractive face.

"Where exactly am I?" Naruto asked, using every ounce of his ninja training not to panic.

"Oh" The women said, gaining a sympathetic look "You are in Junrinan, the west district of Rukongai. Home of departed souls."


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