The clothes hit the floor with sickening thuds, muffled, and it's the sound of glass shattering. Fragments are flying everywhere, as if an explosion. For little moments, she stares at the clothes, and there's something like tears pricking behind her pale green eyes. Furiously, she wipes at them, assuring herself she's not crying - could never be crying. There's rain falling on the windowpane, a steady rhythm that breaks into her reverie. It's soothing that life is still going on outside the penthouse. Storm clouds rumble in the distance, and she takes in deep, quick breaths, inhaling sense into her lungs.

She lunges for her closet again, tearing out the clothes like a ravenous wolf. For a second, she is remorseful; she gazes fervently at every article, and it pains her. She brushes her fingertips along the sewn seams of her original dress. Tears still fill her eyes and she finds she cannot force them away. With a muffled cry, she throws the dress onto the floor in the teeming pile, and in her mind, she imagines that she sets fire to them and watches them burn, the flames licking hungrily at the fabric as all her hard work is destroyed by nature.

Her closet is nearly empty now and she wonders when it will ever be full again.

She stuffs the clothes carelessly into a cardboard box and Eric doesn't question her - doesn't look her away - when she walks down the stairs wordlessly, eyes downcast and arms aching from the weight. No one stops her as she numbly makes her way to the dumpster downstairs, and still no one comments as she slams the cardboard box onto the ground. Still, she imagines flames destroying them, killing the fabric she had once slaved over for hours on end.

Before she returns to her new life up on the penthouse, she rips and tears at the one dress that means more to her, and she clutches the tiny square of golden thread in her hand - "You kissed me again."

She buries it deep into the furthest recesses of her closet, never to be looked upon again, and when she falls back onto the bed and soaks her pillow with irrational tears, the fire that had killed her clothes suddenly destroys her as well.

The old Jenny is buried in the dust.